PM accuses Tories of crass politics over public sexoffender registry demands

first_imgOTTAWA – Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the safety of children is a priority, but he won’t say whether his government will move ahead with a public registry for high-risk sex offenders.In the House of Commons, Conservative MPs demanded Wednesday to know whether the Liberals would create the online tool, made possible by legislation the previous government ushered through Parliament.The Canadian Press recently reported that Public Safety officials had urged the Liberals to put the brakes on a public registry.An internal March 2016 memo says “a number of concerns have been raised” — from resource pressures to fears of vigilante-style attacks on offenders — that would support dropping the idea of a public database.“If the Liberals have a problem with the public being informed about dangerous criminals living in their neighbourhood, then Canadian parents have a right to know,” Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said during question period Wednesday.Trudeau said police are already advised when high-risk sex offenders are released and that officers can inform the public of any concerns.The Conservatives wouldn’t let the issue go.MP Rob Nicholson, a former justice minister, said Canadians should a public registry would give people information to help keep their children safe. “Will the prime minister do the right thing, yes or no? Canadians deserve to know.”Trudeau accused the Opposition of playing “the worst kind of crass political games” on a serious issue.The Conservatives tabled legislation for the public registry, but “did not put any money toward it,” which was typical of the previous government, Trudeau said.“It was all talking a big game, not actually delivering. We are focused on concretely keeping our communities safe and giving police the tools necessary to keep our communities safe.”The Canadian Press used the Access to Information Act to recently obtain the March 2016 memo and other internal notes on legislative measures to crack down on child predators.The proposed database would provide the public with a national inventory of high-risk child sex offenders in their communities and allow them to take appropriate precautions, the notes say. Currently such information is available only to authorities.The notes indicate that officials recommended proceeding with elements of the legislation that impose new reporting requirements on registered sex offenders and allow for better information sharing between federal agencies.But officials suggested Public Safety Canada and RCMP would undertake a review and consult interested parties “for a fully informed assessment of the proposed new database” and develop options for the government.A Public Safety official said last week that “work on this initiative is ongoing.”— Follow @JimBronskill on Twitterlast_img read more

Peace Region forecasted to experience milder winter season

first_imgThis year we will experience a weak El Nino, combined with the Blob ( an area of warmer water temps found in the North Pacific). This means El Nino delivers Pacific air to Western Canada instead of Arctic air (warmer) and the presence of the Blob causes the jet stream to track further north. These two working together give the signal of milder weather.This season, mild Pacific air will be more dominant then cold Arctic air and precipitation should be closer to normal amounts of 190 cm of snow and not the 340 cm received last year.“For the next 7-10 days will be quiet with temperatures going up and down, these are considerably milder days with no severe cold spells as there is a lack of persistent Arctic air,” said Gillham. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – This winter season will be milder than normal temperatures, forecasted as a whole for the region.“Compared to the severity of previous winters this winter will be a bit gentler than normal,” said Doug Gillham, Meteorologist for the Weather Network.To forecast weather, Meteorologists use computer models that are designed to simulate dominant jet stream patterns globally for that upcoming season. By looking back to the past for similar patterns and then applying what happened during that winter, comparing the influence of El Nino and La Nina produces weather forecasts.last_img read more

ICE Futures Canada quotes and cash prices

WINNIPEG — Grain quotes Monday for tonnes, basis Lakehead:Canola (Vancouver): Open High Low Close FriJuly ‘ 17 0.00 0.00 0.00 582.80 571.10Nov. 517.30 531.30 517.30 530.40 517.30Jan. ’18 525.60 534.40 525.60 533.60 520.80March 529.90 537.70 529.90 536.90 524.20May 529.90 537.70 529.90 537.10 524.90July 536.70 539.00 533.10 537.80 526.00Nov. 496.50 496.50 488.20 497.30 488.40Jan. ’19 0.00 0.00 0.00 498.00 489.10March 0.00 0.00 0.00 498.00 489.10May 0.00 0.00 0.00 498.00 489.10July 0.00 0.00 0.00 498.00 489.10Barley (Western): Open High Low Close FriJuly ’17 0.00 0.00 0.00 138.00 138.00Oct. 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00Dec. 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00March ’18 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00May 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00July 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00Oct. 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00Dec. 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00March ’19 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00May 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00July 0.00 0.00 0.00 140.00 140.00ICE Futures Canada cash prices:Feed wheat: Track Thunder Bay CW: $178.00Canola:Thunder Bay No. 1 Canada: $535.40 (November 2017)Vancouver No. 1 Canada: $555.40 (November 2017) read more

