The influence of substorms on extreme rates of change of the surface horizontal magnetic field in the United Kingdom

first_imgWe investigate how statistical properties of the rate of change R of the surface horizontal magnetic field in the United Kingdom differ during substorm expansion and recovery phases compared with other times. R is calculated from 1‐min magnetic field data from three INTERMAGNET observatories—Lerwick, Eskdalemuir, and Hartland and between 1996 and 2014—nearly two solar cycles. Substorm expansion and recovery phases are identified from the SuperMAG Lower index using the Substorm Onsets and Phases from Indices of the Electrojet method. The probability distribution of R is decomposed into categories of whether during substorm expansion and recovery phases, in enhanced convection intervals, or at other times. From this, we find that 54–56% of all extreme R values (defined as above the 99.97th percentile) occur during substorm expansion or recovery phases. By similarly decomposing the magnetic local time variation of the occurrence of large R values (>99th percentile), we deduce that 21–25% of large R during substorm expansion and recovery phases are attributable to the Disturbance Polar (DP)1 magnetic perturbation caused by the substorm current wedge. This corresponds to 10–14% of all large R in the entire data set. These results, together with asymptotic trends in occurrence probabilities, may indicate the two‐cell DP2 magnetic perturbation caused by magnetospheric convection as the dominant source of hazardous R > 600 nT/min that is potentially damaging to the U.K. National Grid. Thus, further research is needed to understand and model DP2, its mesoscale turbulent structure, and substorm feedbacks in order that GIC impact on the National Grid may be better understood and predicted.last_img read more

Watch Phil Lesh Join Gordon, Russo, Anastasio, Benevento (G.R.A.B.), On This Day In ’06

first_imgWith the exciting announcement of Benevento Russo Duo’s return in early 2017, we couldn’t help but pay homage to one of that band’s most exciting tours, which began today in 2006. The duo brought on Phish members Mike Gordon and Trey Anastasio, calling themselves G.R.A.B., and touring for all to enjoy their elite musical fusion.On the anniversary of G.R.A.B.’s tour debut, watch some great footage of G.R.A.B. with legendary Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh. Lesh joined in for a rockin’ version of “Casey Jones,” backed by an all-star ensemble. Of course, Joe Russo would go on to join Lesh in Furthur, and Anastasio would link up with Furthur at LOCKN’ in 2013. Lots of history here.Check out the video of the all-star “Casey Jones” from Bonnaroo 2006, below, courtesy of LOCKN’.last_img read more

Body Found in Missing Syosset Woman’s Car, Cops Say

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Jasmine JosephA dead female body was found inside a parked car belonging to a 22-year-old Syosset woman who was reported missing two weeks ago, Nassau County police said.A police spokeswoman confirmed that police found and impounded Jasmine Joseph’s gray Nissan Altima from a parking lot at the corner of Jericho Tunpike and Cedar Street in Syosset at about 12:23 a.m. Tuesday.The spokeswoman could not confirm that the body found inside the car was Joseph despite the fact that the department sent an email blast to members of the media saying that she was found. The email did not specify Joseph’s condition.The NYIT student was last heard from when she called her parents on the afternoon of Feb. 24 to tell them that she was studying at the college’s Old Westbury campus library, police have said. Joseph reportedly hadn’t been enrolled at the college since May 2013.The unidentified body found in the car was taken to the Nassau Medical Examiner’s office, where an autopsy will be conducted to determine the identity and cause of death.Homicide Squad detectives are continuing the investigation.last_img read more

Under The Sun Tour Lights Up The Paramount in Huntington [Concert Review]

