Kispert, Ayayi lead No. 1 Gonzaga over Dixie State 112-67

first_img Written by FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailSPOKANE, Wash. (AP) — Corey Kispert scored 25 points, Joel Ayayi added 21 points and 11 rebounds, and top-ranked Gonzaga beat short-handed Dixie State 112-67.Oumar Ballo added 17 points on 6-of-6 shooting for Gonzaga, which has won 43 consecutive home games, the longest streak in the nation.Cameron Gooden scored 20 points, Jacob Nicholds had 11 and Jacob Greene 10 for Dixie State, which is in the first year of its transition to Division I basketball.The Trailblazers were down to nine players because of COVID-19 protocols and injuries. December 29, 2020 /Sports News – Local Kispert, Ayayi lead No. 1 Gonzaga over Dixie State 112-67center_img Associated Presslast_img

Naval Group, Airbus to work on French Navy helicopter drone

first_img View post tag: French Navy View post tag: Naval Group Share this article Naval Group, Airbus to develop rotary wing UAV demonstrator for French Navy The French defense procurement agency DGA (Direction générale de l’armement) has awarded the Naval Group and Airbus Helicopters consortium a contract to develop a rotary wing unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) demonstrator for the French Navy.According to a Naval Group announcement, the contract covers de-risking studies ahead of constructing a future tactical helicopter drone demonstrator.The demonstration project will lead to trials of the drone launch system, mission system and the airborne vehicle, conducted from a French Navy vessel.The purpose of the contract awarded by the DGA is to identify, deploy and test the technologies necessary for the integration of a tactical drone-system capacity within a heavily armed vessel. It forms part of the preparation of the SDAM (Navy Airborne Drone System), whose entry into service is foreseen for the middle of the next decade on new Intermediate-Size Frigates (FTIs) and other French Navy ships.The study will help select the principal technologies for the SDAM and the identification of the technical risks necessary for initiating and realising the programme. The level of technological maturity sought is that of a demonstrator of the complete system in a representative environment.Naval Group and Airbus Helicopters will be jointly responsible for the industrial project management and will coordinate wider input from French industry/sector. Other French defense technology companies including Hélicoptères Guimbal, Safran, Thales and ONERA will be principal subcontractors on the project.“We are proud to have been selected by the DGA together with our long-standing partner Airbus Helicopters to allow the French Navy to integrate aerial drone systems into its units and strengthen its operational capabilities,” Hervé Guillou, president and CEO of Naval Group, commented.Naval Group further said it had already started working on naval integration of an aerial drone in 2005. Between this date and today, the DGA has given the group several studies contracts that led to develop this technology (R&D contract IND, R&D contract D2AD, Serval).The UAV platform that will serve as the basis for the project is Airbus Helicopters-developed VSR700 rotary wing, optionally manned helicopter.This 700-kg drone, derived from a light civilian helicopter, the Cabri G2, started a campaign of autonomous flights in June 2017 using an unmanned Cabri G2 prototype to validate the integration of the flight control systems and the vehicle’s new engine system, opening the way for the first flight of the VSR700 in 2018.“I would like to thank the DGA and the French Navy for the trust they have placed in the VSR700 drone which, thanks to the combined experience of Airbus Helicopters and Naval Group, is expected to play a crucial role in the aero-maritime operation theatres of tomorrow,” declared Guillaume Faury, CEO of Airbus Helicopters.The VSR700 can exceed 10 flight hours of operational autonomy and has a payload capacity of up to 150 kg. January 12, 2018 Back to overview,Home naval-today Naval Group, Airbus to develop rotary wing UAV demonstrator for French Navy View post tag: Airbus Helicopters Authoritieslast_img read more

