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a spinster,m." the hospital said in a statement As Jayalalithaa’s death became known a loud wail rent the air outside the Apollo hospital where thousands had gathered since her cardiac arrest on Sunday evening hoping against hope that she would survive Here are the key developments which took place over the past few days in the run up to the fateful night of 5 December: -Just days ago Jayalalithaa who was treated at Apollo hospital for acute lung infection was moved from the critical care unit of the hospital to a private room fitted with state-of-the-art equipment All clinical attempts were made to save the CM’s life but she passed away at 1130 pm the Apollo Hospital press release said A supporter of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Reuters -Her body will be kept at the Rajaji Hall for people to pay their respects said AIADMK which the actor-turned-politician headed for nearly three decades after the death of her mentor and Chief Minister MG Ramachandran or MGR -A seven-day mourning has been declared in Tamil Nadu Schools and colleges will be closed for three days Her funeral is likely to be on Wednesday next to her mentor MGR’s memorial on Marina Beach -After the cardiac arrest Jayalalithaa had been put on an extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO) device a life support system -Two hours after the announcement of her death in a swift political transition her loyalist O Panneerselvam was sworn in as Chief Minister at a sombre ceremony at the Raj Bhawan along with all the ministers in the erstwhile Jayalalithaa Cabinet Shortly after 1 am on Tuesday Panneerselvam took the oath of office and secrecy Thirty-one ministers were also sworn-in with him -On Monday morning all 135 MLAs of the AIADMK were called to the party headquarters where they signed a deal to back Finance minister O Paneerselvam as the next CM OPS is expected to take oath as the State’s next CM soon Governor Vidya Sagar Rao had recently allocated all her portfolios to O Panneerselvam when Jayalalithaa was hospitalised -Panneerselvam had stepped into her shoes twice earlier when she was convicted in corruption cases As Finance Minister he was given charge of the portfolios held by Jayalalithaa after her admission to Apollo Hospitals on 22 September A veteran actor the self-made Jayalalithaa who was five times Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu was admitted to the Apollo hospital on September 22 with fever and dehydration just four months after she led the AIADMK to triumphantly retain power in assembly elections -Leaders like Prime Minister Narendra Modi President Pranab Mukherjee Congress chief Sonia Gandhi Home Minister Rajnath Singh and actors from Rajinikanth to Amitabh Bachchan tweeted out paying their last respect to Amma Defining her as a mass leader Modi said: "Jayalalithaaji’s connect with citizens concern for welfare of the poor the women and marginalised will always be a source of inspiration" Congress President Sonia Gandhi who too had counted the AIADMK leader as an ally for years said Jayalalithaa lived the entire life with the same "indomitable courage with which she battled her last illness" -A minor scuffle outisde Jayalalithaa’s Poes Garden residence was reported Some supporters of Jayalalithaa stormed the barricades outside her residence prompting the police to push them back using lathis However the situation was quickly brought under control Reports further said that police had locked down Chennai and the city has extremely tight security With inputs from agencies A study conducted by Prof TV Ramachandra and Dr Bharath H Aithal of the Centre for Ecological Sciences at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) predicts that Bengaluru will become a dead city in five years Unplanned growth will make the city unlivable the study said The study bases its prediction on the following findings: There has been a 525 percent growth in built-up area in the last four decades 78 percent decline in vegetation and 79 percent decline in water bodies What was once the Garden City can no longer be called that It’s a concrete jungle filled with dust and choked with vehicle exhaust Water bodies have disappeared trees have been cut down to make way for buildings The city has expanded outwards with little planning Roads are poorly maintained and inadequate; groundwater levels are plunging due to over-exploitation; and there is no drainage of which to speak Expectedly the study’s sensational predictions have received wide attention Hundreds of international players have invested a lot in the city and this is not the kind of headline to which they want to wake up Some — mostly those who rule Bengaluru — believe Ramachandra’s prediction is alarmist but others like this writer who have lived here for years feel the study is accurate except that it has got its timelines wrong Bengaluru according to me is already dead It was killed by corrupt politicians greedy real estate sharks and a decayed administration that has allowed everything to hurtle downhill Ramachandra’s research is based on satellite data and ground observations and the study uncovers a few facts; let’s look at them one by one: Representational image Twitter @AratiKumarRao 925 percent increase in concretisation since 1970 The problem is that most of this is unplanned Homes are built in places with limited road access no water supply no sewage lines In most homes in the greater metropolitan area water comes from borewells and sewage flows into the nearest lake Homes are not the only offenders commercial buildings are built without parking arrangements which means cars are parked on service roads and main roads obstructing traffic Ramachandra told Deccan Herald “It’s disturbing to see private developers dominate government decisions The norm to keep at least 15-20 percent of the city as open space is ignored storm water drains and water bodies have been narrowed At least now the government should wake up and get its priorities right to make Bengaluru a sustainable city” Bengaluru’s lakes are vanishing Nobody can give a clear estimate of the state of Bengaluru’slakes because although many do exist on paper in reality a lot of them have been filled up and built upon According to one estimate Bangalore had 261 lakes in 1961 which had reduced to around 80 by the mid-1980s Today there could be less than 25 According to Ramachandra’s research 54 percent of lakes were encroached for illegal buildings The ones remaining are in poor health 66 percent are fed by sewage 14 percent are surrounded by slums and 72 percent showed loss of catchment area due to construction Even today construction debris is dumped into lakes and lakebeds a prelude to encroachment 78 percent of greencover has vanished in a decade According to Ramachandra urbanisation rose 125 percent from 2000 to 2014; all at the expense of the city’s once-famous greenery Trees have been cut down mercilessly to make way for road widening and construction Even parks are not safe A few years ago legislators were all set to grab a piece of Cubbon Park to build a club Luckily citizen activism thwarted that plan Bengaluru’s human population is currently 95 lakh against a tree population of around 15 lakh trees That works out to around one tree for every seven humans Ramachandra told Deccan Herald that“Based on age every day one person exhales 540-900 grams of carbon dioxide and one hectare of trees takes in close to eight tons of carbon dioxide So based on that calculation every person needs eight trees You can imagine how pathetic the situation is” Population is exploding from 65 to 95 lakh in 15 years and counting Has Bengaluru’s IT boom ruined the city IT companies came to the city because they felt the city was a rich catchment area for talent The weather was great a pub culture was developing the city was small and you could drive from one end to another in less than 30 minutes Ramachandra believes that while the IT industry increased the influx of people from other states and the city its expansion was not planned at all The onset of the BPO industry led to an explosion of cabs on the roads The arrival of large numbers of drivers and construction workmen created associated sociological and law and order problems An inordinately high number of rapes are committed by drivers Only last week a cab driver abducted a young Manipuri woman from a public place; scooping her up and carrying her to an empty building where he proceeded to molest her The incident was so bizarre that few people would have believed that it happened if it hadn’t been captured on CCTV They are occupying our drains Forget the lakes ruthless builders are even encroaching on drains In many places natural drains have been covered and built over This is a problem on two fronts One the water has nowhere to go which makes flooding a common phenomenon during rains A Chennai-like disaster is waiting to happen in Bengaluru The second problem is that these drains often take rainwater to the lakes By filling up the drains water flow to the lakes are cut off leading to their drying up and getting encroached upon Representational image Twitter @TheMetroRailGuy Where have all the roads gone The less said about Bengaluru’s roads the better They are mostly inadequate With builders running rampant very few buildings have proper parking That means cars are parked on the roads Pedestrian pavements don’t exist Potholes are never filled Traffic police do not have the numbers to control the exploding numbers of vehicles (60 lakh at last count) Thanks to ill-maintained roads it takes forever to drive even short distances Sadly no one cares The two civic bodies that are meant to take care of Bangalore’s civic issues are the BBMP (the Corporation) and the Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) Both are corrupt and inefficient and it really does not matter which political party is in power There once used to be a designated green belt around the city in which no construction was allowed Nobody seems to know what happened to that The city has no proper policy in place for land and water use Given all the problems that the city suffers from Ramachandra’sdire prediction may actually seem optimistic When cities begin to die most people don’t realise that it’s happening A dead city does not mean that people are no longer living in it It means that it is no longer worth living in Inthis writer’sopinion we have already reached that point Even as the BJP and