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York The second annual ’90s nostalgia train aptly named the “Under the Sun Tour,” co-headlined by multi-hit wonders Smash Mouth, Uncle Kracker, Sugar Ray and Blues Traveler, shook The Paramount to its core on July 29th, delivering an electrifying barrage of number-one hits, fan favorites and new jams that kept the energy level high throughout the evening.Testament to the tour’s draw, although it was a Tuesday night, all the surrounding parking lots and streets were jam-packed with carloads of antsy time-travelers waiting to be transported back to the days of MTV and VH1.First up to set the tone that would carry on throughout the whole show were late ’90s hit-single slingers Smash Mouth. In the standing-room only section of the theater, tons of patrons filed in tightly toward the front of the stage. After opening with their cover of the 1967 song “Can’t Get Enough of You Baby,” the party-time atmosphere was thick with memories and there was no turning back.“Unbelievable!” exclaimed longtime fan Kelly Holst. “They rocked it!”“It was like THIS,” declared his unnamed buddy, proceeding to jump up and down.Next to step to the plate was Uncle Kracker, who fired off a playful mix of covers, hit singles of the ’90s, and guiltily cheated the tour intention a bit with his 2009 single “Smile.” He creatively toyed with his breakout single “Follow Me” by mashing it up with AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long” to kick off his hour, and followed it in similar fashion for the remainder.A delightful sing-along ensued at the first chord strum of “Drift Away,” as expected. Then shoving all egos further aside, Uncle closed it out with fellow summertime hit singer Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” to readily prepare the audience for upcoming kings of summer, Sugar Ray.Once Sugar Ray’s forever-handsome front man Mark McGrath emerged, it was impossible not to take notice of his outfit choice—a clear homage to the Sugar Ray image he’d painted nearly two decades ago. Donning his usual blonde spiked hair, black short-sleeved button down collared shirt, form-fitting black jeans, bright red sneakers, and his signature jet-black sunglasses, he could have just as easily been ready for a TRL interview.Still, Sugar Ray isn’t ready to hang up their recording jackets just yet, because they began their otherwise nostalgia-ridden set with a new jam called “Summertime’s Coming,” which plays to all Sugar Ray’s established strengths: a laid-back summertime tune laced with happy guitar chords and hyper-catchy lyrics about girls in bikinis.Much like his ability to make women swoon, McGrath’s energy has yet to wither, even slightly. He ran nonstop laps to and fro, stopping only to hop up on speakers and shake his behind to every Sugar Ray classic, including: “Someday,” “Do It Again,” “Every Morning, When It’s Over,” and of course, “Fly.” Ironically enough, perhaps the highlight of the night as a whole was when they performed “Blister in the Sun” by the Violent Femmes. The place went bananas. McGrath later nodded to the bulk demographic of his audience “You can’t have the ’90s without the ’80s!”After three high-energy set lists, it was hard to fathom another. Then Blues Traveler happened. Singer and harmonica player John Popper was sure to display his genius, captivating an exhausted room straight away with his fast talk and unimaginable harmonica wails in a rendition of “Devil Went Down to Georgia.”Once the Dosey Does subdued, they carried on in true Under The Sun Tour fashion with the hits, playing ’93’s “Run Around” to a warmed-up and possibly liquored-up mass begged an enthusiastic response, and “The Hook,” which had folks giggling as they fumbled through the fast-talked lyrics of another time.Each set list was around an hour long and not one summer hit of the Nineties was spared. The between-periods were reminiscent of an NHL line change: smooth, efficient and swift, leaving just enough time to run to one of the three surrounding bars for a drink. After all, it was a Tuesday night, and workday bedtimes were acknowledged. Thanks for that, guys.For more information on future shows at The Paramount in Huntington, check out their page in The Island Earlast_img read more