Business immigration guns A running list of election promises announced by each

New Democratic Party (NDP) leader Jagmeet Singh launches his election campaign at the Goodwill Centre in London, Ontario, Canada September 11, 2019. Sept. 20: Ban all military-style assault rifles and work with provinces and territories to empower municipalities to further restrict or ban handguns. Create a buy-back program for all legally purchased assault rifles and have a two-year amnesty while the program is being set up. Not re-establish the controversial long-gun registry.Sept. 18: Increase old age security by an extra 10 per cent once a senior turns 75 with change to take effect July 2020; increase the Canada Pension Plan survivor benefit by 25 per cent.Sept. 17: Increase the Canada child benefit by 15 per cent for children under one, remove federal taxes from employment-insurance payments for maternity and parental leave, introduce an extra 15 weeks of leave for adoptive parents (EI currently covers 35 weeks for adoptive parents), and work to establish “guaranteed paid family leave” for those who don’t qualify for EI.Story continues belowThis advertisement has not loaded yet,but your article continues below.Sept. 16: Spend at least $535 million per year to help create up to 250,000 more spaces for children in before- and after-school child-care programs, reduce fees parents pay for elementary school programs by 10 per cent, and ensure 10 per cent of new spaces go to parents who work outside normal hours.Sept. 13: Eliminate the “swipe fee” merchants pay to credit-card companies on every transaction, reduce the cost of federal incorporation, make federal business advisory services fee-free, create a voluntary payroll system to automate records for small businesses, launch a pilot project to give up to $50,000 to up to 2,000 entrepreneurs to help them start businesses, and give $250 for new businesses to develop a website or e-commerce platform.Sept. 12: Impose a national one-per-cent tax on properties owned by non-Canadians and non-residents; raise the value of homes eligible for the first-time home-buyer incentive to $789,000 from $505,000.Conservatives Leader of Canada’s Conservatives Andrew Scheer campaigns for the upcoming election in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, September 18, 2019. Green Party leader Elizabeth May shares a laugh with local candidates during a campaign stop outside Sunalta LRT station near downtown Calgary on Friday, September 20, 2019. Jim Wells/Postmedia Carlos Osorio/REUTERS Sept. 18: Extend full public dental coverage to households making less than $70,000, and partial coverage to households with incomes between $70,000 and $90,000, starting in 2020.Sept. 17: Build 500,000 new affordable homes over 10 years, starting with an immediate investment of $5 billion.Sept. 15: Give Quebec new funding to help integrate immigrants, increased powers in areas such as environmental assessment and trade agreements, expand the province’s language law, Bill 101, to cover all federally regulated companies in Quebec, the right to withdraw from federal programs with financial compensation. Also, let Quebec sign the Constitution on its own terms.Sept. 14: Establish a national automotive strategy, including a $300-million auto innovation fund. Purchase Canadian-made zero-emissions vehicles to update government fleets. Increase consumer incentives for zero-emissions vehicles to $15,000 from $5,000, but only for vehicles made in Canada.Create a Canadian food strategy to help build local food hubs that link local producers to consumers, and encourage community-supported agriculture.Sept. 13: Put a price cap on cellphone and internet services, introduce a telecom consumers’ bill of rights, require service providers to offer basic plans and affordable unlimited data plans for cellphones, end caps for internet plans.Sept. 12: Work with province and municipality to get built a hospital in Brampton, Ont.Greens Prime Minister Justin Trudeau speaks with Liberal party supporters and volunteers after launching the election campaign at a rally in Vancouver, British Columbia September 11, 2019. Rebecca Cook/REUTERS Jennifer Gauthier/REUTERS Sept. 20: Spend $1.5 billion in first term to purchase MRI and CT machines to replace aging equipment and add machines across the country to reduce wait times for potentially life-saving tests. Maintain and enrich the current funding formula for the Canada Health Transfer and the Canada Social Transfer to provinces.Sept. 19: Increase the Age Tax Credit by $1,000, which the party says would save individual seniors up to $150 and couples as much as $300.Sept. 18: Review all federal business subsidies and eliminate economic-development programs where funds benefit shareholders, corporate executives, foreign companies, lobbyists or consultants to find $1.5 billion in annual savings; make sure regional ministers oversee regional development agencies; support “strategic industries,” such as aerospace, if the money stays in Canada and creates or protects jobs.Sept. 17: Increase federal contribution to registered education savings plans (RESPs) from 20 per cent to 30 per cent for every dollar families add to the savings program, up to $2,500 per year. Provide low-income parents payments worth 50 per cent on the first $500 they invest annually.Sept. 16: Provide up to $150 back on taxes per child up to age 16 enrolled in sports and fitness classes. Provide up to $75 back on taxes per child up to age 16 in an arts and learning program, such as dance classes, drawing or after-school tutoring.Sept. 15: Cut the tax rate on the lowest federal income bracket (up to $47,630) from 15 per cent to 13.75 per cent over four years, which the party says would save a two-income couple earning average salaries about $850 a year.Sept. 13: Reintroduce a 15-per-cent tax credit for public transit that would apply at tax time to any transit pass allowing for unlimited travel within Canada on local buses, streetcars, subways, commuter trains, and ferries, as well as electronic fare cards when used for an extended period.Sept. 12: Remove federal income tax from maternity and parental benefits under employment insurance, by providing a tax credit of 15 per cent for any income earned under these two programs.NDP OTTAWA — A running list of specific promises announced by the Liberals, Conservatives, NDP and Green party since the official start of the federal election campaign on Sept. 11.Liberals Sept. 20: Spend $600 million in 2020-21, rising to $720 million by 2023, to develop regional rail networks and strengthen rail connections between regions, and building high-speed rail in the Toronto-Ottawa-Quebec City triangle and the Calgary-Edmonton corridor. Rebrand the Gas Tax Fund as the Municipal Fund and ensure a doubling of current funding for transit and other urban infrastructure. Create a national cycling and walking infrastructure fund.Sept. 19: Lower the federally set price for cannabis to make it competitive with illegal supplies; eliminate requirements for excess plastic packaging on legal cannabis; remove sales tax on medicinal marijuana products; allow outdoor production of cannabis; impose organic production standards for cannabis.Sept. 18: Expand medicare system to include dental care for low-income Canadians.Sept. 17: Require political parties to follow the Privacy Act; prohibit warrantless intrusions on Canadians’ communications, ban cyber-surveillance programs that use bulk data collection; increase the powers of the federal privacy commissioner; and require companies to respect a “right to be forgotten” online.Sept. 16: View all policy through the lens of the climate crisis: the economy, health, education, foreign affairs, immigration, public safety, defence, social welfare, transportation.Re-introduce legislation to enshrine the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples (UNDRIP) in Canadian law and implement the calls to action from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and the Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls.Create universal pharmacare.Eliminate post-secondary tuition fees and forgive federal student debt.Create a “guaranteed livable income” program.Set the federal minimum wage at $15 per hour.Require a 60-per-cent cut in Canada’s greenhouse-gas emissions below 2005 levels by 2030, reaching net zero in 2050; have 100 per cent of Canada’s electricity come from renewable sources by 2030; ban the sale of cars with combustion engines by 2030.End pipeline, coal, oil or gas drilling and mining approvals, cancel the Trans Mountain pipeline and fossil-fuel subsidies.Ban the production, distribution and sale of unnecessary or non-essential petroleum-based single-use plastics by 2022.Decriminalize drug possession and lower the federally set price for cannabis to make it competitive with illegal supplies.Eliminate mandatory minimum criminal sentences.Ensure that the 2019 election is the last “first past the post” election and lower the voting age to 16.Apply a corporate tax on transnational e-commerce companies doing business in Canada such as Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Google, and Uber.Increase the federal corporate tax rate from 15 to 21 per cent.Limit credit-card interest rates to a maximum of 10 percentage points above the Bank of Canada prime rate, and limit ATM fees to $1 per transaction, as well as ban financial institutions from charging their own customers ATM fees.Study the impacts of adopting a shorter work week.Reform anti-trust laws to enable the break-up of media conglomerates, increase funding to CBC and Radio-Canada by $315 million per year until the per-capita level of funding is equal to that of the BBC.Eliminate the first-time home-buyer grant. read more

The Latest Davenport leads Memphis past Canisius 7163

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — The Latest on the AdvoCare Invitational (all times local):4 p.m.Kyvon Davenport scored 16 points and grabbed 10 rebounds for his 10th career double-double, and Memphis beat Canisius 71-63 in a consolation-round game at the AdvoCare Invitational on Friday.Mike Parks and Antwann Jones both had 14 points for Memphis (3-2), which will play the winner of UAB-Charleston in the fifth-place game Sunday. The Tigers lost 84-64 to Oklahoma State Thursday.Canisius (1-4) got 18 points from Takal Molson and Isaiah Reese had 14.The Golden Griffins will look to avoid losing all three games at the invitational when they face the loser of UAB-Charleston Sunday for seventh place.Canisius opened the tournament Thursday with an 83-56 loss to defending national champion Villanova.Jones had 10 points to help Memphis go up 40-31 at halftime.___1:40 p.m.Eric Paschall had 22 points and Phil Booth added 20 as Villanova advanced to the title game of the AdvoCare Invitational by beating Oklahoma State 77-58 on Friday.The Wildcats, who made a tournament record 16 3-pointers, will play on Sunday against the winner of No. 14 Florida State’s game against No. 19 LSU.Villanova (4-2) stopped a two-game skid by beating Canisius 82-56 in Thursday’s first round.Mike Cunningham scored 15 points for Oklahoma State (3-2).Paschall had 20 points, including six 3-pointers, as Villanova took a 42-26 halftime advantage. The Wildcats, who led by as many as 18 points, went 10 for 24 from 3-point range during the half.Oklahoma State got within 13 before Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree’s dunk put Villanova up 71-56 with two minutes remaining.Booth’s 3-pointer gave Villanova a 54-29 lead four minutes into the second half.Oklahoma State closed to 60-47 on Cunningham’s 3 with 8 1/2 minutes to go.The Cowboys will face the Florida State-LSU loser Sunday for third place.___More AP college basketball: and Associated Press read more

Leading in underground coal gasification

first_imgASX-listed Cougar Energy says it will focus exclusively on the long-term commercial development of Underground Coal Gasification (UCG) technology, following on-going progress with its Australian and international UCG projects. The UCG process enables deep coal deposits to be converted into a syngas suitable for use as a fuel in power generation or the manufacture of a range of petroleum products.  Cougar Energy has recently completed the drilling program on its Kingaroy UCG project area in Queensland, with a total of 19 open and cored holes being drilled over an area of approximately 5 km2.  Preliminary evaluation of the drill results has been in progress for the past three weeks, leading to a re-interpretation of the geology, as two target coal seams (the Kunioon and Goodger seams) are now recognised as having UCG potential.  In addition, two standpipe installations are in place, from which groundwater samples are being collected to establish base-line water quality.  A finalised database is being prepared for submission to independent consultants for a JORC coal resource evaluation. With this work completed, technical discussions with the Company’s UCG technology provider, Ergo Exergy Technologies, have commenced to plan the installation of the first production wells and the subsequent initiation of the pilot burn.In Pakistan, Cougar Energy (UK) is completing negotiations with the Government of Sindh Province on the royalty applicable to UCG gas production from the proposed lease area in Block III of the Thar coalfield.  It is anticipated that the lease will be granted on finalisation of the royalty, and geological evaluation of the existing data can commence.last_img read more