Student paid to get typhoid

first_imgOne Oxford student is planning to catch typhoid fever in exchange forover £3000 as part of a University medical trial.Ben Conroy, a student at St Peter’scollege, hopes that the pre-screening will find him eligible to take part in a medical trial organised by the Oxford Vaccine Group, an independent research group which is part of the Oxford University Department of Paediatrics.He told Cherwell, “The long and short of it is that I signed up so I could pay my rent. It’s a quick way to make a large cash sum. I’m aware there is a risk of developing typhoid fever which would probably mean four horrible days in bed but the trial has a lot of safety measures to ensure that you get treated as soon as symptoms develop.”Participants will be given either the old or new vaccine, or a placebo. Four weeks later they will face the ‘typhoid challenge’ by drinking a solution containing Salmonella Typhi bacteria. Some participants are expected to develop typhoidfever as a result, which may lead to a raised temperature, tiredness, headaches, pains, loss of appetite, stomach pains and sickness.While typhoid fever is threatening if left untreated, killing 200,000 worldwide a year, it is highly unlikely that it will prove fatal within this trial. Sufferers will immediately betreated with antibiotics, and all participants will be treated as a precaution even if they do not develop any symptoms within two weeks.The trial’s organisers intend to make provisions so that friends of those taking part will not be in danger of contracting typhoid –including providing soap and disposable towels, and promising,“to offer peace of mind to your household and close contacts, we will offer them voluntary screening.”Conroy commented, “Many of my friends are supportive, loads of offers of chicken soup etc, and some even want to join the trial themselves. My mum is a little more apprehensive but that’s what she’s there for!”Participants will receive money for their efforts which may reach £3350 by the end of the third year of monitoring.Some have expressed reservations about the ethics of drugs trials. One student commented, “Of coursethese tests are benevolent in their intentions. Of course we need to find more effective cures for serious diseases. And of course testing these things on humans is a necessary evil that will ultimately benefit the entire human race. But if young students are willing to pawn themselves to scientific experimentation, potentially causing permanent harm to their health for a bit of extra cash, it throws a harsh light on students’ financial desperation who have to turn to these kinds of schemes for money – a problem that is only going to become more acute with next year’s fee increase.”last_img read more

Subway opens first UK Applegreen site

first_imgSubway, the leading sandwich chain retailer, has opened its first UK store in partnership with Ireland’s leading independent forecourt retailer, Applegreen.  The store, in Uckfield, East Sussex, follows on from the two companies’ first joint venture in Ireland in March.     The Uckfield site also marks a redesign for Applegreen.Adrian Grimes, head of food for Applegreen said: “The opening of the first UK Subway store and the launch of the new Applegreen brand design in the UK is an exciting step for the Applegreen and the Subway brand partnership.last_img