CDC begins sharing flu virus genetic data

first_imgAug 23, 2006 (CIDRAP News) – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has published the genetic blueprints for more than 650 influenza virus genes to launch a new data-sharing program intended to stimulate influenza research.In collaboration with the Association of Public Health Laboratories (APHL), the CDC will release genetic information on several hundred flu virus samples from US patients each year, the agency said yesterday in a news release.The genetic sequence data will include seasonal flu viruses, any animal flu viruses that infect humans, and any emerging strains, such as H5N1, officials said.The information will be deposited in two databases: GenBank, a public library of virus sequences managed by the National Institutes of Health, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory Influenza Sequence Database.Until now, the sequence data were available only to a few flu researchers who work with the World Health Organization (WHO) to recommend which viruses should be included in flu vaccines. “The sequence data will now be available through GenBank to anyone with Internet access,” the CDC said.The genetic data shed light on a virus’s origin and relationship to other flu viruses. Scientists can use the information to help determine whether a virus is susceptible to antiviral drugs and whether it is evolving in a way that would make it more contagious, possibly setting the stage for a pandemic, the CDC said.The withholding of genetic data on H5N1 viruses has drawn criticism in recent months. In July, virologists quoted in a Nature article complained that Indonesia’s and other countries’ refusal to share H5N1 data was hindering scientists’ understanding of the virus.The CDC said it has been working with the WHO to encourage countries with H5N1 avian flu to share their data. “After the Indonesian government recently agreed to make available the sequences for viruses from Indonesian bird flu patients, CDC placed total genome sequences for over 40 H5N1 viruses into a public-access database,” the agency said.CDC hopes to set example”We hope these initiatives will set the stage for other countries to adopt similar approaches to the release of influenza virus sequence data that they manage,” Dr. Nancy Cox, director of the CDC’s Influenza Divison, commented in the news release.The APHL, which consists mainly of state and local laboratory officials, gained approval from all 50 state labs to release sequence data from flu viruses tested in the labs, the CDC said.  State labs subtype flu viruses and submit some of them, including any unusual ones, to the CDC for further characterization.Under the new agreement, if the CDC identifies a new strain, the state lab that submitted it will be notified before the sequence data are posted in GenBank or the Los Alamos database, officials said.APHL President Dr. Jane Getchell said in the CDC statement, “State health department laboratories analyze and subtype thousands of influenza viruses each year. If a novel virus is out there, we will likely be the first to detect it. This is why public health labs are a critical part of our country’s early warning system for pandemic influenza, and why this collaboration with CDC is so important.”WHO explains steps for releasing H5N1 dataIn related news, the WHO today issued a brief explanation of how it works for the public release of H5N1 virus sequences—while downplaying somewhat the importance of such data.The agency said the sequencing of H5N1 viruses is done collaboratively by labs in countries with H5N1 outbreaks and the international network of H5 reference labs coordinated by the WHO. The agency explained that it needs permission from the source country to publish the sequence data.”WHO seeks to facilitate the timely release of sequence data to the public domain,” the statement said. “Formal procedures exist by which the WHO reference laboratory initially informs the originating laboratory of sequence results and simultaneously requests permission to place these results in the public domain. In the event of a negative reply or no reply, WHO directly approaches the Ministry of Health in the originating country, requesting authorization to release sequence data.”While genetic sequencing is important for developing vaccines and monitoring drug resistance, the WHO said, epidemiology is the primary tool for spotting changes in the H5N1 virus. “Epidemiological findings remain the most important alert to changes in the virus that indicate improved transmissibility among humans,” the agency said.See also:Aug 22 CDC statement about flu virus sequences 12 CIDRAP News story “Report: H5N1 mutated rapidly in Indonesian cluster” 23 WHO statement about procedures for releasing H5N1 sequencesGenBank homepage Alamos National Laboratory Influenza Sequence Database homepage read more

