Pep rallies undergo revisions

first_imgThis fall has seen the implementation of a multitude of changes to the format of pep rallies at Notre Dame, and while student participation fluctuated from week to week, student government is overall pleased with the results. “I think that we definitely saw a positive response to the changes for the Michigan pep rally,” student body vice president Andrew Bell said. “The walkover seemed to be very successful, and we think it solved the issue of dorms standing amongst a bunch of alumni an hour before the rally.” Bell said the changes helped with logistics and the overall atmosphere of the rallies. “We thought the atmosphere of the Michigan rally was great. Attendance was high, we thought the fact the walkover included the band made it more exciting,” he said. “We recognize there were some issues especially as students were entering the section, and we’ve addressed those for the coming rally, so students won’t get clogged in.” Student body president Catherine Soler believes the positive student feedback is evidence of the success of the changes. “We’ve heard positive feedback because of the various different locations we used for the rallies, and we’re really pleased with how athletics has worked with us and how students have responded,” she said. Bell believes the guest speakers have been central to the improved response from students. “I think the guest speaker mixes things up, so it’s not the same week to week,” he said. “So we are still working with athletics to continue to get prominent speakers.” Mike Oliver, Hall Presidents Council co-chair, thinks dorms have improved their display of school spirit in response to an incentive offered by head football coach Brian Kelly. “We’ve also provided the dorms with the incentive of whoever comes with the most spirit has the opportunity to have Brian Kelly come to the dorms, and it’s worked really well,” Oliver said. While the overall student response has been positive, Soler said she felt the student turnout at the student-only Boston College rally was lacking. “We were disappointed with participation in the Stepan rally, and we think it can be indicative of many things,” she said. “From a planning perspective, we really did all we could. It could have been the timing, maybe it wasn’t a good time for students,” she said. With the losing season, Soler recognizes that student government must work especially hard to encourage disheartened students to attend the rallies. “I think one of the things that has made a big difference this year, and hopefully will continue to … is our emphasis on keeping them short and sweet and encourage dorm participation,” Soler said. “We want to brand the rallies as a time for students to get excited, have fun and socialize. We want it to be something they can do for themselves as well as in support of the team.” Both Soler and Bell emphasized the pep rally format as being a work-in-progress. “I think thus far we’ve been to all the locations possible and now we’re in the evaluation period, where we want to determine the best location and format in the eyes of the students,” Bell said. “We’re honing in on what students really want.” Soler said student government has already taken steps to soliciting student advice on improving the rallies for the remainder of the season. “Right now we’re just working to improve them, we’ll be sending out a student survey to get concrete data about what they liked about rallies and where we can improve them,” Soler said. Bell said the key to improving the pep rallies will be to concentrate on the basics. “We’ve tried to make the emphasis from the beginning that pep rallies are best when focused on the student body and the football team.”last_img read more

Office of Sustainability announces new recycling policies

first_imgBowling balls. Christmas lights. Headphones.These are just a few examples of items that occasionally pass through local recycling, even though they are not recyclable, members of the Office of Sustainability said.And with new recycling requirements rolling out, the Office of Sustainability is aiming to educate students about what can and cannot be recycled.Whereas previous rules allowed for 10 percent contamination of recycled materials, the University’s recycling procedures now require that recycling be no more than 0.5 percent contaminated. This means all food and liquid must be removed from items, and greasy or dirty items cannot be recycled.Sustainability senior program director Allison Mihalich said the University used to encourage students to recycle in cases where they weren’t sure whether an item could be recycled. Now, she said, the Office of Sustainability is emphasizing the motto “When in doubt, throw it out.”“Our tagline is really ‘Recycle clean. Recycle right,’” she said. “So it’s cleaning if you have access to a sink. Rinse before [recycling] and definitely dump before recycling.”In addition to new contamination regulations, sticky notes can no longer be recycled. However, many other items remain recyclable, Caitlin Hodges, an associate program manager in the Office of Sustainability, said.Plastics labeled with the numbers one through six can be recycled, as well as clean glass, cardboard, paper, aluminum and newspapers.“Recycling is a complicated process and there are people involved at different stages of it to try and make it something clean and recoverable — but there’s no substitute for knowing how to put the right things in the bin,” Hodges said.However, other items such as plastic bags, cutlery and straws cannot be recycled — even though they often end up in recycling bins, Hodges said.“They cause a big challenge, especially bags,” she said. “With the volume of recycling that we generate, just the way that has to be processed is a huge challenge if bags wind up in the load.”The new policies are the result of a changing global market for recycled materials, Mihlich said. According to the New York Times, China previously accepted approximately half of the world’s recycled papers and plastics, before changing its policies at the beginning of this year.“Essentially, they discontinued accepting 24 types of items,” Mihlich said. “So we’re not able to send it overseas. Much of our recycled content in the United States and countries like the United States was going overseas. So when that changed it made the waste management, the recycling facilities tighten their belts.”In response to these changes, Notre Dame’s trash and recycling vendor, Waste Management, rolled out changes to the materials it would accept from the University, Hodges said.“Some of those changes are going to be rolling out — you see them already in certain municipal programs. … Because we generate so much waste in a small area, we’re the first ones that are seeing the changes in this region,” she said.Both Hodges and Mihlich said they were optimistic about the changes, despite some initial challenges.“I have heard some people say in response to this, they’ve asked me if it still matters that we recycle and I would say absolutely, it still matters,” Hodges said. “This is more of an opportunity to be engaged in the reality of what generating waste is, and what that looks like from the time you buy it to the time it leaves you and goes somewhere to potentially be turned into something else.”Tags: Office of Sustainability, recycling, trash, Waste Managementlast_img read more