Infection detection

first_img COVID-19 vaccine candidate at Beth Israel prevents severe clinical disease in animals What crowdsourced big data may be able to tell us about COVID The Daily Gazette Sign up for daily emails to get the latest Harvard news. Health information self-reported by app fuels infection prediction model Related A tool designed to detect viral history in a drop of blood has gotten an upgrade in the age of COVID-19.VirScan, a technology that can determine which of more than 1,000 different viruses have infected a person, can now also detect evidence of infection from coronaviruses, including SARS-CoV-2. The insights could inform the development of COVID-19 treatments, vaccines, and blood-based diagnostic tests.In a paper published online Sept. 29 in Science, investigators from Harvard Medical School (HMS) and Brigham and Women’s Hospital offer a treasure trove of details about the antibody response to SARS-CoV-2 and how this response may differ in individuals who go on to have a more severe case of COVID-19. “This may be the deepest serological analysis of any virus in terms of resolution,” said corresponding author Stephen Elledge, the Gregor Mendel Professor of Genetics in the Blavatnik Institute at HMS and Brigham and Women’s. “We now understand much, much more about the antibodies generated in response to SARS-CoV-2 and how frequently they are made,” he said. “The next question is, what do those antibodies do? We need to identify which antibodies have an inhibitory capacity or which, if any, may promote the virus and actually help it enter into immune cells.”Analyzing epitopesIn their analysis, Elledge and colleagues looked in depth at antibody responses to SARS-CoV-2 by using VirScan to analyze blood samples from 232 COVID-19 patients and 190 pre-COVID-19 era controls. The team identified 800 sites of the virus that the immune system can recognize, known as epitopes. Not all epitopes are created equal; some may be recognized by neutralizing antibodies, which can elicit a response that eliminates the infection. However, if the body creates antibodies against other epitopes, it may launch a less effective response, giving the virus an advantage. In some cases, including the related coronavirus that causes SARS, viruses may even be able to benefit from the body’s antibody response, using antibodies to enter cells in a phenomenon known as antibody-dependent enhancement.In the case of SARS-CoV-2, the team detected a range of antibody frequencies against various epitopes. Many were public epitopes — regions recognized by the immune systems of large numbers of patients. One public epitope was recognized by 79 percent of COVID-19 patients. Others are considered private and recognized by only a few or even one individual. Ten epitopes were in regions essential for viral entry and are likely recognized by neutralizing antibodies. Putting insights to workThe team used the most discriminatory epitopes to develop a rapid diagnostic test.The team’s epitope findings may have important implications for vaccines. If the immune system’s response to public epitopes isn’t found to be protective — or even gives the virus an advantage — vaccines will need to target other regions of the virus to give the immune system a boost. In addition, the team found that there are several epitopes conserved across coronaviruses, and that the immune system is likely to try to reuse antibodies against them when infected with SARS-CoV-2 — a possible explanation for why so many serology tests for COVID-19 produce false positives. Not all created equalThe team further analyzed where and when different antibody responses occurred. They found that patients with severe COVID-19 were more likely to launch a stronger, broader response against SARS-CoV-2, possibly because their initial immune response failed to control the infection early. Within hospitalized patients, males made more antibodies than females. The researchers also compared the viral histories of hospitalized and non-hospitalized COVID-19 patients and found that hospitalized patients were much more likely to have had CMV and HSV-1, two common herpes viruses. However, the researchers note that it is difficult to draw conclusions about causality given that the group of non-hospitalized patients was younger and consisted of a higher percentage of white people and women, demographic groups that generally have lower CMV infection rates. Elledge envisions the team’s studies as a stepping stone for identifying the most effective antibodies and eliciting them.“Our paper illuminates the landscape of antibody responses in COVID-19 patients,” he said. “Next, we need to identify the antibodies that bind these recurrently recognized epitopes to determine whether they are  neutralizing antibodies or antibodies that might exacerbate patient outcomes. This could inform the production of improved diagnostics and vaccines for SARS-CoV-2.”Disclosures and fundingElledge and a co-author are founders of TSCAN Therapeutics; Elledge is a founder of MAZE Therapeutics and Mirimus; and Elledge serves on the scientific advisory board of Homology Medicines, TSCAN Therapeutics, MAZE and XChem and is an adviser for MPM, none of which impact this work. Elledge and two co-authors are inventors on a patent application filed by Brigham and Women’s (US20160320406A) that covers the use of the VirScan library to identify pathogen antibodies in blood.Funding for this work was provided by grants from the National Institutes of Health (AI121394, AI139538, a U24 grant), the Burroughs Wellcome Fund, the Value of Vaccination Research Network (VoVRN), the Executive Committee on Research at Massachusetts General Hospital, the Massachusetts Consortium on Pathogen Readiness, the Pemberton-Trinity Fellowship, a Sir Henry Wellcome Fellowship (201387/Z/16/Z), the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship Program Enid Schwartz, and the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  ‘Robust protection’ A public-relations campaign to build trust in COVID vaccine? Skeptics’ refusal may be big hurdle to ending pandemic, returning to normal last_img read more

Exterus Welcomes Jay Pilcer

first_imgExterus Technology for Business of Shelburne announced that Jay Pilcer was hired as Director of Sales, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). VoIP is the technology where regular voice calls are sent over a companies computer network instead of traditional phone lines. Mr. Pilcer comes to Exterus Technology for Business with over 25 years of experience in sales, business development and customer service. Prior to joining Exterus he spent the last 5 years responsible for the sale of mail room equipment to the business market throughout the state of Vermont. Previously, Mr. Pilcer spent 9 years in Washington, DC working in the Internet industry helping Fortune 100 companies like Kelloggs, National Geographic, M & M Mars and Mercedes Benz to develop and implement their first generation corporate web sites. Mr. Pilcer holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Marketing from the University of Vermont.Come meet Jay at the 1st Annual Exterus Fall Expo 2007 on November 27 at the Hilton Hotel in Burlington, Vermont! Visit is external) for more information on our products and services.last_img read more