10 dead in Nigeria as boat capsizes: Govt agency

first_imgTen people were killed, five rescued and four others went missing when a passenger boat capsized in Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos, a government agency said on Saturday.The boat was heading to Badagry from the Kirikiri area of the city late Wednesday when it sank in heavy currents, the Lagos State Waterways Authority (LASWA) said in a statement.”A total of 19 persons were involved in the incident; five were rescued with 10 persons confirmed dead and four passengers still unaccounted for,” the agency said. It said most of the passengers were not wearing life jackets, contrary to maritime safety regulations.Read also: 10 missing after fishing boat capsizes off Indonesia”LASWA has apprehended the boat captain and has handed him over to marine police for further investigation and sanctions,” it said. “The emergency and regulatory authorities are still on a search and rescue operation,” it added.Boat accidents are common in Nigeria because of over-loading, disregard of safety guidelines, lack of maintenance and bad weather.Last month, dozens of passengers were killed when their overcrowded boat capsized in the central Benue state.A day earlier, seven people had died in Ikorodu, outside Lagos, when their boat sank following heavy rains.Topics :last_img read more

Turkey begins life under strict social media rules

first_imgTurkey on Thursday enters a new era of tight social media restrictions that threaten to erase the local presence of Facebook and Twitter should they fail to take down contentious posts.The legislation was rammed through parliament by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s ruling AKP party and follows the government’s crackdown on opposition newspapers and television channels.Facebook’s human rights officer Iain Levine tweeted that it “raises many concerns [about] human rights”. But while fearful, free speech advocates are not certain whether Erdogan’s government will be able to implement the law’s most punitive measures — or if social media companies will ever fully comply.”We believe that these days it’s really impossible in a country like Turkey to suppress social media — it is so much a part of people’s lives,” said Emma Sinclair-Webb, the Turkey director of Human Rights Watch.Under the new rules, platforms with more than one million daily users must open offices in Turkey that can deal with local court decisions to remove offending content within 48 hours.If not, they face advertising bans, fines of up to 40 million Turkish lira ($5.1 million), and — crucially — bandwidth reductions of up to 90 percent, making the platforms effectively unusable. ‘Twitter schmitter!’-Erdogan has made no secret of his disdain for social media, although his @RTErdogan Twitter account has 16.7 million followers. “Twitter schmitter!” he declared in 2014, vowing to “wipe all of these” platforms out.He followed through on his threat by briefly unplugging Twitter and YouTube ahead of local elections later that year which came during an online audio tapes scandal implicating his inner circle in an alleged corruption scandal.”The objective of the law is to threaten social media companies with a comply-or-die message,” Sinclair-Webb told AFP.Access to websites and content has already been partially restricted in the nation of 83 million people.Twitter last year listed Turkey — along with Russia and Japan — among the top three countries responsible for 86 percent of all requests to take down posts.Privacy rights advocate Sevket Uyanik said Turkey had blocked access to 408,000 websites, 40,000 tweets, 10,000 YouTube videos and 6,200 Facebook posts by the end of 2019.”When this is already the case, imagine what it will be like after October 1,” Uyanik told AFP.Both Facebook and Twitter refused to comment when asked by AFP if they would comply with the new rules. They also require social media companies to “take necessary measures” to store user data locally, although binding legislation to that effect was taken out of the final version of the draft law passed in July.center_img ‘Not popular’Erdogan is openly suspicious of the internet and once branded Twitter a “menace” for helping mobilize 2013 anti-government protests which threw up one of the biggest challenges to his party’s rule.Many Turks, especially the young, get much of their news on social media since most of the regular news outlets are owned or controlled by pro-government companies.”There are a lot of cases of domestic violence against women and murders that we don’t see on TV,” Ayse Nur Akyuz, a model and self-described “influencer” with 47,000 Instagram followers, told AFP.”News about them spreads on social media in five minutes.”Everyone from high school students, cartoonists and reporters to a former Miss Turkey model have landed in court for tweets and other social media posts deemed offensive to the president.The new legislation gained momentum after Erdogan became enraged in July by online insults of Finance Minister Berat Albayrak and his wife Esra, the president’s daughter, following the birth of their fourth child.Yet Sinclair-Webb noted that government supporters have also grown to depend on social media — especially in the era of coronavirus restrictions and public gathering bans.”Closing it down will not be a popular move,” said Sinclair-Webb. “If it attempts to implement this new law, the government would also shoot itself in the foot.” Topics :last_img read more

