GECOM must halt House-to- House Registration

first_imgDear Editor,The Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM), the main stakeholder responsible for conducting elections in Guyana, is on the verge of losing confidence from the people of Guyana if it doesn’t put a stop to House-to-House Registration and start preparing for Regional and General Elections by September 18, 2019.To begin with, I have seen that the Government’s Commissioners of GECOM are determined to have H2H Registration, saying that the National Assembly has already approved money for H2H Registration. However, I would like to draw to your attention that after that approval, the Government was faced with a No-Confidence Motion (NCM) on December 21, 2019, where it was defeated by a “majority” and as such, GECOM, by all means, should have started preparations for early elections as stipulated by the Constitution.In addition, the initiation of H2H Registration is also questionable due to the fact that it was directed by the Chief Elections Officer (CEO), whereas it should’ve been a decision made by the Commission, and at that time, GECOM was without a Chair.Furthermore, whilst some are questioning the validity of the current voters’ list, the CEO of GECOM clearly stated that the current voters’ list can be updated by having a period of Claims and Objections, which allow for those who are not registered to get registered and to remove names of dead persons, which in my opinion, is the right path to traverse due to the limited time available.Moreover, I would like to highlight to the general public that the H2H Registration can disenfranchise people from making the voters’ list by: i) Guyanese by birth who live abroad but are still citizens, ii) persons who may not be present at home at the time of the visit by the enumerator. For example, persons may be currently on vacation in another country or due to the fact that there is a lack of employment on the coastal areas of the country, there may be thousands working in the interior.I would like to further bring to your attention that H2H Registration is to create a National Register of registrants 14 years and above, and not a voters’ list.It, therefore, means that H2H Registration is an unnecessary activity aimed at disenfranchising eligible Guyanese and delaying tactics since based on GECOM’s timetable, H2H Registration will run into 2020, which will clearly lead to a non-adherence to the CCJ’s ruling and Article 106 (6), which states “The Cabinet, including the President shall resign if the Government is defeated by the vote of a majority of all the elected members of the National Assembly on a vote of confidence.” Article 106 (7) says “Notwithstanding its defeat, the Government shall remain in office and shall hold an election within three months, or such longer period as the National Assembly shall by resolution supported by not less than two-thirds of the votes of all the elected members of the National Assembly determine, and shall resign after the President takes the oath of office following the election.”In conclusion, I am calling on all Guyanese to boycott the illegal activation of H2H Registration, which is clearly designed to delay elections and deprive Guyanese of their democratic right to elect a Government of their choice.Sincerely,Ranjeev Singhlast_img read more

Ewe won’t baa-lieve it – Donegal has the most number of sheep in Ireland!

first_imgIt may come as no surprise to some but Donegal now officially has the largest number of sheep in Ireland.Ireland’s breeding ewe flock decreased by 3% in 2018 on 2017 levels, the latest sheep census figures from the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine show.But levels of sheep in Donegal are steady with a total of 504,408 followed by Mayo (418,361) and Galway (408,835). Kerry had the next greatest number (318,720). Meanwhile, Limerick had the lowest number (21,638).Due to its big sheep population, Donegal had the highest number of flocks (5,986), followed by Mayo (4,852) while Dublin had the least (201).Census returns show that in 2018 the number of breeding ewes in the country stood at 2.56 million compared to 2017, when there were 2.64 million breeding ewes.Ram numbers also decreased, compared to 2017 levels. The figures show that ram numbers were down 2.1% on 2017, with 2,681 fewer rams present on farms in 2018. In total, as of December 2018, Ireland had 3.73 million sheep (3,732,955) spread across 35,186 flocks, including 2.56 million breeding ewes over 12 months-of-age.There was an average of 106 sheep per flock in 2018, the census returns show.69% of flocks had below-average numbers, compared to 68% in 2017.Census forms for 2019 were sent to 45,432 registered flock-keepers on the department’s database. Returns were received from 40,891, representing a response rate of 90%.Ewe won’t baa-lieve it – Donegal has the most number of sheep in Ireland! was last modified: August 2nd, 2019 by StephenShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:donegaleweflockNumberssheeplast_img read more