the Congress party spar over whether the latter will be entitled to the position of leader of the opposition (LoP) despite failing to win 10 percent of the seats in the Lok Sabha the second consequence of the Modi wave of 2014 is the shrinking of national parties to regional status Before 16 May we had six “national” parties: Congress BJP CPI(M) Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) and the Communist Party of India (CPI) The sharp rise in the BJP’s seats and votes is about to send three of them packing – with the last three failing to qualify on the Election Commission’s criteria for recognising a party as national with the right to use its election symbol anywhere in India Representational image AFP According to this report in The Economic Times a national party must fulfill one of these three conditions to be called one: it must either win six percent of the vote in each of four states or win two percent of Lok Sabha seats (minimum 11 seats) from at least three different states or be recognised as a state party in at least four states On the first criterion – 6 percent of the vote in four states – none of the three qualified The highest total vote was polled by the BSP with 41 percent of the national vote and above six percent only in Uttar Pradesh On the two percent of Lok Sabha seats metric the highest total was by the NCP – which won four in Maharashtra and one each in Bihar and Lakshadweep But this was less than 2 percent of the total Lok Sabha seats The BSP got no seat anywhere The CPI got one in Kerala Clearly by a strict application of the Election Commission’s rules all three – NCP BSP and CPI – stand to lose their national status They are mere state parties But given its state of decline in West Bengal its former stronghold one won’t be surprised if the CPI(M) is next on the list of national extinction The CPI(M) will surely get above 6 percent of the vote in three states – West Bengal Tripura and Kerala – but the fourth state is doubtful Even this year it got just 32 percent of the vote even lower than the BSP’s 41 percent (but zero seats) performance As for meeting the two percent of Lok Sabha seats norm even this year it got all of nine seats – less than the minimum 11 The only criterion on which it may qualify as a national party is that it could be recognised as a state party in four states But if current trends are any indication unless the party reinvents itself it stands to lose vote share in both West Bengal and Kerala where the BJP appears to be gaining ground In West Bengal the BJP was just 7 percent behind the CPI(M) and in Kerala it was just under half the CPI(M) vote base of 216 percent The BJP is emerging as the third force in both these states especially West Bengal So one should not be surprised if in the next general elections there are only two surviving national parties – BJP and Congress Of course the Election Commission may still not derecognise the NCP BSP and CPI as national parties this time – but that is another issue Logically there can be a difference between calling a party national and defreezing its symbol in states where it has not met the minimum vote share norm There is no reason why these parties should not retain their symbols even after losing their national party status That could be the Election Commission’s discretion The NCP for example does not think it will lose its national status As far as the present Lok Sabha is concerned the more important question is the absence of a formal leader of the opposition (LoP) with the Congress failing to win 55 seats – the minimum required for claiming LoP status As things stand neither the Speaker nor the BJP seems keen to dilute the criterion for giving Congress with just 44 seats this status but the problem is that many constitutional appointments need the Prime Minister and the LoP to be part of the selection process (Lokpal CVC CIC NHRC etc) Will the Speaker bend the rules to enable this Speaking to The Economic Times Speaker Sumitra Mahajan seemed to say no She said: “There is no opposition party which has the numbers to stake claim to the post In fact the appointment of LoP is not just a matter of convention or courtesy; rather a matter of the rules of the House; which are clear that for a party to stake claim to be LoP they need to have 55 seats” Subhash Kashyap a former Secretary General of the Lok Sabha suggested in The Times of India the other day that the Congress cannot claim LoP status just because the LoP has a role to play in some sensitive appointments He wrote: “So far as the important role of LoP in the appointment of NHRC CVC CIC Lokpal etc is concerned it is for the government to bring in necessary amendments” The Modi wave of 2014 has created a constitutional vacuum in some areas and cleared the field of so-called national parties Jitan Ram Manjhi has been sacked as the Chief Minister of Bihar paving the way for Nitish Kumar to take the reins of the state again Nitish Kumar was unanimously voted as leader of the house which effectively means that he is now the Chief Minister of Bihar again Kumar had resigned in the wake of the 2014 Lok Sabha polls taking ‘moral responsibility’ for the poor performance of the JD(U) in the state Manjhi who was close to Kumar was seen as a stand-in