Falconer High School Seniors Petition For Traditional Graduation

first_imgFALCONER – Seniors at Falconer High School have launched a petition calling for a traditional graduation after the Board of Education decided to host a virtual ceremony due to the COVID-19 pandemic.Falconer High School Senior Alyssa Wright’s “Let Them Walk” petition so far has gained the support of over 400 in the community.Wright tells WNYNewsNow she, along with her fellow classmates, are asking the school board to reconsider their decision.“I want people to know that we are not okay with what they decided, and it would have been nice if they would have talked to us and talked to our parents to come up with something,” explained Wright. “So now, we are using our voice to come up with a better solution to better fit everyone.” Wright says students were first notified of the decision via a letter posted on their school locker, the day they returned from working remotely to pick up belongings.High School Principal Jeffery Jordan says that he has talked with Wright about coming up with a plan that is “as close to normal” as possible, yet, keeping students and families safe.“Our plans are that we would have a ceremony that would be virtual, trying to keep it as normal as possible with all of our speakers and awards, and everything like that,” explained Jordan. “Then have a diploma drive through where families with our 2020 Seniors could come to our athletic facility, walk on to the field, walk across the state on the field, and use our scoreboard and screen we have to announce their name, and show their picture, and have families be able to take pictures that way while keeping social distancing of course.”Jordan says this is not his first choice to hold a graduation, although due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, it is the “best case scenario” now.Wright, after speaking with Jordan, tells us she is grateful they are now working with students to find a better solution that follows safety guidelines, but, continues the traditions of graduation.“I would like to come up with a solution that is safe and works for everyone, it still follows the guidelines of social distancing, but, it still gives us that chance to walk across the stage,” furthered Wright. “I feel that all seniors deserve to have that moment.”Jordan says he wants to give the senior class the best possible graduation. Furthermore, he is proud that Wright spoke out and advocated her position.The administrator furthered that next year, he will invite the 2020 graduating class back to graduation to be honored during their tradition ceremony.Going forward he plans to continue communication with the Seniors as they work to plan this year’s graduation event.To view the petition, click here. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Daily Dirt: Hickory Nut Falls Trail Finally Open; Blue Ridge Parkway Section Back Open; Bell Helmets Funds Bike Trails; and More!