CERP received one binding offer for the purchase of shares in JADRAN dd

first_imgYesterday, in the Center for Restructuring and Sale, a public opening of binding offers for the purchase of 34.754.768 shares of the company JADRAN dd, Crikvenica was held, which makes 70,74% of the share capital of the Company.In the procedure of public collection of bids for the purchase of 34.754.768 shares of the company JADRAN dd, Crikvenica, 1 (one) joint binding offer was received by the following bidders, namely PBZ CROATIA OSIGURANJE dd mandatory pension fund te ERSTE doo on behalf of ERSTE PLAVI mandatory pension fund.Pension funds offered a price of HRK 199.839.916,00 for the purchase of shares in JADRAN dd, Crikvenica, which are the subject of the sale, which represents HRK 5.908.310,56 higher than the initial price set in the amount of HRK 193.931.605,44, HRK 200.000.000,00 for shares from the sale. The mentioned companies in their binding offer are obliged to recapitalize in cash from their own funds in the amount of HRK 6, they point out from CERP, and they are obliged to recapitalize within XNUMX months from the day of concluding the Sale Agreement and transfer of shares of JADRAN dd, Crikvenica.last_img read more

Govt to lure more citizens to visit local destinations as tourism copes with virus fears

first_imgAmid concerns over a decline in foreign tourist arrivals as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, Tourism and Creative Economy Minister Wishnutama says that the government has prepared measures to ensure that Indonesia’s tourism sector remains healthy and lucrative despite the depressed mood.Wishnutama said the ministry would focus on enticing domestic tourists to visit popular destinations across the country instead, so that local tourism would remain afloat amid the virus fears.“We will bolster local tourism. We’ll encourage domestic tourists to go on vacation in the country,” he said after attending a meeting with President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on Tuesday. He went on to say that he is set to lobby airlines that had canceled their flights to China to reroute their flights to Indonesia instead and offer the public flight packages to various tourist destinations across the country.“Since many flights to China were [canceled], we’ve offered [the airlines] a partnership to substitute the international departures with domestic ones,” Wishnutama said, adding that he planned to discuss the matter with Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi and a number of airlines.Read also: Jokowi wants contingency plan as coronavirus takes toll on Indonesia’s tourismThe government eyed around 30 airlines for the partnership, he said. “There are around 30 airlines that could probably re-route to domestic destinations and, therefore, support local tourism,” Wishnutama added.Indonesia has imposed a travel ban to and from mainland China starting on Wednesday, preventing people who have been in China in the previous two weeks from visiting or transiting in the Southeast Asian country amid fears about a spread of the coronavirus that originated in the Chinese city of Wuhan.The government has also suspended visa-free and visa-on-arrival provisions for Chinese citizens.As of Wednesday, the coronavirus had killed 491 people in mainland China, one in Hong Kong and one in the Philippines and spread to more than 20 countries, Johns Hopkins CSSE reported.Topics :last_img read more

GUEST BLOG: Ending the “Red Zone” in PA Starts with Us

first_img By: Delilah Rumburg, Chief Executive Officer, Pennsylvania Coalition Against Rape Like Governor Tom Wolf on Facebook: SHARE Email Facebook Twitter Improve awareness, prevention, reporting, and response systems in schools, colleges and universities to better serve all students.Remove/reduce barriers that prevent survivors from reporting and/or accessing vital resources by creating a more consistent, empowering reporting process for student survivors of gender based violence.Demonstrate significant, proactive, and sustainable leadership to change campus culture by challenging Pennsylvania’s education leaders – including college and university presidents, superintendents – as well as students, teachers, faculty, staff, families, and communities to pledge to improve their institutions’ climate.The truth is there is no time to waste when it comes to this issue. May 24, 2016center_img College can be a dangerous time for risk of sexual assault. Research suggests that approximately 25% of college women, 3% of college men and up to 35% of students who identify as LGBTQ will experience sexual assault during their undergraduate years (Krebs et al., 2016). Many campus activists even refer to the first few weeks of college as the “Red Zone”—a time when risk of violence skyrockets. Factors like substance use, fear of retaliation, and social pressures on campus have contributed to low reporting rates, and have allowed campus sexual assault crimes to be largely ignored by schools and communities (Sable et al., 2006).Pennsylvania is home to nearly 700,000 undergraduate college students (U.S. Census Bureau, 2014). Our state ranks fourth in the country for having the highest number of colleges and universities (Pennsylvania State Data Center, 2016). The impact of campus sexual violence is of particular concern in the Commonwealth.The Campus Climate Survey Validation Study (CCSVS) found that just the climate around sexual assault makes a difference. When students perceive that their school won’t tolerate sexual assault, those schools are shown to actually have fewer incidences of SA. What’s more, schools that make this issue a priority send the message that they are supportive of survivors. Students may feel more comfortable reporting or getting help after an assault.Taking the It’s On Us Pledge is a first, valuable step that any person can take in ending this widespread issue. With only a minute of your time and an email address, you can be a part of the solution. If you are a part of a campus community, consider instituting your own campus-specific It’s On Us Campaign. Doing so can peak interest in learning more about prevention & getting students and administration involved. Your voice helps to make campus sexual assault a community-wide issue—as it should be. Sexual violence impacts every member of the community and has no place in an educational institution.We love that Governor Wolf is leading the charge with the first statewide It’s On Us campaign. It sets great example for the Commonwealth and the nation. Join us in taking the pledge and eradicating campus sexual assault once and for all. GUEST BLOG: Ending the “Red Zone” in PA Starts with Us It’s On Us PA,  The Blog The PA Coalition Against Rape (PCAR) is proud that our state is the first in the nation to launch a statewide It’s On Us Campaign. The campaign calls on every community member to take a personal and public pledge to help promote awareness and prevention of sexual violence on college campuses.Specifically, the campaign that Governor Wolf launched in January seeks to:last_img read more