Fortescue hits 15 Mt iron ore milestone

first_imgFortescue Metals Group (FMG) has shipped its 15 millionth tonne of iron ore through the Herb Elliott Port in Port Hedland, Western Australia, marking another milestone for the company. “The mine, rail and port operations teams worked hard throughout 2008 to achieve the 15 Mt milestone as the company continues to ramp-up its operations,” Fortescue Executive Director Operations Graeme Rowley said. “In December we shipped 2.6 Mt which is the highest monthly rate achieved to date. The fourth quarter result was 6.3 Mt shipped. In addition, the tonnes mined at Cloudbreak during 2008 totalled 19.5 Mt, just 1% shy of our target.“Credit must go to all of our staff for their achievements. Establishing and operating a large greenfields operation is very challenging and Fortescue’s positive culture has been instrumental in overcoming the hurdles that invariably occur in getting a project of this size up and running.”The Capesize vessel MV Mystic departed Port Hedland on January 5, 2009 with the 15 millionth tonne on board. Fortescue exported more than 14.8 Mt of high quality iron ore in 2008, after loading its first ore on ship on May 15, 2008. Fortescue also shipped 60,000 t for Atlas Iron in December, which marked the historic first shipment of iron ore by a third party from a Pilbara port.“We are continuing to finetune our operations and will increase mine, rail and port tonnage through 2009. Commissioning of the company’s desand plant at the Cloudbreak mine site is proceeding as planned, which will ensure Fortescue’s ore specification in quality and quantity is maintained,” Rowley said.last_img read more

MKB Veszprem too strong for Constanta

← Previous Story Kadetten Schaffhausen has lost third match in a row! Next Story → Italian title for the top team Facebook followers goes to….Lazio! HCM ConstantaMKB VeszpremVelux EHF Champions League In the opening match of the VELUX EHF CL Round 2, MKB Veszprem showed a strength in Romania against HCM Constanta 37:27 (19:12). That was the second win for Hungarian champion with 10 goal difference, after they beat Celje PL 32:22 in the Round 1.CONSTANTA: Stanescu – Toma, Humet 4, Adzic, Val 1, SIMICU 7, Buricea 3, Popescu, CUTURA 6, Csepreghi, Sadovec, Sabou 3 (3), Angelovszki, Criciotoiu 2, Dragicevic 1 VESZPRÉM: ALILOVIC – Iváncsik T. 2, NAGY L. 4, CHEMA RODRÍGUEZ 2, Sulic 4, TERZIC 6, Ugalde 4.  Fazekas, Schuch, CSÁSZÁR 8 (6), Iváncsik G. 2, Laluska, Dzsamali 2, ONETO 1, Gulyás P., Pérez 2 read more

Armed robbers make off with substantial sum from post office

first_imgTWO BLACK-CLAD armed robbers made off with what is believed to be a substantial sum from a post office in Dublin yesterday.The incident occurred at around 10am when two males entered the post office, which is situated on level 1 of the Square in Tallaght.Gardaí said both men were dressed in black and were armed.They demanded cash from the staff and escaped with a sum of money.One robber escaped on foot while the other left by bicycle. No one was injured in the incident.Anyone with information can contact the gardaí at Tallaght on 1 666 6000 or can contact the garda confidential line anonymously on 1 800 666 111.last_img

Google teams up with British Library to bring 250000 outofcopyright books online

first_imgThanks to a partnership that Google has just made with the British Library, we can finally read feminist pamphlets about Queen Marie-Antoinette from 1791 and an account of a stuffed hippopotamus owned by the Price of Orange from 1775. The United Kingdom’s national library is one of the world’s largest in terms of the number of materials, so it’s only natural that Google would want to help digitize some of the millions of books in the British Library.The collection holds about 150 million items, including books, journals, manuscripts, maps, stamps, music, patents, photographs, newspapers, and sound recordings. Soon, people around the world will be able to access 250,000 out-of-copyright books from the British Library via their computer, and Google’s paying for the whole thing. The material, which will be selected by the British Library will focus on books that are not freely available online in digital form, will be free at the British Library’s website or via Google Books.The material will span the dates of 1700 to 1870 — a period that saw the French and Industrial Revolutions, the Crimean War, the invention of the railroad and the telegraph, the start of UK income tax, and the end of slavery, according to a statement from the British Library.Dame Lynne Brindley, Chief Executive of the British Library said that the partnership with Google allows the British Library to build on the “proud tradition” of giving everyone access to as much of the world’s information as possible to make sure that education and knowledge wasn’t only achievable for those who could afford private libraries. He said the partnership allows them to give “access to anyone, anywhere and at any time.”This isn’t the first partnership Google has made with a library; it has about 40 similar partnerships with libraries around the world. Readers will be able to view, search, and copy the out-of-copyright works for free, but it will take a few years to actually complete this project.Read more at the British Library, via PCMaglast_img read more

Les Américains somnolent plus que les Européens

first_imgLes Américains somnolent plus que les EuropéensÉtats-Unis – Selon une récente étude présentée mardi dernier lors de la réunion de l’Associated Professional Sleep Societies LLC à San Antonio, près d’un Américain sur cinq souffre de problèmes de somnolence durant la journée, contre 15% des Européens. Lors de l’étude, 19,5% des 8.937 adultes américains sondés ont déclaré avoir des problèmes modérés ou excessifs de somnolence, et s’assoupir à des moments de la journée où ils devraient être attentifs. Dans une autre étude précédemment menée, on apprenait que ce taux était de 15% chez les adultes européens.De plus, 11% des participants américains déclarent également avoir de sérieux problèmes de somnolence, les femmes étant plus touchées que les hommes (13% contre 8,6%). Cette différence entre Américains et Européens s’expliquerait simplement et logiquement par un manque de sommeil des premiers.Les personnes victimes d’apnée du sommeil en souffrent trois fois plus que les autres et les insomniaques ou les personnes ayant une durée de sommeil inférieure à six heures par nuit, deux fois plus, tout comme les personnes dépressives ou travaillant de nuit. Le 19 juin 2010 à 12:19 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Chili  les incendies détruisent 23000 hectares et font un mort