first_imgHickory Nut Falls Trail Now Open at Chimney Rock State ParkAfter being closed more than a year due to a massive rockslide, Hickory Nut Falls trail at Chimney Rock State Park, N.C., has reopened. State contractors and N.C. State Parks with the support of Chimney Rock Management cleared 300 metric tons of rock and other materials that crashed down and demolished a wooden walking bridge and covered part of the trail. The observation area at the base of the falls remains closed for repairs but guests are able to hike to the end of the trail to view the 404-foot falls (one of the highest waterfalls of its kind east of the Mississippi River).The Hickory Nut Falls Trail began as a Jeep trail, installed in 1963 to access the 404-foot waterfall at its end. Today, the ¾-mile trail boasts hardwood forests of oak, hickory, maple, beech, poplar, locust and basswood that harbor abundant plant life, which includes rare and endangered wildflowers as well as old favorites like Jack-in-the-pulpit and Solomon’s-seal. The 404-foot waterfall feeds from Fall Creek, which winds through the Hickory Nut Gorge. The trail and its falls were prominently featured in the 1992 blockbuster hit, The Last of the Mohicans, starring Daniel Day Lewis and Madeline Stowe, and have long been a favorite visiting spot for Park guests.Chimney Rock at Chimney Rock State Park is a developing international outdoor attraction located 25 miles southeast of Asheville on Highway 64/74A in Chimney Rock, N.C. It has been recognized as one of the Southeast’s most iconic and popular travel destinations for more than 100 years. The Park’s 535-million-year-old monolith called Chimney Rock offers guests 75-mile panoramic views of Hickory Nut Gorge and Lake Lure. Visit Chimney Rock’s website at Ridge Parkway Motor Road Open North of Asheville From Milepost 376 to Milepost 355Blue Ridge Parkway Superintendent Mark Woods announced that a section of the Blue Ridge Parkway from Milepost 376 at Ox Creek Road to Milepost 355 (near the entrance to Mt. Mitchell State Park) is open for travel.   The popular stretch of motor road was closed for stabilization work on a failed slope north of Tanbark Ridge Tunnel at Milepost 374, the site of last summer’s well-known “crack.”The Craggy Gardens Picnic Area and Visitor Center, at Milepost 364, which had been closed during this repair project, will open May 9, 2014, along with the majority of other Parkway facilities reopening for the season on that date.  The full schedule of 2014 seasonal openings and visitor services along the Blue Ridge Parkway is available at Blue Ridge Parkway, linking the Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks, is dedicated to enhancing the scenic and recreational qualities of the corridor — conserving its significant natural and cultural resources and promoting public enjoyment and appreciation of the central and southern Appalachian Mountains. Learn more about the Parkway at Blues Adds Farm to Brevard HoldingsOskar Blues Brewery recently purchased a 145-acre farm about eight miles from its Brevard brewery — a location that will be part farm, part event space and part haven for mountain bikers. Colorado-based Oskar Blues opened its Brevard brewery two years ago as its East Coast beer-making operation.Oskar-Blues-Brewing-Logo-e1352728344722-300x197The farm, formerly known as Shoal Falls Farm, has been dubbed the Oskar Blues REEB Ranch, a reference to REEB Bicycles, the company’s line of hand-made mountain bikes (“reeb” is beer spelled backwards). It will likely be home to a bike park, as well as to Bike Farm, a mountain biking concierge service owned by Cashion Smith and Eva Surls. The two offers tours of local biking trails — recognized recently as some of the best mountain biking trails in the U.S.The farm may also be home to cattle that are fed spent grain from Oskar Blues’ brewing operation. The company has a similar operation in Colorado, called the Hops and Heifers Farm. Cows and pigs populate the farm, which also has acreage devoted to growing fresh hops.Bell Helmets Donating $100,000 to Build Bike TrailsEast Coast voting is live for the Bell Helmets $100,000  giveaway to build three Dream Trail Projects, chosen by popular vote from its website.Blue Ridge bikers will want to vote for Tennessee, Virginia or Georgia to beat out western New York! Visit the site to explore the projects and vote for your area.Sherpa Adventure Gear to Fund Children of Sherpas Killed in AvalancheSherpa Adventure Gear—through its Paldorje Education Fund—is directing donations to the education of children of the16 Sherpa guides killed by an avalanche on Mt Everest. All donations received by May 31, 2014 will be dedicated to the schooling of the ‘children of Everest.’ Tax-deductible donations can be sent to:Paldorje Education Fund – Children of Everest, c/o Sherpa Adventure Gear, 7857 South 180th Street, Kent, Washington 98032 USASherpa Adventure Gear CEO Tashi Sherpa was in Nepal at the time of the avalanche.In addition to donations, Sherpa Adventure Gear is setting aside 10 percent of May sales at its Kathmandu retail store toward this cause.  Sales in May from Sherpa Adventure Gear’s products at Alpine Ascents International’s gear shop in Seattle will also benefit the program.World Cycling Alliance a Reality?Representatives of the European Cyclists’ Federation are now supporting an initiative to create a World Cycling Alliance (WCA) — a worldwide network of non-governmental organizations that will advocate for cycling before international institutions such as the United Nations, the Organization of Economic Co-operation and Development, and the World Bank.WCA will promote and support the worldwide exchange of knowledge, expertise and co-operation of cycling associations and organizations. “The World Cycling Alliance fills a gap in the promotion of cycling at the highest institutional level,” said ECF President Manfred Neun.ECF has been participating in top international forums such as the UN’s Transport, Health and Environment Pan-European Program, UN-Habitat’s World Urban Forum events and the International Transport Forum, linked to the OECD.All ECF members, which include organizations from India, Russia, Taiwan, Canada, Thailand and Australia, will be founding members of the Alliance. WCA will be governed by a Steering Board, which in its final form will comprise the elected president of the ECF and members from different continents. The first Steering Board will be presented in Velo-city Global 2014 in Adelaide, Australia, where the WCA network will be officially launched on May 30.Blue Ridge Outdoors Launches Top Adventure Schools BracketClick here to cast your vote for your favorite outdoor-adventure school in the region.last_img read more