South Africa is a top destination for asylum seekers

first_img13 November 2014South Africa has a commendable asylum policy that’s enshrines all the rights provided in the various United Nations conventions on refugees, according to a representative from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR).Speaking to the South African home affairs parliamentary committee on Tuesday, 12 November, UNHCR Regional Representative for Southern Africa Clementine Nkweta-Salami said South Africa has the third highest number of number of asylum seekers in the world after Germany and the US.Nkweta-Salami said there is an estimated 16.7-million refugees worldwide and 2.3-million of them are African. Among the 1.1-million asylum seekers 329 608 are African. A huge number of 33.3-million people were internally displaced in the home countries with 16.8-million displaced in African countries.Afghanistan, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Myanmar, Iraq, Colombia, Vietnam and Eritrea top the list of refugee-producing countries in the world.South Africa currently harbours more than 70 000 refugees, most of whom are from Zimbabwe, the DRC and Ethiopia. These refugees are afforded all the basic rights such as freedom of movement and access to social services, despite South Africa facing challenges of unemployment, poverty, economic inequality and service delivery, according to Nkweta-Salami.“[This] puts refugees and asylum seekers in conflict with host populations (who are) fuelling xenophobia.“The high numbers of applications, backlogs and abuse of the system by migrants who have no other immigration alternatives affect the quality and efficiency of the refugee status determination process,” Nkweta-Salami said.There are areas where South Africa can improve handling of refugees, though. Nkweta-Salami said there is usually allegations of illegal detention of migrants by South Africa, especially at the Lindela repatriation camp, and unsanitary conditions at Cape Town’s refugee centre.In addition, South Africa can improve on its refugee status determination process and stop the closure of refugee reception centres in some of the major urban centres. Another area of concern was South Africa’s plans to process new arrivals at the border post, according to Nkweta-Salami.Parliament can assist in the protection of refugees in the country, Nkweta-Salami said, by educating the broader public and doing oversight visits to refugee reception centres.SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