Overseas expats buying in QLD to escape COVID-19, political unrest

first_img1. Brisbane City 2. Surfers Paradise 3. Noosa Heads 4. Noosa5. Burleigh Heads More from newsCOVID-19 renovation boom: How much Aussies are spending to give their houses a facelift during the pandemic3 days agoWhizzkid buys almost one property a month during COVID-197 days ago6. Mooloolaba 7. Broadbeach 8. Coolum Beach 9. Southport 10. New Farm (Source: 1. Queen’s Wharf Residences, Brisbane CBD2. Brisbane 1 South Brisbane, South Brisbane 3. Lot 923 Astor Street, Newport4. 21 Ironbark Ave, Park Ridge5. Halo, South Brisbane6. Magnoli Apartments, Palm Beach 7. 1/47 Lysaght Drive, Pimpama8. 116 Brookbent Road, Pallara9. Natura, Burleigh Heads 10. 14 Tranquillity Way, Palm View(Source: 1. New Zealand2. United Kingdom3. United States4. Hong Kong/China 5. Canada(Source: Aussie expat Sandy McFadden at the unit she has just bought in New Farm after returning from the United States. Picture: Annette Dew.QUEENSLAND’S reputation as a safe haven from COVID-19 and global unrest is fuelling a spike in inquiries for property from overseas expats. International searches for buying property on has jumped 22 per cent year-on-year, while local agents are reporting there is strong interest from Queensland expats, especially from Hong Kong.One Gold Coast real estate agent said the combination of COVID-19 and political instability had been a “call to come home” for many overseas expats.“They’re mainly long-term residents who have witnessed a lot of change and unease, and just want to come back to Queensland,” sad John Pirie, sales manager at Mantra Realty Broadbeach. An aerial view of the Surfers Paradise skyline on a clear day in Queensland, Australia.“There is also zn element of these expats seeing value in the properties available on the Gold Coast. For example, I’m selling high-end units for about $10,000 a square metre at the moment and I’ve got a client in Hong Kong who told me she had paid $60,000 a square metre.”Mr Pirie said the number of properties being sold “sight unseen” had also increased.“Buyers are very educated now, and measures such as online videos allow them to do virtual inspections from the safety of their own homes, rather than travel to see them first-hand,” he said.“While most of my business is in south-east Asia, I’ve been contacted by expats in the US who want to come home because they see Queensland as a safe destination.” Brisbane CBD featuring the Queen’s Wharf development under construction. Picture: Richard chief economist Nerida Conisbee said there was strong anecdotal evidence many expats were re-evaluating their circumstances due to the coronavirus, and the low Australian dollar and record low interest rates proved an attractive value proposition.“It makes sense given how we’ve been impacted by COVID-19, it’s pretty light on,” Ms Conisbee said. “That means our economic recovery will be quicker. Also, the dollar is fairly weak, which makes Australian property more attractive.”Ms Conisbee said the majority of people searching for property in Queensland were based in New Zealand, the UK, the US and Hong Kong. REA Group chief economist Nerida Conisbee.She said beach locations Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and Noosa on the Sunshine Coast were the most in-demand among overseas buyers.“Brisbane doesn’t see a lot of overseas searches,” Ms Conisbee said. “When people think of Queensland, they think of the beaches.”Tom Offermann, principal of Tom Offermann Real Estate, who sells prestige property in Noosa, said about 5 per cent of his buyers were from overseas, mostly Asian expats.“While the percentage is low, expat buyers typically have larger budgets and have made quite an impact to the value of prestige property,” Mr Offermann said. “Recent events in Hong Kong are likely to drive more expats to invest back home.” An aerial photo of Noosa’s Main Beach.Place Estate Agents managing director Sarah Hackett said a growing number of Hong Kong buyers were looking to diversify their portfolios and secure a home now for when they eventually returned to Brisbane. “I’m excited about (Brisbane’s) top-end market and what is to come,” Mrs Hackett said. “We are currently working with a number of buyer’s agents in Hong Kong to help secure opportunities.”Josh Cross of LJ Hooker Brisbane City Residential said he had been inundated with inquiries from expats since COVID-19 struck. Mr Cross said he had shown a number of Hong Kong expats through some of his high-end rentals, with many prepared to pay up to $1500 a week for an apartment.“I’m also actively finding a home for a couple and their daughter returning from New York who can’t wait to get home,” Mr Cross said.“COVID and political unrest are making them eager to come back. School catchments are important to them and I find they’re looking towards Bowen Hills, Spring Hill, West End. “Before COVID, it was all Melbourne buyers, which is still happening as well.“I’ve spoken to probably 20 people in the last week from Melbourne saying; ‘We’re selling, we’re done, we’re moving to Queensland.”His client Sandy McFadden has just bought a unit in New Farm after living in San Francisco on and off for more than 20 years. The cafe scene at New Farm, where expats are looking to buy. Picture: Annette Dew.Ms McFadden said she had been toying with the idea of investing in Brisbane and returning to the US in March, but decided to stay. “I have to say I am very, very pleased to be here during this period because Brisbane’s an amazing city,” Ms McFadden said.“My mother lives in Hervey Bay so I’ve been coming back and forth to Queensland for a very long time. “Things started getting crazy in the San Francisco Bay area, both politically and environmentally, so I’m very glad I’m here.”Ms McFadden said the only reason she could afford to buy a property in New Farm was because of the weak Australian dollar.Her only challenge has been finding work in her field of architecture, engineering and construction. QLD’S 10 MOST SEARCHED SUBURBS FOR PROPERTY BY OVERSEAS BUYERS THE TOP COUNTRIES SEARCHING FOR PROPERTY IN QLD QLD’S 10 MOST SEARCHED DEVELOPMENTS BY OVERSEAS BUYERS last_img read more