BRO Athletes | Shiver in the River with Brian Vincent

first_imgOn January 30th, I rolled out of bed in Farmville, Va. and thought to myself, “Are you ready to spend all day in RVA?”A smile leapt to my lips. This was going to be a fun day in Richmond, Va.First up was the 2nd Annual Shiver In The River from 10am-3pm. It’s touted as RVA’s Coolest Winter Festival and raises funds for Keep Virginia Beautiful, which does great work through organized clean ups of our great state, along with other outreach programs. The festival features a Clean Up campaign, a 5K race, and then culminates with a chilly Jump in the James River. Participates who wanted to Shiver In The River have to fund raise at least $75 for the honor. I’d pieced together $155 and was ready to go!Second up was the Coastals : Boats and Brews Film Fest, at 5:30pm, organized by Coastal Canoeists to raise funds for the James River Park System. The film fest is held at Hardywood Park Brewery and brings together Richmond’s paddling community for a fun night of beverages, food, and good films.That morning I lit out of Farmville later than I wanted and got into Richmond about 11:15 am. I walked down to Tredgar’s Iron Works and picked up my race packet and fundraising goodies, then hustled to get ready for the 5K race. I’ve been training for the Holiday Lake 50K, in February, for about 6 weeks. So I’d been running, but speed has not been a top priority. I was a little apprehensive. Plus, I hadn’t toed the line at a race in years. The last time I’d run in a crowd was April 2015, when I ran 50 miles, off the couch, in a 24 hour Cancer Run. It took my legs 7 months to recover from that. I spent the rest of 2015 focused on kayak fishing. But I determined that 2016 would be different. This year I would run more.Three hundred Shiver In The River runners and walkers lined up at 12 pm, ready for a 5K. The course looped through Brown’s Island, across the pedestrian bridge, across Belle Isle and then back across the bridge to the start. The race organizers warned us that mile 2, around Belle Isle was full of ice. The word “treacherous” got thrown around several times. I slid into the middle of the pack, knowing I was still out of shape. When the race began I instantly regretted my choice. I began weaving, trying to gain open ground, in as gracious a manner as I could. I crashed into a camera man tucked into the crowd within that first .5 miles. When we hit Brown’s Island it opened up and I was able to accelerate. But after crossing the pedestrian bridge, any speed was quickly shut down by the ice. Most of mile 2 was indeed a bit treacherous. But it was my second pass on the bridge that surprised me. When I hit it on the way back, I felt this queasy sensation. My head got extremely dizzy and I almost fell out. I thought something was wrong with me before realizing that the weight of all the runners and walkers crossing the bridge was causing it to sway. None of this seemed to bother the 18 year old kid who clocked 17:31 on his way to victory. Ultimately I finished 32nd overall, and 3rd in my age group. No blistering pace. No award worthy place. But I had a lot of fun, and it felt good to run.BV1Following the 5K, people started to show up, ready to spectate the jump in the James River. I ran into Ryan Corrigan from James River Association, and his wife Mackenzie, down at the ramp and playfully said that I was no longer as excited to jump in. But I was. So was everyone else. Shiver In The River was on!As the countdown to splash down wound down, I heard Mike Baum, of Keep America Beautiful, come over the megaphone, “Please don’t die.”And with that we all plunged in. The shock was real. The water temp was 36 degrees. It was cold. But I couldn’t shake the silly grin from my face as I Ric Flair’ed my way deeper into the water. Wooooo!unnamedBy all accounts, the Shiver In The River was a huge success in it’s second year. 400+ signed up for the Clean Up at 10am, , 300+ signed up to race the 5K at 12pm, and 200+ made the pledge to jump in the river at 1:30pm.Afterwards the crowd hung out at Tredgar’s and enjoyed music, beverages and food trucks into the afternoon. At this time Shiver In The River looks to have raised over $55,000 for Keep Virginia Beautiful, and while that money will go a long way, it was the smiles in the crowd that seemed to win the day. Good show RVA, I’ll be back to Shiver In The River for sure!In between events, I hit Alamo BBQ and Blue Bee Cidery. These are two of my favorite places in RVA, and must stops anytime I’m in town. The ‘que and the cider are exceptional. Next stop was Hardywood Brewery for Coastal Canoeists Boats and Brews Film Fest. The proceeds from this event go to the local James River Park System, which provides many with an outstanding recreational sanctuary on the doorstep of Richmond’s urban awesomeness. Inside the tasting room, RVA paddlers gathered. The atmosphere was warm with psyche and good vibes. A couple of vendors were on site including our friends from ACA Virginia.unnamed (1)There was a small screen in the side room with some tables, and a large screening area back with the beer barrels. Cooper Sallade, local Dagger Kayak Pro, and Ben Moore, local BIC SUP Pro, co-emceed the event and kept everyone engaged between film showings. A crowd favorite, and what I thought was the best film, came from Richmond’s own Tijo Media. It featured the hometown James River in all of it’s seasons, and showed what a glorious resource it is for recreation and meditation. The James River is the vein that pumps life’s blood into Richmond.Once again, I enjoyed hanging with the RVA paddling community. It is a spirited family, intent on celebrating and protecting the resources that feed their passion. Many of the films focused on that idea. It led me to ruminate on why paddlers, hikers, climbers, etc seem so keen to grab the podium and preach about the places we love.While scientists will give you detailed explanations about the consequences of our actions in relation to our environment, it is the outdoor enthusiast who often times fervently preaches the gospel of keeping that environment clean and all with their dogmatic believe in the therapeutic benefits of recreating in a clean and beautiful outdoor playground. It is that simple idea of play that drives it. We love to play. We love to play outside in beautiful places.These two events, Shiver In The River and Boats & Brews Film Fest, exemplify that passion.I often come to Virginia’s capital for a dose of city culture and to scratch my foodie itch, but this time, I took part in celebrating the abundant outdoor opportunity in Richmond. All day in RVA is darn good either way. Plus I got to race again. See ya out there![divider]related content[/divider]last_img read more