first_imgChili : les incendies détruisent 23.000 hectares et font un mortD’importants incendies sévissent au Chili en ce début 2012. Des maisons ont brûlé, une personne est morte et 23.000 hectares de forêt ont déjà été ravagés par les flammes.Depuis le début de l’année, 48 feux de forêts se sont déclarés au Chili, parmi lesquels 13 ont été éteints, 20 sont contrôlés et 15 demeurent actifs. C’est ce qu’a indiqué le président Sebastian Piñera lundi, en communiquant le bulletin du Bureau national des urgences (Onemi). La vague d’incendie est aggravée par un début d’été sec et chaud. Le feu le plus important, dans un parc de Patagonie, était en passe d’être contrôlé lundi.À lire aussiLa migration de millions de crabes rouges filmée sur l’île de ChristmasAu total, ces incendies ont détruit 23.000 hectares de forêt, ont brûlé plusieurs maisons et ont fait un mort (un homme âgé de 75 ans qui a refusé d’évacuer sa maison). Cet homme a été victime de l’incendie qui reste le plus préoccupant, près de Quillon et Florida, dans la région très boisée de Biobio, à 500 kilomètres au sud de la capitale Santiago. Cet incendie a déjà détruit 10.000 hectares environ, une centaine de maisons et une usine de cellulose. Plus de 500 pompiers et agents forestiers combattent toujours les flammes. A l’Onegi, on n’écarte pas la piste criminelle en raison de la virulence des incendies.Toutefois, les autorités chiliennes étaient plus optimistes concernant l’incendie le plus spectaculaire qui, au sixième jour de lutte, mobilisait 700 hommes dans un parc naturel de Patagonie à l’aura internationale, le parc Torres del Paine. Ce parc est un sanctuaire de glaciers, de lacs et de forêts situé à 3.000 km au sud de Santiago et couvre 230.000 hectares. Jusqu’à aujourd’hui, environ 6 % de sa surface ont été rongés par les flammes.Un incendie qui a suscité une forte émotion Bien que 4 des 6 foyers d’incendie du parc “sont sous contrôle et ne progressent plus”, comme l’a indiqué le président, 12.800 hectares de forêts, d’arbustes et de lande ont déjà été détruits. Le chef de l’Etat a laissé entendre que la moitié environ du parc naturel, qui reçoit plus de 100.000 visiteurs par an, pourrait être réouverte au public, “on espère mercredi”. Néanmoins, selon des experts, la flore tardera à récupérer, comme certains arbustes de 80 ans qui ont été consumés. L’incendie du parc, un site emblématique, a suscité une forte émotion au Chili et M. Piñera a promis de revoir les lois sur la lutte contre les incendies jugeant que les textes qui datent de 1930 sont aujourd’hui insuffisants.Le 3 janvier 2012 à 12:26 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

The Great Question of our Time Rick and Morty or Bojack Horseman

first_imgThat might sound a bit overblown… and to a degree, it is, duh. But these two shows have been something of a critical cartoon renaissance by themselves. Rick and Morty tries to shatter its audience’s delusions of self-importance, while Bojack only ever shows the profound damage one self-loathing bastard can cause. While both vomit cynicism, they approach it with two very different lenses.[Also if you’re not caught up on either, Imma spoil the hell out of both, so… go do something else]For the unaware, Rick and Morty is basically Doctor Who with more human-scale consequences. Rick’s a scientist, and his intelligence has gifted him with god-like powers. Along with his grandson, Morty, he treks the stars looking for zany adventures and doing kooky science.In Season One, Rick’s plays the role of the selfish, alcoholic antihero. But that nihilism is earnest. Like the Avengers, his abilities invite challenge, and through them, Rick comes to understand humanity’s smallness.At the same time, Rick balances the cosmos against the lives and emotional well-being of his family. Years prior, Rick left his ex-wife and daughter. As the show opens, he’s only recently tried to reconnect with his family, and throughout the series, Rick struggles to understand others’ comparatively limited perspective.That tension grounds and defines Rick and Morty.Each episode doles out a piece of a grander philosophy. At first, we’re hit hard with the tremendous scope of Rick’s universe. Throughout that season, we’re told that people are small in the cosmos, that we really don’t matter, and that existential dread and life are a package deal.He’s dealing with the cosmic, and he is right. In a reality with infinite parallel universes — we don’t matter. Nothing does. But he invalidates that argument with his own arc. He clings to that vision, that comforting reality (as opposed to a comforting delusion), but it pulls him away from those he does genuinely care about.The show’s perspective flips at the start of Season Two. In the first episode, Rick risks non-existence for his grandson, Morty — an odd moment of altruism for an otherwise gruff character.But that moment signals a shift in Rick’s character. Throughout the rest of the season, Rick is bludgeoned again and again with the cost of his gallivanting. His life falls apart, bit by bit as he learns about the damage and pain he’s caused those he pretends not to love.He’s caught between the cosmic perspective and the interpersonal one. He’s caught between the reality that we’re just motes of dust in a vast cosmic void and the delusion that our relationships and feelings matter. Episodes like ‘Total Rickall‘ — filled with warm memories and positive connections — nail that home.This, of course, is the antithesis of Bojack Horseman. While both shows consistently show their antiheroes unintentionally tormenting everyone around them, Bojack is locked in a cycle of self-destruction. Rick had the means to break out, but Bojack falls into the same patterns again and again.Bojack Horseman, is a washed up actor with enough money left over from his fifteen minutes that he never has to worry. In some ways, that offers him the same liberty as Rick’s intelligence and sciencey stuff. Both are unbound by the responsibilities that everyone we probably know faces. Bojack can be critically depressed for days and not have to worry about pulling himself together to go to work (unless he happens to have a shoot that day). Because of that, he burns the time and energy of everyone else around him, sucking them into his vortex of self-loathing.He gets to mope around and be self-destructive. His goals revolve around drumming up praise and adulation from others so he can forgive himself for past sins. But each time he repeats this cycle, he permanently torches relationships. By the end, there’s no one left to reassure him, and he’s alone in the shadow of this mess he’s made. He enables his friends’ vices, and he fails to support anyone unless it elevates himself.If depression hits us in the real world, we have to call in sick, at best. No matter how messed up the average person is, no matter how much we feel like we’re falling apart, we have to show up just to hold onto a job and pull in enough to eat. There is no other option, so we press on.For me, this breaks Bojack’s relatability almost to the degree that he’s become an idol of envy for me. But the essentials of his story have never been more relevant.Bojack wants to do better, but he often doesn’t know how. He strives to treat people well, to be more considerate, and to be simply good. Focusing externally and being good for other people leaves Bojack without an internal compass. He’ll listen to friends, take one step in the right direction, and then lose it when he can’t figure out what to do next. His damage, his flaws, are the ways in which he uses that freedom to bring others down with him. He is uniquely awful in that, while he’s sympathetic, he’s not redeeming at all. Or at least not yet.That’s why these two shows often get mentioned in the same breathe. Rick and Morty filters human struggles through a cosmic lens and notes the importance of self-improvement. Whether we are good or bad doesn’t matter to the cosmos, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t affect the ones we love. Bojack, on the other hand, hurts himself and everyone else because his relative social power allows him to fall back into the same pit over and over.last_img read more