Kingshill man gets prison sentence for wounding

first_imgCourt gavel. Photo credit: kirtok.comChief Magistrate Evelina Baptiste has sentenced a Newtown man to serve a prison sentence of 8 months when he pleaded guilty to wounding Shayne Edwards on Monday.Fifty years old Roland Auguiste AKA “Knock Out” of Kingshill, according to the facts presented by Police Prosecutor Claude Weekes, went to Vernon’s Bar in Montego where he met the Defendant. He paid for a drink for the Defendant as he did not have the money at the time and they proceeded outside the bar. Auguiste asked Edwards when he would refund him but an argument ensued and then a fight. Edwards left the Defendant and went to Clem Harve’s Shop where he remained for about 5 minutes, when he was exiting the Defendant “struck him on his head with a cutlass”. He was taken to the Princess Margaret Hospital and treated by Dr. Garvin Seaman. Constable Thomas who was assigned to investigate the matter, met the Defendant and cautioned him to which he replied; “He that come and make the report? After I pay for drinks for him my right passing for my wrong. Thomas you charging me for that?”Auguiste told Magistrate Baptiste that he did not agree to part of the facts read by Inspector Weekes as it indicates that he struck Edwards with a cutlass but that was incorrect. He explained that while they were wrestling he “pong his head on the wall; I didn’t use a cutlass as they say”.He further explained; “11 months now I’m trying to behave myself and stay out of trouble, beat they were beating him in the bar why I paid the drink for him. Inspector Weekes know that I’m trying to behave myself, he is always speaking to me”.Inspector Weekes confirmed to the Court that he has in fact spoken to the Defendant but he says; “nothing stays in his head; some of them it’s only Jesus that can help them. I have evangelized to him; I speak to him to change his life but still no change”.In sentencing the Defendant Magistrate Baptiste told him; “You are a 50 year old man; you should be a mentor to young people. That is why young people are behaving the way that they are and there are many just like you. God help the young men of Newtown they are behaving just like you”.She also reviewed the Defendant’s list of prior convictions and noted, “You want to create a book or a manual with all these charges you have?”Magistrate Baptiste read a few of the sentences which the Defendant received in 2011 for various offenses including wounding, battery and intimidation among others and told him; “You are not doing a very good job of behaving yourself. You are 50 years old and behaving like a juvenile; your behavior is that of a 17/18 year old who has not quite understood what is the difference between good behavior and bad behavior”.She sentenced him to serve 8 months imprisonment highlighting that the maximum penalty is 5 years imprisonment.The Defendant who was obviously surprised at the sentence walked slowly out of the Witness Box and had to be instructed by a Police Officer to walk faster.Dominica Vibes News LocalNews Kingshill man gets prison sentence for wounding by: – February 8, 2012 15 Views   no discussions Share Sharing is caring!center_img Share Tweet Sharelast_img read more