Chief Roy Strengthens Ties With Colombian Partners

first_imgBy Dialogo March 01, 2011 I find the idea of developing Colombia’s Noncommissioned Officers interesting and what is more surprising is that the Officers are willing to collaborate in this challenge, I would like for you to contact me so that I could share experiences aimed at strengthening the Non Commissioned Corps of Colombia as well as those of El Salvador. I appreciate your kindness. Sincerely, Sergeant Major, El Salvador Army Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force James Roy made history Feb. 1 to 4 as he visited Colombian military sites in the first official visit here by the top-ranking enlisted Airman of the United States. The purpose of the visit was two-fold – to reaffirm U.S. Southern Command’s (SOUTHCOM) commitment to a strong nation-to-nation partnership and to explore professional military education exchange opportunities between the United States and Colombian air forces. “Our two nations already have a partnership in combating narcotics trafficking, responding to natural disasters, and providing humanitarian assistance to those in need,” Chief Roy said while addressing 160 students at the Fuerza Aerea de Colombia Escuela de Suboficiales (ESUFA). Besides the ESUFA visit, Chief Roy also spoke with students and faculty at the International NCO Academy and the Sergeants Major Academy. He reinforced that strategic thinking at the NCO level was critical in promoting interoperability between partner nations. Chief Roy also shared his vision of deliberately developing enlisted leaders through a combined approach of experience, education and training. Gen. Julio Gonzalez Ruiz, Colombian Air Force Chief of Staff, said that NCOs need a larger leadership role for the U.S.-Colombian partnership to prosper. “For the last 15 years, we’ve been trying to empower our NCOs to have more responsibility,” General Ruiz said during a meeting with Chief Roy. “The culture in the Air Force here is changing, and I’ve seen improvements in the NCO corps. The relationship between our NCOs and officers is very similar to the United States. We need NCOs to guide the Air Force.” The U.S. Air Force already sends mobile training teams from the Inter American Air Force Academy to countries in Latin America. Spanish-speaking U.S. Airmen have begun attending the international NCO academy equivalent. Chief Roy spoke with top-ranking enlisted leaders in the Colombian Air Force, Army and Navy to gauge the effectiveness of the training and explore additional education exchanges for senior NCOs as well as NCOs. “The reason we are here today is to observe your program and perhaps send U.S. senior NCOs here to become your teammates in an educational environment,” Chief Roy said while addressing students at the Colombian Sergeants Major Academy. “I am excited about the opportunity to send students here in the future. I find a great deal of value in the cross-cultural exchange and certainly in the curriculum. “Our focus should be 15 to 20 years in the future, specifically targeting the deliberate development of our enlisted forces into capable leaders with a mutual understanding of each other’s culture and operational doctrine. We’re all Americans, and our countries have a responsibility to keep the Americas safe by partnering together,” he said. The Sergeants Major Academy is a joint endeavor between the Colombian armed forces and SOUTHCOM. Initially, SOUTHCOM funded the course and worked with Colombia on a curriculum that would most benefit their senior NCOs. Colombian officials embraced the concept and will begin independently conducting senior NCO training starting in 2012. “We have a good program here, thanks to (SOUTHCOM),” said Lt. Col. Diego Luis Villegas Munoz, director of Escuela de Misones Internacionales Y Accion Integral. “Not only are (U.S. liaisons) supervising the training, but they have made recommendations and are tracking our progress. This program has succeeded thanks to your support. We understand (U.S. Air Force) programs started many years ago, and we are striving to perform just as well.”last_img read more