The First 30 Days of Reintegration – Part 3 of 4: Working on Relationships

first_imgThis is the third in a series of four blogs focusing on the reintegration journey of one Air Force Couple and their family.  Hopefully you have had the opportunity to read and reflect on the first two blogs in the series: The Honeymoon Phase and Establishing New Routines.This blog, which includes days 15-22, highlights the necessity of Working on Relationships following a deployment.  Watch for the range of emotions experienced by all family members, conflicts experienced, and efforts to work as a team.  During this time period, the couple ran a half marathon together.  Think about how a deployment and reintegration may be similar to running a marathon – both require preparation and planning. Both also involve preserving together to overcome grueling challenges.—————Day 15 – HerI wish I had more to talk about on our day 15 back together but we were the perfect boring normal family. Had a picnic for lunch, and grilled for dinner. We did stay home from the farmer’s market at the beach because my allergies were too bad. I’m telling you the struggle is real! I packed the kids for a sleepover at a friend’s house while hubby and I run a half marathon this weekend. The half marathon was something we signed up for before he left for his deployment. It was something we could focus on other than how long we have been apart. It’s surreal to finally be running.Day 15 – HimI’m finding that wife and I are starting to disagree more, which it sort of seems like where we were at before I left. Disagreements are usual amongst couples, but I don’t want to argue at all. There are just some things I say and the way I say them that sparks a conversation which eventually leads to a disagreement. I feel like I’m working on trying to better understand her while I certainly see her trying as well. There have been a few occasions now where she has let things go that she would have used to jump on and drive her point home. I hope I don’t make it sound like it happens all the time, because it really only has been a few times now, I just want to make sure that it doesn’t progress into something more. Communication has never been my strong suit, so this is something I’m really going to focus on, not just for these first thirty days home, but for the rest of our lives together.Day 16 – Her We are getting some more time way from the kids tonight. A whole night!!! Friends are letting our kids sleep over so we could come to the half marathon tomorrow. We are only a hour and half away, but it’s still a getaway. I have done runs and marathons but my hubby isn’t able to do them as much as me. It’s nice to accomplish to do together. To me it’s a team thing. I feel like we work together and finish together. I don’t think it’s a cure all in our relationship, but sometimes when we come to a road block in our disagreements remembering that we jumped over fire together once in a mud run makes it seems so small.Day 16 – HimToday has flown by and what a day it has been! I was so taken back by watching both my older two test and earn their next higher belts in Taekwondo. This was up there with some of the proudest moments I’ve ever shared with my children. I’m so proud of their discipline and dedication to their art. An overwhelming sense of pride came over me when each of them ceremoniously tore open their new belts to signify that they have mastered one skill level and had graduated to another. The day didn’t stop there either. My wife and I both signed up for a half marathon that we will be running tomorrow, so immediately following class, we picked up a few essentials from the house, dropped the kids off with the sitters, and headed to registration. I was so relieved to find that this race was very organized and we didn’t have to wait long to pick up our race packets/shirts. We ended the night having a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. I can’t wait to see how tomorrow plays out.Day 17 – HerWe ran a half marathon. It was a lot of fun. Even better to run it with my bff hubby. He helped motivate me when I was struggling. I didn’t train as hard as I should of but I found it hard to with the kid’s schedules. But we stayed together the whole 13.1 miles. I say it was a day full of accomplishments! Complete win.Day 17 – Him It was an early start for a very exciting day! We spent the night at a nearby hotel so we could wake up close to the race. This was my first half marathon and my wife’s second. I kept asking her some questions from her experience and she had some great tips. It was a very challenging run since neither of us really trained for it. I worked out while I was deployed more so than I did before I left, but I wasn’t quite as motivated to run. My wife, on the other hand, was home dealing with everything I left behind on top of three children, so I can understand why she wasn’t able to train as much as she wanted to. Despite these setbacks, we persevered together and overcame a grueling 13.1 miles that helped draw us even closer to one another with our shared experience. I truly felt blessed to have gone through the pain and suffering, so long as I went through it with my soul mate.Day 18 – HerI was joking today, that I feel like I have gained ten pounds in the last two weeks celebrating hubby coming home. But then I stepped on a scale and found it not as funny. It took very little convincing to get hubby on board with a new menu to make every day. No more donuts for breakfast or Nutella filled crescents. Hubby sat down and really helped our son with his homework. I was very proud to see them together. Our son has always attached himself a little more to me. Little buddy likes his man time but will always come back for cuddles with me. We did have a down part of the day with some disappointing news. Hubby’s father was in the hospital again with heart problems. I don’t feel like I said anything right but I wanted to be there for my hubby. I went right to the Internet to google what could be done and found encouraging news from others that have gone through the same thing. I felt selfish because all I could think about is how I need to take better care of my hubby because of his family history I don’t want to lose him. I quickly went to the no red meat, lowering our salt, gluten free, I will make you live forever because I can’t live without you speech. I just want to live a long and healthy life with that man and I can’t see myself without him.Day 18 – HimI woke up today with some bad news. I felt distraught to hear from my mom that my dad had to go to the hospital again for the second time in three weeks. He was just admitted a few weeks earlier for pneumonia, which they also had to remove fluid from his lungs. This time there was too much fluid around his heart. I’m extremely worried that he won’t stop smoking or start eating healthier, as recommended by his doctor. He’s always been stubborn and I don’t see him changing his ways this late in life. He’s already had two heart attacks during his late 40s and early 50s. Even then, he continued to smoke even though my Mom actually quit as a result. I was very blessed to have my wife to support me after hearing this news. She sat outside of the shower while I tended to my thoughts and even looked up helpful stories of other patients who found ways to get better, despite their diagnosis. She’s such an amazing woman. I’m glad to have her by my side when I face this discouraging fact. I will spend my days trying to convince that man he needs to change his habits if he wants to live a longer and more healthy life.Day 19 – Her(no post)Day 19 – HimOur middle child spiked a fever last night, so we decided to make him a pallet on the floor in our bathroom to make it easier for him to go. At the same time