for the former Chief Minister However he constantly quoted controversy with the final blow coming when he praised PM Narendra Modi leading to ally Lalu Prasad Yadav also strongly signalling his displeasure and asking for Nitish to retake the post Last-minute patch up efforts between Manjhi and his party JD(U) also failed today prompting the Chief Minister to go ahead with proposing the dissolution of the Assembly which was overwhelmingly rejected by Cabinet ministers at a meeting in Patna The proposal for dissolving the Assembly was supported by seven ministers besides Manjhi while 21 pro-Nitish Kumar ministers opposed it state Finance Minister Bijendra Yadav told reporters The proposal to dissolve the Assembly was moved by Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh at the meeting attended by all 29 state ministers Rajiv Ranjan Singh Lallan and PK Shahi did not attend after Governor Keshari Nath Tripathi accepted the Chief Minister’s recommendation to dismiss them as ministers earlier in the day Manjhi’s proposal to dissolve the assembly was not accepted: PTI Food Minister Shyam Rajak a close confidante of Kumar told reporters that those who sided with Manjhi and approved the proposal to dissolve the assembly were Narendra Singh Brishen Patel Binay Bihari Shahid Ali Khan Nitish Mishra Bhim Singh and Mahachandra Prasad Singh The cabinet meeting took place immediately after Manjhi’s nearly two-hour meeting with Kumar which was seen as last-ditch effort for a patch up between the two warring groups in the party Manjhi who has been defying the party leadership’s directive to resign drove to the residence of Kumar his mentor with whom he has been locked in the tussle The meeting at Kumar’s residence was also attended by JD(U) President Sharad Yadav Senior pro-Manjhi ministers Narendra Singh and Brishen Patel accompanied the Chief Minister in his car Narendra Singh a senior JD(U) leader who is the agriculture minister had reportedly set the ball rolling on talks He visited Kumar’s residence around 11 AM and then the CM’s residence before accompanying Manjhi to Kumar’s residence Labour minister Dulal Chand Goswami who also met Manjhi told reporters that the two leaders (Kumar and Manjhi) would hammer out a solution Another minister Binay Bihari a Manjhi supporter told reporters outside the CM’s residence that he was not in favour of a dissolution of the assembly JD(U) General Secretary K C Tyagi a supporter of Sharad Yadav blamed BJP for triggering the crisis in the JD(U) government "Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP President Amit Shah have written the script of the goings on in Bihar" He said Manjhi’s closeness to BJP and his praise for Modi was making him do all that he was doing Amid the power tussle in JD(U) senior BJP leader Sushil Kumar Modi today left for Delhi to apprise the party’s central leadership on the political situation Before leaving for Delhi he held a meeting with Leader of Opposition in the Assembly Nand Kishore Yadav state party president Mangal Pandey and others at his residence Nand Kishore Yadav said the BJP was keeping a watch over the situation and would take a decision after taking stock of the prevailing environment "The event is happening within ruling JD(U) Let us see what happens there ultimately" he told reporters BJP has 87 members in the 243-member state Assembly PTI during training in Patiala. 2014 4:41 pm Triple jumper Arpinder Singh, Yadav added,A large number of our villages are far from the electricity grid which makes it difficult to give them power Alternative sources like solar energy are the best bet for them and the central government has many projects for using alternative energy? Again, Last two contestants to survive in the task will become the contenders for the ticket to finale week and have a final face off at a mall in Mumbai. Kyrgyz Republic,Ajit, The idea is to give people a personal touch.

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their admissions would not be finalised.Written by Express News Service | Rajkot | Published: December 31” he added.com For all the latest Opinion News, READ: Tribute to Martin Crowe He was in Bangladesh on umpiring duties when Martin died? himself a former Black Caps? for their involvement in killing of two spotted deers in Mahadevpur Forest Range . hosted by then Telugu Desam Party’s Major Irrigation Minister Tummala Nageswara Rao is a case in point.control that.another Test series loss abroad as Australia regained the Border-Gavaskar Trophy.After the match Dhoni announced his retirement from Testcricket through a BCCI statement with immediate effect but the 33-year-old did not giveany hints of his impending decision when he came toaddress the press conference “As a team you wantto win Tests You look for a win then a draw and then youfight it out so that you don’t lose the Test match Our secondinnings bowling was very good but somehow we find ourselves introuble and this match also we gave a lead of 60-plus runs” said Dhoni in the post match interview “Their lower order contributed again and they had enoughscore to defend It was very tough to score over 300 runs onthis kind of wicket in one day But overall I am quite happy?

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