Making room for the new generations

first_imgMillennials are now pretty firmly entrenched in the workforce and Gen Z is hot on their trail. These new generations of workers have brought new outlooks, perspectives, ideals and enhanced tech skills to the credit union industry.Millennials and Gen Z’s have grown up fully immersed in a technologically driven and connected world. They are used to instant communication and information at their rapidly-moving fingertips via texting, Instagram, SnapChat, and Skype. They are confident, fast paced and often feel entitled to quite a lot from their employers. When deciding on career opportunities, they value a sense of purpose, making an important contribution and work/life balance.Millennials and Gen Z’s seek flexible work schedules, benefits that enhance their quality of life, and frequent promotions. They do not buy into a “paying your dues” mentality for getting ahead. Given the rapid social and economic changes today, younger generations are not inclined to wait patiently for anything, including employer opportunities. Overall, this has reduced employer loyalty and long-term employee retention. And this is a problem for companies looking to find and keep top talent.So how do credit unions attract and retain this new workforce without compromising their values and established best practices?To start with, keep an open mind regarding your policies, procedures and benefit packages. Don’t get stuck in an old fashioned way of thinking that could keep you from retaining good people. Adapting to the current job market should have a positive impact not only on your new hires, but also your current staff and your bottom line.During the selection process, adopt a direct approach in interviews and use an employee behavioral assessment, like The Omnia Profile, to discover if the candidate is a good fit with your company culture. Discuss your credit union’s work culture and expectations. Review work hours, especially if there is limited flexibility. Ask questions that screen for work ethic as well as the values that align with your credit union’s mission.For example:What do you expect to get out of this job?After you’re hired, how do you plan to advance from this position to the next? What qualities and actions do you believe are necessary to continue moving up in this organization?Where do you see yourself in two/five/ten years? Explain how you’ll get there.How would you describe your ideal job? How do you define success? What qualifications do you have that will make you successful?What motivates you to go the extra mile on a project or job? Ask questions regarding preferred communication methods, work style, feedback and reward structure, and problem solving style to gauge how this fits within your organization. These generations are used to both giving and receiving constant feedback; think online reviews of purchases, books, movies and articles, as well as blogs and texting. Constant interaction is their way of life, and really it has become so for many of us as well. As a result, more people expect it from their work too.How do you primarily communicate with friends? How often?When you have a dilemma to solve, how do you approach it?How do you spend your free time? (Do you prefer doing things alone, with friends, or in bigger groups?)When you do an exceptional job, how do you want to be rewarded?Describe your ideal feedback scenario (i.e., format, frequency, who delivers it?)Describe the ideal work/life balance.Is the concept of “paying your dues” outdated? Why?If you are recruiting directly out of college, here are some questions that draw on the candidate’s experience as a student to help you determine future work habits.Why did you choose the courses you took? What 5 adjectives would your favorite professor use to describe you? Your least favorite professor? What was your most memorable classroom experience? How has your college experience prepared you for your career? What are two or three accomplishments that have given you the most satisfaction — and why? What was your favorite class — and why? What was your least favorite class — and why? What changes would you make in your college? What skills have you acquired from your internships and part-time jobs? Describe your favorite professor or favorite supervisor. Do you think your grades are a good indication of the type of employee you’ll make? Why?Look at these generations for new ideas and fresh perspectives that make sense for your organization. Think outside the box and adapt where feasible to stay competitive, current and to keep your employees engaged. 3SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Carolyn Eagen Carolyn Eagen is an Account Executive with Sogeti USA, a Capgemini Group Company. Carolyn and Sogeti help clients identify a best practice approach to complex business challenges through advanced technology … Web: Detailslast_img read more

Michael Owen’s Premier League predictions, including Manchester City v Arsenal and Leicester City v Manchester United