This Cambridge Analytica movie will make you think before sharing on Facebook

first_img 2019 movies to geek out over The timing couldn’t be more perfect. As soon as this week, the Federal Trade Commission is expected to fine Facebook $5 billion for its alleged privacy mishaps. The documentary premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year and gets its release as the 2020 presidential campaign kicks off. And, as if that weren’t enough, Robert Mueller, the former special counsel who investigated Russian interference in the 2016 US election, some of which happened on Facebook, will testify on Wednesday.Karim Amer (left) and Jehane Noujaim are directors of the Netflix documentary The Great Hack. Karim Amer (left) and Jehane Noujaim are directors of the Netflix documentary The Great Hack.  David Becker/Getty Images for Netflix The two-hour film is about more than the downfall of a data analytics firm or its role in a history-making election. The Great Hack poses a simple question: Are we being manipulated by social media even as we willingly give tech companies our personal information?”It’s not about Democrat or Republican,” said Jehane Noujaim, who directed the film with Karim Amer, in an interview last week. “It’s about the future of our democracy and the future of our free will.” The Great Hack follows the scandal through the eyes of various participants, including Brittany Kaiser, a former business development director for Cambridge Analytica turned whistleblower. Kaiser was questioned by UK lawmakers and Mueller. Before joining Cambridge Analytica, she worked on Barack Obama’s presidential campaign. Throughout the film, Kaiser travels around the globe, making stops in Thailand, Britain and New York. The filmmakers ask Kaiser about the moral dilemmas she faced at Cambridge Analytica, illustrating her desire for redemption.”The most important thing for us was that her story was happening,” Amer said. “We don’t like to sit down and have things recounted to us.”Noujaim and Amer also follow David Carroll, an associate professor at New York’s Parsons School of Design, who engages in a quest to discover what data Cambridge Analytica gathered on him. The film features appearances from Carole Cadwalladr, an investigative journalism for the Guardian and Observer, who recounts how she uncovered the scandal, and Julian Wheatland, the former chief operating officer of Cambridge Analytica. Facebook 1 Share your voice Comment 77 Photos At one point during the film, Wheatland remarks that a data scandal like Cambridge Analytica was bound to happen. Technology is moving so fast and people don’t really understand it, he said. “There was always going to be a Cambridge Analytica,” Wheatland says in the film. “It just sucks for me it was Cambridge Analytica.”You’ll be disappointed if you’re expecting the filmmakers, who also helmed an Oscar-nominated documentary about the 2011 Egyptian revolution called The Square, to call for the deletion of Facebook. They’ve seen firsthand how social media, which was widely used to share information during the uprising, can be a force for change. Those events tempered their perspective.In 2011, a lawyer posted a photo of Noujaim to Twitter after she was arrested by Egyptian police in Cairo’s Tahrir Square, where she was documenting protests. The tweet helped Noujaim get legal representation that led to her release. The filmmakers are even using Facebook to promote the film. Still, Noujaim argues we can strike a balance by limiting the amount of personal information we share in return for those personal connections. Social media companies, she says, should see themselves as “public service companies” with ethical responsibilities. “I feel like it is a false choice that we have to trade in all of our privacy for connection to our friends,” Noujaim said.The Great Hack will be available to stream on Netflix starting Wednesday. The documentary will also be shown at select theaters. center_img Politics Tech Industry Facebook’s Zuckerberg preaches ‘The future is private’ 2:50 Graphic by Pixabay/Illustration by CNET Cambridge Analytica, the UK political consultancy that worked on President Donald Trump’s campaign, has been a thorn in Facebook’s side since revelations last year that it had harvested the data of up to 87 million users without their consent.The scandal led to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s first testimony before Congress and sparked investigations in the UK, India and Brazil. Now the data privacy scandal that Facebook can’t shake is the subject of a new Netflix documentary, The Great Hack, that debuts on Wednesday. Tags Now playing: Watch this:last_img read more

Alaska News Nightly May 1 2014

first_imgIndividual news stories are posted on the APRN news page. You can subscribe to APRN’s newsfeeds via email, podcast and RSS. Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter @aprn.Download AudioNTSB Recommends Safety Review Of Ravn AlaskaThe Associated PressThe National Transportation Safety Board is recommending a comprehensive audit of safety programs and regulatory compliance of the company providing much of the commuter air service within Alaska.The NTSB announced Thursday it’s recommending the “urgent” action by the Federal Aviation Administration for a review of HoTH Inc.That company includes Hageland Aviation, Frontier Flying Service and Era Aviation doing business as Ravn Alaska, Ravn Connect and Corvus Airlines.The NTSB says it has investigated six accidents and one incident related to the company since 2012.That includes fatal crashes November 29th near the Saint Marys airport and on April 8th about 22 miles southeast of Kwethluk.Major General Thomas Katkus Responds To National Guard Sexual Assault AllegationsLori Townsend, APRN – AnchorageGovernor Sean Parnell has been responding to allegations that sexual assault crimes within the state’s National Guard were reported to him four years before he requested a federal investigation. The Governor says as soon as he had specific information, he acted. Parnell’s commissioner of the Department of Military and Veteran’s Affairs, Major General Thomas Katkus says the federal investigation should help improve the system.Initiative-Packed November Ballot Expected To Influence Voter Turnout Alexandra Gutierrez, APRN – JuneauWhen the Republican-led Legislature went into overtime last week, they knocked a set of citizen’s initiatives onto an already packed November ballot. In the process, they changed the playing field in a fight for a U.S. Senate seat that their party needs to pick up if they want to take control of Congress. But, the shift might not be in their favor.Flint Hills Begins Shutting Down Fairbanks RefineryTim Ellis, KUAC – FairbanksOfficials with Flint Hills Resources-Alaska began shutting down the company’s North Pole refinery on Thursday.Project To Restore Herring, Starting In SitkaEmily Forman, KCAW – SitkaBefore statehood and the advent of scientific management, Southeast Alaska’s herring populations were harvested – and depleted – without much thought for the future. Many believe the herring population in Sitka Sound now is a fraction of what it was in those days, and wonder if herring stocks – like salmon – can be restored.Peggy Wilson Ending Long Legislative CareerEd Schoenfeld, CoastAlaska – JuneauOne of Southeast’s longest-serving lawmakers is retiring. Peggy Wilson says she will not seek re-election to her Wrangell-based House district.Historical Photo Collection Being Made Available OnlineMonica Gokey, KSKA – AnchorageIn 1987 the American Museum of Natural History sent a team of anthropologists to the Pacific Northwest and Siberia. Six years later, they had confirmed the theory that humans migrated across the Bering land bridge. And they brought back thousands of photographs – many of which are now available online for the first time.last_img read more

Sony sacrificed the camera to make PS4 399

first_imgIn many ways, Sony’s recent popularity can be attributed to performing the relatively simple act of paying attention to their audience and delivering what they said they wanted. The most recent example of this is was the decision to not include the camera in the PS4 bundle, which allowed the company to reduce the price on the console and add a caveat to the features they offered gamers.There’s a lot of concern about the Kinect sensor on the Xbox One. The existence of this camera and microphone on your television set is mandatory in order for the console to function, due to the deep integration of voice controls and the near instant controller pairing method the Xbox One uses. Microsoft is trying to push the Kinect into being something you can’t live without by offering some really cool features, but they are also creating an environment where game developers know for a fact that the Kinect will be there, so they can build games for the hardware and know that there’s an audience for it.According to IGN, Sony had plans to do the exact same thing with the PlayStation 4. In fact, the built-in LED Move tracker in the DualShock 4 controller is entirely dependant on the camera. But by the time E3 had come around, Sony had nixed plans to include the camera and therefore support the controller tracking, in favor of a cheaper console that offered one more selling point over the Xbox One — you wouldn’t be forced to have a camera in your living room.Right around the time that a patent application from Microsoft surfaced, claiming the ability to charge an extra fee for streaming videos in an environment where the Kinect sensor could detect a certain number of faces, people began to get suspicious about the next Kinect. It became clear that a growing group of users really weren’t interested in having a camera in their living room. Who can blame them, when the games for the PS Eye and Xbox 360 Kinect were largely gimmicks?You gained voice controls that sort of worked most of the time with Kinect, and you could purchase that add-on if you chose, but otherwise it wasn’t worth it. There are some decent Kinect games, but there are also some downright awful games that forced you to use the sensor in order to play the game. Kinect games never escaped novelty, and while it can be argued that this was because developers didn’t have a guaranteed install base and the current Kinect wasn’t quite accurate enough to justify the work, there was no way to prove this.From one perspective, Microsoft is pushing the gaming industry forward by ensuring that every Xbox One user will have a much higher quality Kinect sensor that developers can build for. From the other perspective, Sony is listening to the gaming community, and making their camera optional instead of mandatory. This seems to be the larger point of this generation’s console war — pushing new ideas versus giving people what they say they want. So far it is working for Sony, and Microsoft has been forced to walk some of their ideas back as a result of the incredible pre-release support for the PS4.last_img read more