he was also coughing real bad, so I gave him medicine for both. I checked in on him a few times throughout the night and into morning. I gave him water to complement his meds as well as a cold wash cloth to keep on his head. I did this again around 5am, but this time he didn’t want to lay in his pallet of blankets anymore so I offered him a spot in our bed next to me so he could get a little more comfortable. He must have woke up again sometime a little after 6:30am with my wife since it was a school day and that’s when her alarm goes off. I didn’t hear it since I was exhausted from waking up so often. My son was so appreciative of what I did for him, that he made me breakfast in bed! He asked my wife to make me coffee while he made me two pieces of toast with butter, cereal, an apple, as well as a banana. It was indescribable; the feeling that came over me when my wife told me it was all his idea. I couldn’t believe how generous he was when all I did was what my wife had done so many times before. I’m sure he would have done the same thing for her if I were here instead of overseas, but since we were both here, he felt he could do something in return. I am extremely blessed and that one experience has made my entire day.Day 20 – HerLast night I didn’t want to write because I was mad, frustrated, and jealous. My son gave a wonder gift to Hubby/Daddy to say thank you for taking care of him. I was so jealous. After that I let every little thing get to me. The peak of anger came when my kids fever came back hubby didn’t even think twice about it, the obvious thing to do was leave the sick kids with me while he went to the movies. Probably feeling a little nervous I was mad called me on his way to the movies to say he would take care of the chores when he got home. I went to bed angry and a sink full of dishes. In the morning I woke up to find the promises were not kept and I did the dishes. Angrier now he started to pick up on it and started to roll his eyes at me whenever I spoke to him. I couldn’t even talk to him about our oldest birthday party without feeling like I had to be on the defensive. I tried to suck it up and not be mad. But I was and jealous. I told him got eye rolling again. Then I gave him a gift, a book I wrote. He did say sorry. It was still a grumpy day but its ending better.Day 20 – HimLast night after such an amazing start to my day, I ended up taking my oldest daughter out on a “mini-date”. After her martial arts class, we went to the movies. It was a nice way to end the day and give me some one-on-one time with her. Today was a bit different however. My wife and I got into a disagreement over whether I was playing favorites with the older two since I would punish my son on the spot versus how I treat my oldest. I explained my thought process on why I didn’t immediately punish my daughter for something I told her to wait to do, but my wife took it as an excuse. I didn’t particularly like the way it was brought up, so I became withdrawn and didn’t really want to talk to her right afterwards. It wasn’t until she gave me my anniversary gift early did I turn my feelings toward her around. I loved her thoughtfulness and was taken back by the kind words she had written about me in a book she had made for me. I apologized for the way I had acted earlier in the day, but I don’t think that saying sorry at that moment really won my wife over since I should have done it sooner. Regardless, she accepted and I tried to be nicer to her throughout the rest of the day. I never want to hurt her or make her upset, but there are times where I say something or do something that irritates her and we start to fight because I don’t like how she reacts to certain things. I’m not perfect, but I want to keep working on finding what that feels like. My wife and I ended our day on a good note and I really hope I can keep the momentum up throughout the rest of this week we have together.Day 21 – HerWe celebrated our anniversary last night. We were extra sweet to each other. We didn’t spend a ton of money on each other’s gifts; instead we made each other’s gifts. We felt it was more honest and romantic that way. It was a great day.Day 21 – HimI had an absolutely great day today. My wife and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary today. We decided this year that instead of buying each other gifts we would make each other something that was very special to us. She got me one of the best gifts I could ask for. I decided to make her a movie of our first 10 years together. She absolutely loved it. We decided to stay in with one another and enjoy each other’s company today and we’ll go out tomorrow to celebrate. We shared a few memories together and the day was filled with nothing but laughs and good times. It was a great day we’ll look back years from now to enjoy.Day 22 – HerI was completely impressed with my husband. We booked a dinner cruise for a romantic, ten year anniversary date. He stayed cool, calm and dashing all night long. Me on the other hand had a few mentions of panic when I realized that there was a prom night going on at the same time. Lucky it was on another boat. It was sweet of him to step out of his comfort zone and dance with me. I really appreciated all the extra patience and love he showed me.Day 22 – HimOur anniversary was yesterday, but we decided to go out to celebrate today. We decided to book us a dinner cruise. It was a new experience for us and thought it would be really romantic. My wife was really excited and took her time getting ready since she was looking forward to it. I tried cleaning up around the house, a little more than normal, so that we wouldn’t have to worry about it when we came back. We even got a babysitter who was willing to swing by early at the last minute so we could take our time getting to the boat. I’m certainly glad we left when we did. Our romantic experience was not off to a good start when we got to the parking lot and was at a complete standstill in traffic. People were inconsiderate and parking their cars in the road while they got out to either drop-off or pick up their passengers. To make matters worse, there was only one way into the lot itself, and you had to drive past it first, turn around, then pull in. Needless to say we couldn’t wait to get out of there! Finally on the cruise, we started to enjoy ourselves. It was a very nice experience. We sat to ourselves and just talked about whatever came up. We walked around the deck and took in the sights. Later into the cruise we were treated to an anniversary dance. The best part was that the live band actually played our wedding song! That was the cherry on top of an already great evening. I would say, despite the parking, this was a very successful and memorable night.——————Please share your thoughts in the comment box below about this third blog.  What implications do you see for your role as a Military Family Service Professional?  What resources or strategies might be helpful for families?Watch for Part 4 of 4 of this reintegration blog series, Importance of Support Network & Keeping Things in Perspective, which will be posted in one week.To learn more about current research related to reintegration, issues military families face during reintegration, as well as how these findings may impact programs and policies check out this archived webinar, “The Experience of Reintegration for Military Families and Implications for DoD” held mid-May.MFLN Family Transitions Development provides education, resources and networking opportunities for professionals working with military families to build resilience and navigate life cycle transitions. Find out more about the Military Families Learning Network Family Transitions on our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.last_img read more