first_imgJames Ward-Prowse scored against Crystal Palace during the week (Getty Images)Two of the most improved sides in the division go head-to-head at Turf Moor although the Clarets will be disappointed to have dropped points from a 2-0 lead at Old Trafford for the second successive season.Only United (7) are on a longer unbeaten run in the Premier League than Burnley (5) but the Saints came from a goal down to pick up a point at home to Crystal Palace midweek and I feel this is a game that has draw written all over it.Michael’s prediction: Burnley 1-1 Southampton – odds at 11/2.Chelsea vs Huddersfield Town Troy Deeney will be looking to fire Watford past Brighton (Getty Images)Brighton must still be wondering how they let a two-goal lead slip at Fulham midweek while Watford were a goal up with ten minutes to go at Wembley and lost. I feel it will be the Hornets who bounce back and pick up all three points in what promises to be an entertaining game.A quick word on the evergreen Seagulls’ striker Glenn Murray whose brace at Craven Cottage ended a barren eight-game drought.He has scored with ten of the 17 shots he has had on target this season – that is some record.Michael’s prediction: Brighton 1-2 WatfordBurnley vs Southampton Michael Owen’s Premier League predictions, including Manchester City v Arsenal and Leicester City v Manchester United Denis Suarez is in line to make his debut for Arsenal (Getty Images)Strange as it seems, I wonder if City scored too early against Newcastle midweek?Whatever the reason for their lethargic almost complacent performance they never brought their ‘A’ game to St James’ Park although that shouldn’t take anything away from a terrific win for the Magpies.City have now lost three league games having taken the lead and, when the dust has settled on the 2018/19 Premier League season, that might just be the difference as to whether they retain their title or not.Arsenal were no match for City on the opening day of the season and I can’t see them stopping a City side who will have been wounded by their north-east reverse.Michael’s prediction: Man City 4-1 ArsenalWest Ham vs Liverpool Comment Michael OwenFriday 1 Feb 2019 9:30 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link58Shares Gonzalo Higuain is still looking for his first Chelsea goal (Getty Images)You must go back to 1996 for the last time Chelsea lost a Premier League game by a four-goal margin, but I expect the Blues to bounce back from their mauling at Bournemouth midweek against bottom of the table Huddersfield Town at Stamford Bridge.The Terriers have failed to score in their last five Premier League games and could not break down 10-man Everton at the John Smith’s Stadium earlier in the week. Things look bleak for new Town manager Jan Siewert although they certainly played with plenty of passion against Marco Silva’s side.Chelsea’ superior class to prevail.Michael’s prediction: Chelsea 2-0 Huddersfield TownAdvertisementAdvertisementCrystal Palace vs Fulham Heung-Min Son is Spurs’ talisman while Harry Kane is sidelined (Getty Images)Two late goals gave Spurs a welcome three points against Watford midweek and they have picked up four more points at this point of the season (24 games) than they have ever had at the corresponding stage of the Premier League – and they are still seven points behind leaders Liverpool.AdvertisementAdvertisementADVERTISEMENTThe Magpies gained a famous win at home to Manchester City on Tuesday when they played with great discipline and organisation and took their opportunities when they arose roared on by the Toon Army.United left nothing out on the St James’ Park pitch midweek, however, have lost their last seven games at Wembley and I think the hosts will keep the points in the capital.Michael’s prediction: Tottenham 2-0 Newcastle UnitedBrighton vs Watfordcenter_img Arsenal face Manchester City in the weekend’s big match (Getty / Metro)A number of surprise midweek results in the Premier League, but Liverpool extended their lead at the top of the table to five points after their draw with Leicester following Manchester City’s surprise defeat to Newcastle United on Tuesday evening.Once again Brand Ambassador Michael Owen shared his thoughts on all the weekend action exclusively with BetVictor.Tottenham vs Newcastle United Anthony Martial signed a new deal with Manchester United this week (Getty Images)Both sides came from behind to pick up a point midweek and Leicester impressed me enormously at Anfield where I felt they were good value for the draw.That said they have lost their last couple of home league games and I enjoy watching this new Manchester United side – something I couldn’t and wouldn’t have said earlier in the season.United have won their last five away games in all competitions and are clinical on the break.I feel the Red Devils will edge what promises to be a hugely entertaining game.Michael’s prediction: Leicester City 1-2 Manchester UnitedManchester City vs Arsenal Michy Batshuayi could make his debut for Palace (AMA/Getty Images)Palace must do without their talisman Wilfried Zaha who was sent off late in the game at St Mary’s earlier in the week, but I think they can show they are no one-man band and keep the points.Fulham came from two-down at halftime to beat Brighton midweek, but they continue to leak goals although they are likely to play their part in a cracking London derby.Michael’s prediction: Crystal Palace 2-1 FulhamEverton vs WolvesBoth sides gained valuable wins midweek with Everton grinding out a much-needed win at the John Smith’s Stadium.Wolves were more fluent in their 3-0 home win over West Ham and I feel they will get a result at what is sure to be a tense Goodison Park.The sides played out a thrilling 2-2 draw on the opening weekend of the season and I feel the points will again be shared on Saturday.Michael’s prediction: Everton 1-1 WolvesCardiff City vs BournemouthIt is sure to be an emotional Cardiff City Stadium. Neil Warnock said it had been the most difficult week of his managerial career prior to the Bluebirds trip to Arsenal midweek and it will be the first home game for the club since the plane flown by David Ibbotson and carrying striker Emiliano Sala went missing over the English Channel ten days ago.The Cherries stuck four past Chelsea midweek, but I don’t see a repeat in the Welsh capital where one goal might be enough.AdvertisementMichael’s prediction: Cardiff City 0-0 BournemouthLeicester City vs Manchester United Mohamed Salah has been in fine form for Liverpool (Getty Images)West Ham have lost their last four league games against Liverpool and conceded four goals in each of those losses, but they have won their last couple at the London Stadium and will be going all-out to put behind their recent away defeats at AFC Wimbledon and Wolves where they didn’t manage to muster a single shot on target.AdvertisementThe Reds will have been disappointed not to have taken full advantage of Manchester City’s slip-up at Newcastle against Leicester, but they are five points clear with fourteen games to go and the title is in their hands.I expect to see Jurgen Klopp’s side return to winning ways on Monday evening.Michael’s prediction: West Ham 1-3 LiverpoolMichael’s weekend wager: Man City, Chelsea and Spurs at 6/4Michael Owen is a BetVictor Brand Ambassador. For more tips read his column here.More: Manchester United FCRio Ferdinand urges Ole Gunnar Solskjaer to drop Manchester United starNew Manchester United signing Facundo Pellistri responds to Edinson Cavani praiseEx-Man Utd coach blasts Ed Woodward for two key transfer errors Advertisement Advertisementlast_img read more

Ontario Christian minister forced to conduct same-sex ‘marriages’