Google Chrome for Android to support history gesture navigation

first_imgGoogle Chrome for Android to support history gesture navigation by Martin Brinkmann on January 22, 2019 in Google Android, Google Chrome – Last Update: July 17, 2019 – 5 commentsGoogle has been working on a new feature for Google Chrome for Android for a while that adds options to the mobile browser to go back and forward in history by using gestures.Swipe from the left to go back in history or from the right to go forward. The main idea behind introducing gesture based navigation options is that it provides users with one-hand control over the process.Google Chrome does not display back and forward buttons on Android in the main user interface. Users may activate the back button of the Android device to go back a page, or open Menu to select the Forward button instead.One issue that arises from back button usage is that Chrome will close when you hit the back button if there is no page in history to go to. Chrome for Android does not indicate that.Google implemented gesture-based navigation of the history in Chrome Canary for Android. The feature is hidden behind an experimental flag at this point in time.Experimental means that it may find its way into Chrome at one point in time, or that it is pulled by Google again.Here is what you need to do to activate gesture-based history navigation in Chrome for Android:Make sure that Chrome Canary is up to date.Load chrome://flags in the address bar of the browser.Search for Overscroll history navigation.Or load chrome://flags/#overscroll-history-navigation directly.Set the experimental flag to Enabled.Restart the Chrome browser with a tap on the Restart button.Once restarted, swipe to the left or to the right to go back or forward. Chrome displays an overlay icon that indicates the process to the user. The only option to cancel the process is to keep the finger pressed on the screen and swipe to the left or right screen border. The icon disappears when that is done and Chrome won’t go back or forward in history.Google Chrome for Android supports other gestures already. Users may swipe down on a page to display the list of tabs open in the mobile browser.Now you: which mobile browser do you use? Does it support gestures?SummaryArticle NameGoogle Chrome for Android to support history gesture navigationDescriptionGoogle has been working on a new feature for Google Chrome for Android for a while that adds options to the mobile browser to go back and forward in history by using gestures.Author Martin BrinkmannPublisher Ghacks Technology NewsLogo Advertisementlast_img read more

Nirvana with a view at Anamaya

first_imgThe kitchen of one unit at Anamaya. Courtesy of Anamaya Resort By Sam Eifling | Special to The Tico TimesThe raison d’être of Anamaya, a yoga retreat perched on the vertiginous hillside above Montezuma, is the view. Namely, the 400-foot rise above the Pacific Ocean that affords an unimpeded 180-degree view of the southern and eastern skies, within earshot of the waves careening against the rock-studded beaches below. This is the sort of view that harks to Balboa’s quote-unquote discovery of the Pacific, a real stomach-dropper of a vista. You can hardly think words such as “ocean” and “sunrise” without capitalizing them in your mind.So this is the key point when you’re considering whether to drop a few hundred bones on travel and lodging to go to the edge of civilization: If all you want to do is stare godlike across the sea as it bends around the curvature of the earth, then this is your spot. You might match these sightlines elsewhere, but you’re going to have a very difficult time beating them.Anamaya strives to meet the standard set by its setting, and largely acquits itself. The resort is insidiously healthy without foisting anything upon you. As you loiter around the back deck – perhaps lolling in a hammock that looks out onto the (again, transcendent) omni-oceanic view, perhaps sinking into a couch, perhaps sunning yourself on a deck chair beside the infinity pool – you’ll notice people slacking in a variety of ways. They’re reading books, they’re dinking around on iPads. Fine. But they’re also packing onto the deck for yoga sessions, traipsing down through the backyard forest to the local landmark Montezuma Falls cascading through three tiers of swimming holes, heading to the beach for surfing lessons and scuba diving, sweating out civilization’s accumulated gunks via the UV sauna. The Nicoya Peninsula has been identified as one of the world’s Blue Zones, in which residents are prone to unusual longevity, and Anamaya fosters that mentality in the most chill way possible. It’s all wellness without a lick of medicine.Two of the owners, Geoff McCabe and Joseph Mikrut, Americans both, are around the resort for much of the day-to-day operations. The main house used to be McCabe’s home before he surrounded it with the little villas that bring the resort’s capacity to about 30, but it’s Mikrut who leads many of the activities there now. The men want to foster the sense of the resort as an altered state of well-being, and to send people home after a week or two with a sense of innate (rather than prescribed) inner change. The overall effect will probably leave you feeling borderline amazing, without also feeling that you overextended yourself to get there. To that end, the resort stocks its kitchen with local foods and organics, many of which McCabe is cultivating on a former cattle ranch just up the road a piece, where he’s painstakingly rebuilding the soil. He hopes to develop farming techniques that will allow more of the resorts and hotels in the region to grow their own vegetables, fruits and herbs, and to offer farming solutions to the locals. For now, though, the beneficiaries are Anamaya guests who sup on spinaches, chards, kales, basil, tomatoes, sweet basil, dill, peperoncini, endive and the rest. The vegetarian-friendly meals also feature locally caught fish, lots of fruit, whole grains, and that most deceptive element of healthy eating, flavor. It’s all delightful, but it’s not a forced march; there is wine, beer, dessert. Layabouts can wallow in good stead.The quarters range from relatively Spartan, dorm-style rooms to honeymoon-worthy jungle bungalows. Per-person rates at Anamaya also vary accordingly, from under $900 for a weeklong stay on up to more than twice that. About half the year (generally during tourism’s off-peak times) it hosts yoga teacher training sessions. The staff is courteous and responsive; the other guests are in buoyant moods and go out of their way to be inclusive. Paradise has a way of leaving guests in a fine frame of being, even if they couldn’t point to exactly why.Going There:Drive west from Juan Santamaría International Airport on the main freeway (Inter-Americana) until you see an exit for Atenas. Take that exit and cross over the freeway to your left. Drive for approximately 2 km and turn left between a soccer field and a blue school. There is no sign here for the freeway. If you get lost, ask for “La Pista por Caldera.” Drive for 3.5 km the then you’ll see an overpass. Don’t go under it but instead turn left just before the freeway, and that will take you to the on-ramp. Get on that and head west (right) again. It will take you to Caldera, which is the main port next to Puntarenas, and from there, drive north along the coast. You’ll pass a big development called “La Roca” and eventually you’ll pass up and over the top of the road you want to turn right onto. There’s a sign for Puntarenas, but it’s been covered with tree branches for several years, so it’s difficult to see. Loop around to the right and get onto this road, heading west again, and follow that in a straight line all the way to the very tip of the Puntarenas peninsula, and then turn right and it will curve around to the ferry line.The ferry times are shown here: Ferry to Montezuma/Malpais Area. Or better call the Ferry to hear the times: 2661-2084, ext 4. There are two ferries. One is to Paquera and one to Naranjo. Take the Paquera Ferry, and from there, drive to the left and go to Cobano, which takes 45 minutes normally. From Cobano, turn left and head to Montezuma. From Montezuma, head south along the beach road and at Hotel Amor de Mar, you’ll see a paved road up the hill. Drive up about 1/2 km and you’ll see Anamaya’s sign on the right.Another option is to fly. There are two airlines with flights to Tambor, which is a 30 min drive from Montezuma. (Take a taxi for $30 from Tambor to Anamaya).Retreat packages start at $895 for a week and include yoga, three gourmet organic meals per day, transportation to excursions and beaches, use of the guest kitchen and luxury accommodations. Details and discount information can be found on Anamaya’s website, For more info or to make reservations, call 2642-1289. Facebook Commentscenter_img No related posts.last_img read more