‘Gordon’ washes out Sunman Fall Festival for 2018

first_imgSunman, In. — Due to the current weather forecast, the Sunman Fall Festival has been canceled for this year. Sunman Area Chamber of Commerce president Natasha Bischoff says, The fireworks are an important part of the festival and they want to be sure the entire festival is available to the public.”The raffle drawing will now be held during the annual chamber dinner on Friday, November 9. Tickets are available for sale up until the event. For more information please call 812-623-4553.last_img

League restart: Portugal to resume, Germany wait

first_imgWhile the Bundesliga delays its decision on when to restart, in Portugal they should be given the all-clear to play from late May. In Spain, the Government today agreed to the protocol presented by La Liga, so they can resume training from May 4, initially keeping social distancing measures. Italy are battling to be given the same timeline, but the latest Government decree has citizens able to run in parks from May 4, whereas athletes in team sports cannot run in training centres – even with social distancing measures – until May 18. read also:Chelsea ask players to return for possible Premier League restart The Lega Serie A and Players’ Association have appealed for that to be changed, hoping they can resume work from May 4, which would have them on track to play in early June. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 Loading… Promoted Content6 Interesting Ways To Make Money With A DroneThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreCouples Who Celebrated Their Union In A Unique, Unforgettable WayTop 10 Most Romantic Nations In The WorldWho Earns More Than Ronaldo?The Best Cars Of All Time5 Of The World’s Most Unique Theme ParksMind-Bending Technology That Was Predicted Before It AppearedPlaying Games For Hours Can Do This To Your BodyWhat Is A Black Hole In Simple Terms?Insane 3D Spraying Skills Turn In Incredible Street Art7 Black Hole Facts That Will Change Your View Of The Universe The Portuguese Minister for the Economy announced this evening that the tournament ought to be back on track by the end of this month. That is because open air training will be allowed from Monday May 4. The Bundesliga was waiting for the all-clear, but today German authorities decided to postpone the decision until next week in order to avoid a potential second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.Advertisementlast_img read more