first_imgLifeSite News 11 Sep 2012A Church of Christ minister who has been responsible for civic marriage ceremonies at Cambridge city hall for the past 15 years is facing the axe if she doesn’t agree to perform same-sex “marriages.” Rev. Jay Brown told LifeSiteNews that city council voted 8 to 1 Monday night on a motion, brought forward by Councillor Donna Reid, that Brown be forced to officiate at homosexual “marriages” or they would issue a “request for proposal” to find a replacement. Rev. Brown explained that as a minister of the Church of Christ she must follow the precepts of her church, which does not allow homosexual “marriage,” but that she was always ready to accommodate same-sex couples by recommending a designated minister who would be happy to perform the ceremony. “I have nothing against gay people, in fact a member of my family is gay,” Brown said in an interview with LifeSiteNews, “but I represent my church, which does not allow same-sex marriage.” “My church won’t allow me to. I haven’t had to make that decision,” she said, adding that in the years since homosexual “marriage” was legalized in Canada she has been asked only a few times to perform same-sex “marriages.”….The Cambridge Record reports that Dana Christiaen of the region’s AIDS committee said that forcing ministers to perform same-sex weddings was a core issue for the gay and lesbian community, while homosexual activist Allison Rogers said allowing a different official to perform Cambridge’s same-sex weddings was “deplorable.” Christiaen’s comment reveals that the heart of the issue of “gay marriage” may be more than forcing a Christian minister to perform a function that is expressly forbidden by her church. Eric Metaxas of noted in an editorial that the push by homosexual activists for total acceptance of same-sex “marriage” is not about normalizing homosexuality but an attempt to destroy religious freedom and free speech rights. “Christians are often asked by gay activists why they oppose same-sex “marriage.” “How does our marriage hurt you?” they ask,” Metaxas wrote. “Well, I can think of one significant way it will hurt us: It will destroy religious freedom and free speech rights.” read more

Dominican Irwin LaRoque is the new CARICOM Secretary-General

first_img Share Share Sharing is caring! Ambassador Irwin LaRoque(CARICOM Secretariat, Turkeyen, Greater Georgetown, Guyana) Ambassador Irwin LaRocque has been selected to serve as the seventh Secretary-General of the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) by the Heads of Government. Ambassador LaRocque, 56, a national of Dominica replaces His Excellency Sir Edwin Carrington of Trinidad and Tobago.Ambassador LaRocque is the current Assistant Secretary-General for Trade and Economic Integration at the CARICOM Secretariat, having served in that post since September 2005.Ambassador LaRocque was educated at Queen’s College, and the New School for Social Research, both in New York and New York University, majored in Political Philosophy, Political Economics and Economics respectively.Prior to his appointment as Assistant Secretary-General, he served as Permanent Secretary in various Ministries in Dominica for more than fourteen years, including in the Ministries of Trade, Industry, Enterprise Development, Tourism, and Foreign Affairs, where he headed the diplomatic service. He also served as the principal advisor to the Government of Dominica on all matters pertaining to economic integration and regional and international trade.He was Dominica’s senior policy adviser on the revision of the original Treaty of Chaguaramas and served on the CARICOM Inter-Governmental Task Force which drafted the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas.Ambassador LaRocque has a wealth of experience in management, public administration, economic development, trade, foreign affairs and diplomacy. During the period when Dominica underwent a structural adjustment programme, Ambassador LaRocque was a member of the Cabinet-appointed Public Sector Reform Task Force, which included the private sector, trade unions and non-governmental organisations, with responsibility for the overall management, planning and performance review of the public sector reform process. He also served as the Chairman of the Consultative Working Group, a public/private sector consultative and advisory committee appointed by the Dominica Cabinet, with focus on the enabling environment for private sector development and growth.He has served on several Boards, including those of the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre, Caribbean Export, the Dominica Agricultural, Industrial and Development Bank, and the Dominica National Development Corporation.As Assistant Secretary-General, he has provided strategic leadership for the continuing implementation and further development of the CARICOM Single Market and Economy (CSME), as well as the Sectoral Programmes of the Community including agriculture, services, industry and energy.Ambassador LaRocque has managed diplomatic negotiations with third countries and international development partners which required political acumen for successful completion. He has testified, on behalf of the Community, before the US International Trade Commission on trade relations between the Caribbean and the US with emphasis on extending and expanding the Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI).He is currently the Co-Chair of the US-CARICOM Trade and Investment Council and is leading the negotiations with the United States Trade Representative Office for a new Trade and Investment Framework Agreement.He has gained considerable experience with the European arrangements through his involvement in developing and negotiating with the Commission of the European Union, development assistance under the European Development Fund.Ambassador LaRocque’s experience in national public sector reform will be critical in the reform and restructuring process of the CARICOM Secretariat, which is currently in progress.Ambassador LaRocque has served and had a close working relationship with several Prime Ministers of his homeland, and also in the Region by interacting with and providing advice to various Heads of Government and Cabinets in his capacity as Assistant Secretary General.CARICOM Chairman Honourable Dr Denzil Douglas, Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis in announcing the selection said: “My colleague Heads of Government and I believe that Ambassador LaRocque possesses the requisite skills of visionary leadership, courage and commitment required to guide the Community at this time of change and uncertainty.”Secretary-General-designate LaRocque in his reaction expressed his deep appreciation for the confidence reposed in him by the Heads of Government.“I am humbled and privileged for this opportunity to continue my service to the Governments and people of the Caribbean Community. As we strive towards the goal of a Community For All, the confidence of the Heads of Government, the support of the people of the Community and the committed staff of the CARICOM Secretariat are vital in achieving that objective.”Press ReleaseCARICOM Secretariat Tweetcenter_img 35 Views   no discussions Share LocalNewsRegional Dominican Irwin LaRoque is the new CARICOM Secretary-General by: – July 22, 2011last_img read more