The Latest At least 5 Britons killed in Tunisia attack

first_img Top holiday drink recipes The Foreign Office is advising Britons in hotels near the attack to remain in their hotels in case more attackers are on the loose, and to contact tour companies and British officials.___7.15 p.mHomeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson says his department is encouraging law enforcement “to be vigilant and prepared” ahead of the July 4th holiday in the U.S. following attacks in France, Tunisia and Kuwait.Johnson says people should attend Independence Day events as planned but “remain vigilant” and report any suspicious activity.He says U.S. authorities will adjust security measures, including those unseen by the public, as necessary.A gunman killed at least 37 people and wounded 36 in an attack on a beach resort in Tunisia Friday. In Kuwait, a suicide bomber killed at least 25 people, while a man with suspected ties to French Islamic radicals rammed a car into a gas factory in southeastern France, triggering an explosion that injured two people. The severed head of a local businessman was left hanging at the factory’s entrance.___6.50 p.mPresident Vladimir Putin has offered condolences to his Tunisian counterpart in connection with the attack at a beach resort that killed at least 37. How men can have a healthy 2019 TUNIS, Tunisia (AP) — The latest news from an attack on a beach resort in Tunisia (all times local):___7.20 p.mBritish Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond says at least five Britons have been killed in the attack on the Tunisian resort of Sousse.Hammond said the British death toll could rise and a high proportion of the 37 people who were killed by a lone gunman is likely to be British.Hammond spoke after chairing a meeting of the government’s crisis committee, COBRA, on Friday. Interior Ministry Spokesman Mohammed Ali Aroui said that one of the gunmen was killed and police are pursuing the other.Sousse, some 150 kilometers from Tunis, is a popular resort for both Tunisians and Europeans.Aroui said the death toll could rise.Tunisia has been battered by attacks by militants, most recently in March when two Tunisians returning from Libya killed 22 people at the national museum.___This story has been corrected to say there was only one gunman, not two.Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. Mesa family survives lightning strike to home Col. Steve Warren says Pentagon condemns “these terrorist attacks” and will continue to work with international partners to fight the Islamic State group and other violent extremist groups.He noted IS has claimed responsibility for one attack, but said Pentagon continues to look into “whether or not these various and far flung attacks were coordinated centrally or whether they were coincidental.”A gunman killed at least 28 people and wounded 36 in an attack on a beach resort in Tunisia Friday. In Kuwait, a suicide bomber killed at least 25 people, while a man with suspected ties to French Islamic radicals rammed a car into a gas factory in southeastern France, triggering an explosion that injured two people. The severed head of a local businessman was left hanging at the factory’s entrance.___5.15 p.mA lawmaker says a woman from Ireland has died from gunshot wounds following the terror attack in a beach resort in Tunisia that has claimed at least 28 lives.The politician, Ray Butler, says he has spoken by telephone to the husband of the dead woman. He says the two were vacationing in Tunisia together when she was shot on the beach outside their hotel, and the husband was still inside. ___4.50 p.mThe head of the European Commission, Donald Tusk says that political stability in Tunisia is also vital for Europe and that the attack there was not accidental.“I believe that it is not accidental that Tunisia is among the countries attacked by terrorists,” Tusk told reporters in Brussels Friday.He said Tunisia is one of the few countries in the region that give hope for stability, albeit “very sensitive” stability.For European and regional security “it is important to maintain political stability in the country, also because of the hot issue of migrants,” he said.A gunman killed at least 28 people and wounded 36 in an attack on the beach resort town Sousse on Friday.___4.40 p.mGerman tour operators are offering people booked to Tunisia in the coming weeks the chance to cancel their vacations or change their destination for free, and say they’ll work to bring home people who want to leave the country early.Major tour operator TUI said Friday that people booked to Tunisia this summer can cancel or rebook for free through Sept. 15. The company says it will organize early departures for those who want to leave Tunisia.DER Touristik, the parent company for several other tour operators, says it’s offering customers booked to leave for Tunisia through July 10 free cancelations or rebookings. Nafti said there was a shortage of psychological help for survivors of the attack at a hotel in the Mediterranean resort of Sousse.It was Tunisia’s deadliest such attack.___5.45 p.mThe secretary-general of the United Nations has condemned the suspected terrorist attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France.A spokesman for Ban Ki-moon said Friday that “those responsible for these appalling acts of violence must be swiftly brought to justice.”He said the secretary-general affirms that “these heinous attacks will only strengthen the commitment of the United Nations to help defeat those bent on murder, destruction and the annihilation of human development and culture.”A gunman killed at least 28 people and wounded 36 in an attack on a beach resort in Tunisia Friday. In Kuwait, a suicide bomber killed at least 25 people, while a man with suspected ties to French Islamic radicals rammed a car into a gas factory in southeastern France, triggering an explosion that injured two people. The severed head of a local businessman was left hanging at the factory’s entrance.___5.35 p.mA Pentagon spokesman says it is too early to say if the three attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France were coordinated. ___4.05 p.mTunisian state television quotes the Interior Ministry as saying the toll for the beach attack in Sousse has risen to 28 dead and 36 wounded.The Interior Ministry had previously said 27 people died and six were wounded after gunmen attacked the resort town Friday.The Health Ministry said the dead include Tunisians, Britons, Germans and Belgians.___4.00 p.m.Germany’s foreign minister says his government doesn’t yet know whether Germans were among the victims of the attack on a beach resort in Tunisia.Frank-Walter Steinmeier noted in a statement that the Group of Seven nations assured Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi of their support in fighting terrorism when he was a guest at the G-7 summit in Germany earlier this month. He said that “today’s attack can only strengthen us in that.”Steinmeier’s ministry said it was working to clear up whether Germans were affected and a consular team from the German Embassy in Tunis was heading to the scene.At least 27 people died and six were wounded in the attack Friday.___3.30 p.m.The Spanish company that owns the hotel at a Tunisia beach resort which was attacked by gunmen has offered its condolences to the victims and their families. Comments   Share   ___2.35 p.m.A tourist from Ireland says she was on the beach in Tunisia with her two sons when she heard what she first thought were fireworks.Elizabeth O’Brien tells Ireland’s RTE radio she looked about 500 meters away and saw a hot air balloon collapse, then heard rapid firing and saw two people who were going to go up in the balloon running toward her.Authorities say at least 27 people have been killed in the attack on the beach there.O’Brien says she rushed to the sea to get her children and that waiters and security on the beach urged them to run as they raced toward the hotel. They ran to their room and holed up there.She says her travel agent told her to go talk to someone at the reception desk but she’s too afraid to leave the room.___2.20 p.m.Interior Ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Aroui says the police operation to catch the second gunman behind the attack on the beach resort is ongoing and the exchange of fire is continuing.He says one gunman behind “the terrorist attack was killed during an exchange of fire with security forces.”“A terrorist infiltrated the buildings from the back before opening fire on the residents of the hotel, including foreigners and Tunisians,” he said. Sponsored Stories ___6.15 p.mWhite House spokesman Eric Shultz says President Barack Obama has been briefed about the three attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France and continues to receive updates.He said U.S. national security staff and intelligence professionals “are in touch with their counterparts in their respective countries and continue to offer help and assistance in those countries.”He said there was no immediate intelligence assessment available on the unfolding situation.“Our law enforcement officials continue to be in touch with our counterparts in France,” he said.A gunman killed at least 37 people and wounded 36 in an attack on a beach resort in Tunisia Friday. In Kuwait, a suicide bomber killed at least 25 people, while a man with suspected ties to French Islamic radicals rammed a car into a gas factory in southeastern France, triggering an explosion that injured two people. The severed head of a local businessman was left hanging at the factory’s entrance.___5.45 p.mA Health Ministry spokesman says the death toll following the attack against sunbathers at a Tunisian beach resort has increased to 37.Choukri Nafti said another 36 people were wounded in Friday’s attack and two or three of them are in critical condition. ___1:25 p.m.Tunisian state television says the number of people killed in an attack on a tourist resort is now 19 after two gunmen opened fire on beachgoers.There have been no details on the nationalities of those killed in the resort of Sousse on Friday, but during the holy month of Ramadan, those on the beach tend to be tourists.Interior Ministry spokesman Mohammed Ali Aroui said security forces intervened immediately and killed one of the attackers, the other fled the scene.___1:20 p.m.A British tourist close to the scene of a deadly attack on a Tunisian beach resort has described his experiences.Gary Pine said he was on the beach and heard what “we thought was firecrackers going off” 100 yards away, followed by an explosion from the next hotel complex along.“There was a mass exodus off the beach,” he told Sky News. He said his son said he had seen someone get shot on the beach.He said guests at his hotel were first told to lock themselves in their rooms, and later to gather in the lobby.Tunisia’s Interior Ministry says two gunmen opened fire on a beach in the coastal resort of Sousse Friday, killing at least seven people.___1 p.m.Tunisia’s Interior Ministry says two gunmen opened fire on a beach near two hotels in the coastal resort city of Sousse, killing at least seven people. The Kremlin said Friday that Putin condemned the attack and “confirmed readiness to cooperate most closely with the Tunisian leadership in fighting terror threat.”A gunman killed at least 37 people and wounded 36 in an attack on the beach resort town Sousse in Tunisia on Friday.___6.40 p.mBritish tourists have described the horror they experienced at the beach resort in Tunisia where a gunman killed 37 people and wounded 36.Olivia Leathley, 24, from Manchester in northwest England, told Britain’s Press Association she saw one woman whose husband had been shot in the stomach in front of her.She said the woman was “dragged away by hotel reps trying to get her to safety but she was a complete mess. She was in hysterics.”Leathley said: “All she said was that he’d been shot and that he was there bleeding on the beach and he was just saying, ‘I love you I love you,’ and then his eyes rolled back into his head.”Debbie Horsfall from Huddersfield in northern England told the BBC the gunman had started firing on people at the sandbanks right next to her.“As he began to fire we just got up and ran straight to our hotel,” she said. Here’s how to repair and patch damaged drywall At least 27 people have been killed in the attack near two hotels in the coastal resort city of Sousse.___2 p.m.Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has confirmed that one of the two beachside hotels where tourists were shot in Tunisia, killing at least 27 people, is owned by a Spanish company.Rajoy said from Brussels that the attacks Friday in Tunisia and in France were both acts of terror but did not provide more details.Tunisian officials identified the hotel Rajoy referred to as the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba in the Port El Kantaoui neighborhood of Sousse. It is owned by Spain’s RIU Hotels & Resorts, which has more than 100 hotels in 19 countries.The company’s media office said RIU’s board of directors was holding an emergency meeting following the attack.The media office had no immediate comment on what happened or the nationalities of victims but said the company planned to issue a statement.___1:45 p.m.Tunisia’s Interior Ministry spokesman has told the state news agency that the toll in an attack on a beach resort has risen to 27.Mohammed Ali Aroui described the victims as mostly tourists but did not give any nationalities. Local radio has said those killed Friday in the resort of Sousse were mostly German and British. Early signs of cataracts in your parents and how to help “He is absolutely distraught,” Butler says.Butler says the woman was in her 50s and from the village of Robinstown, County Meath, northwest of Dublin.The Irish Department of Foreign Affairs says it cannot confirm whether an Irish citizen is among those killed in Friday’s attack. It says more than 60 Irish holidaymakers are in the country.Another group of Irish holidaymakers due to depart Friday night to Tunisia have had their bookings refunded.___5.10 p.mSpain has raised its terror threat level to the second highest level on its scale as a precautionary measure following the suspected terror attacks in Tunisia, France and Kuwait.Interior Minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz told reporters the level was raised from 3 to 4, meaning the country faces a high risk of a possible attack. Spain’s highest terror threat level is 5.Spanish officials have no information suggesting that the country faces an imminent attack, Fernandez Diaz said.A gunman killed at least 28 people and wounded 36 in an attack on a beach resort in Tunisia Friday. In Kuwait, a suicide bomber killed at least 25 people, while a man with suspected ties to French Islamic radicals rammed a car into a gas factory in southeastern France, triggering an explosion that injured two people. The severed head of a local businessman was left hanging at the factory’s entrance. It says it’s organizing places on planes for people who want to leave Tunisia. Neither company had details on whether cancelations already have been received.___4.35 p.mTunisia’s Interior Ministry says the gunman killed by police was acting alone when he attacked a beach resort, killing at least 28 people and wounding 36.The Interior Ministry had previously said two attackers were involved in the attack at a hotel and beach in the resort town Sousse, including one who had fled the scene.___4.15 p.mA terror expert says the attack at a Tunisian beach resort should “probably be seen as an attempt to destabilize the economy as well as the wider political situation in Tunisia.”Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchins from the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization at King’s College London said similar attacks had earlier damaged tourism in Egypt and Kenya.He said Friday’s attack, which left at least 28 dead and 36 wounded, is “really is going to lead to a massive reduction in tourism.”“We have people relaxing on the beach on their holidays being murdered — that is not going to help the attempts by the Tunisian tourist industry to get people to come to the country,” he said. Top Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility At least 27 people died and six were wounded in the attack Friday.RIU Hotels & Resorts said in a statement that it is collecting information about what happened on the beach in front of the Hotel Riu Imperial Marhaba in the Port El Kantaoui neighborhood of Sousse.It said it is in “permanent contact with authorities.”RIU promised to report its findings to the public on its Website and through social media.The company’s statement made no mention of the nationalities of guests killed.___3.20 p.m.Rafik Chelli, one of Tunisia’s top security officials, told Mosaique FM that the gunman shot by security forces after attacking a Tunisian beach resort was unknown to authorities.He said the man, from the city of Kairouan, came from the beach hiding his Kalashnikov under an umbrella before opening fire on the tourists. From there he entered the Hotel Imperial through the pool, shooting people as he went.Chelli said there were many foreigners among the victims but he did not have an exact count of the nationalities.He said authorities had a plan to protect the hotels during the month of Ramadan but this was an isolated operation that is difficult to counter against and there is never zero risk.last_img read more

Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires

first_img Former Cardinals kicker Phil Dawson retires Grace expects Greinke trade to have emotional impact It’s been a busy week for Arizona Cardinals general manager Steve Keim.Tuesday, Keim pulled off a trade to get Arizona the pass rusher it coveted, nabbing Chandler Jones from the New England Patriots for guard Jonathan Cooper and a second-round draft pick.Wednesday, Keim finalized a deal with guard Evan Mathis, inking the two-time Pro Bowler to a one-year contract.There had been reported interest on the Cardinals’ part in free agent cornerback Leon Hall and tackle Andre Smith — both of the Cincinnati Bengals. Derrick Hall satisfied with D-backs’ buying and selling LISTEN: Steve Keim, Cardinals general manager The 5: Takeaways from the Coyotes’ introduction of Alex Meruelo Top Stories The Cardinals still hold the 29th overall pick in the first round. Predictably, Keim was initially a little tight-lipped about options in that draft slot.“We’re going to pick the best available player,” he said.The hosts asked Keim about specific players, and the fourth-year GM shared a bit of information on them.On center Ryan Kelly, Keim said “the kid from Alabama, he’s a lot of fun to watch. He’s big, he’s physical, he’s extremely smart and he’s a great technician. He’s going to have a great career in the NFL, in my opinion.”The next player discussed was Notre Dame offensive guard Nick Martin.“He’s another guy who plays with a nasty temperament,” Keim said. “He’s really physical — he’s got great play strength. Another guy who’s extremely smart.”Keim admitted the Cardinals spoke with a group of six or seven offensive lineman at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis last month, and was impressed with their intelligence and maturity. Keim says that’s not necessarily the case.“I don’t know if we were interested in either of them to begin with,” Keim told Doug and Wolf on Arizona Sports 98.7 FM Thursday. “I talked about that misinformation, (the media) is drumming up names that I don’t know if we were ever talking about.”In fairness to the media, in Smith’s case, he himself told Chris Thomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press that he was on his way to visit the Cardinals after meeting with the Minnesota Vikings and that it was a 50/50 proposition between the two teams to land his services.Keim did say he’s happy with the Cardinals’ roster currently, but as always, he’ll remain aware of any other free agent possibilities.“We’re going to keep our options open. We’re going to stay active if there are opportunities to strike,” Keim said. “At the end of the day, I feel really good about where we are from a roster standpoint, so I will start to turn a lot more of my attention toward the draft. Our coaches and scouts are at Pro Days right now and they’re gathering all the information. We’ll resume college meetings here at the beginning of April and go through a great process where we read about the players at particular positions, we rank them and build our board.” Your browser does not support the audio element. Comments   Share   last_img read more