Mehbooba calls for restraint by forces

first_imgJammu and Kashmir Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti on Sunday asked the security forces “to exercise maximum restraint while operating in provocative situations”, as a shutdown and street violence continued to disrupt life in the Valley.“The security forces should exercise maximum restraint and follow strictly the standard operating procedure,” said Ms. Mufti, while condemning the killing of PDP worker Bashir Ahmad.The shutdown call by separatists against the killing of a civilian in BSF firing on Sunday brought life to a standstill in the Valley. According to the police spokesman, a mob assembled in Shopian’s Heff village as the security forces were launching a cordon and search operation. “The militants fired at the security forces. Later, they took advantage of the mob and escaped,” said the spokesman.On Sunday evening, a petrol bomb was hurled at a security forces’ patrol in Srinagar’s Rainawari area. However, no casualty was reported.College closedThe authorities on Sunday decided that the Pulwama Degree College, will be closed on Monday and Tuesday, where over 50 students were injured in clashes with security forces on Saturday.In another incident, one person was killed and another injured after unidentified men opened fire on them in Pulwama district last night, police said.Gunmen kill one The gunmen entered the house of Bashir Ahmad Dar on Saturday night and fired at him and his cousin Altaf Ahmad Dar, leaving them injured, a police official said. Bashir was declared brought dead at a hospital.last_img read more

SportingPulse Website Changes

first_imgThese new changes are a mix of front-end and back-end changes, meaning some will be visible to all site users, while others will be noticeable only to website editors – and SportingPulse hopes they are positively embraced by our community of grassroots sport users.Please click on the following attachment or the following link for more information. Related Filesmore_website_changes_go_live_-pdflast_img

Video: Braxton Miller Hauls In A Football One-Handed While Holding 5 Other Footballs

first_imgBraxton Miller making an amazing one-handed catch.Braxton Miller One-HandedUpdate: Miller posted a video on his own account from a different angle. Earlier: Any concerns over Braxton Miller’s hands following his move to wide receiver could likely be alleviated by watching this video from the Ohio State football Instagram account. In the clip, Miller fields a ball launched from a JUGS machine while holding five other footballs. Ohio State deleted the post for some reason, but For The Win put it on YouTube. Yea, looks like he’s going to adjust just fine. [ For The Win ]last_img

Peace Region forecasted to experience milder winter season

first_imgThis year we will experience a weak El Nino, combined with the Blob ( an area of warmer water temps found in the North Pacific). This means El Nino delivers Pacific air to Western Canada instead of Arctic air (warmer) and the presence of the Blob causes the jet stream to track further north. These two working together give the signal of milder weather.This season, mild Pacific air will be more dominant then cold Arctic air and precipitation should be closer to normal amounts of 190 cm of snow and not the 340 cm received last year.“For the next 7-10 days will be quiet with temperatures going up and down, these are considerably milder days with no severe cold spells as there is a lack of persistent Arctic air,” said Gillham. FORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – This winter season will be milder than normal temperatures, forecasted as a whole for the region.“Compared to the severity of previous winters this winter will be a bit gentler than normal,” said Doug Gillham, Meteorologist for the Weather Network.To forecast weather, Meteorologists use computer models that are designed to simulate dominant jet stream patterns globally for that upcoming season. By looking back to the past for similar patterns and then applying what happened during that winter, comparing the influence of El Nino and La Nina produces weather forecasts.last_img read more

Police probing whether robbery of Rs 14 crore was preplanned

first_imgNew Delhi: Delhi Police is probing all relevant angles in the daylight robbery case where a Chandni Chowk-based businessman and his son were robbed at gunpoint near a crowded fruit market in Pitampura, according to police officials.When asked whether the robbery could have been pre-planned, police said they are not ruling out any possibility. The robbery, which seemed to be planned in advance took place around 7 pm, when the victims, Vinod Garg and his son Varun were on their way back home from their shop in Naya Bazar with Rs 1.4 crore in cash. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderAccording to a complaint registered by Varun, a bike overtook them around 7pm and stopped in front of their car, following which the pillion rider got off and asked for the bag of money from Varun, who was driving with the window rolled down. When he claimed to not know what he was talking about, the accused pointed a gun at Varun through the window and demanded the cash. Varun added that in the meantime, two men on another bike arrived at the scene and asked both him and his father to get out of the car. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchingsAfraid for their lives, both victims followed what they were told and got out of the vehicle. By the time Varun called the police and crime teams reached the spot, one of the accused had driven off in his car and the rest had fled the scene on their motorcycles. The incident took place on a busy street near a local fruit market. Police later recovered the victim’s car, which was abandoned by the accused at a nearby spot. While registering the complaint at the Rani Bagh police station, Varun said he will be able to identify his alleged assailants if shown photographs. Police are also reviewing CCTV footage from the area. In addition to the team from Rani Bagh police station, special staff in the district and some crime branch officials are also involved in the investigations. A case against the accused assailants has been registered at the Rani Bagh police station under sections 392/397/34 of the Indian Penal Code.last_img read more