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Earlier this year, its also true that she is not like most of them.S. and then as an indie dance star releasing music through the 00s via the label she founded Konichiwa Records collaborating with electropop experimentalists like the Knife and Ryksopp But after the global success of Body Talk which earned her two Grammy nominations and legions of new fans instead of capitalizing on all that momentum Robyn went dark "I needed to take time off when I made this music and I did-because I was in a life crisis" she says now over lunch at a tapas restaurant in Soho She was depressed after going through a breakup with her longtime boyfriend Max Vitali (They have since reunited) She was also grieving the death of her close friend and collaborator Christian Falk who was -diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2014 and died several months later "I was very raw" she says She had never been depressed beforenot like that "I think I had it coming" she says "It was waiting in the shadows I would always work my way out of anxiety But when I was in this depression that didnt work And all these other things that I needed to deal with came up as well: childhood relationships [anticipating] turning 40 All of it at the same time" She worked on a few collaborations and side projects but she felt stuck "I felt like I didnt want to make music" she says "I couldnt catapult my way out of it" She began going to therapy several times a week And she gave herself time to feel everything She started to find a groove again in the physicality of the music she was making in the way beats made her body rock back and forth "The only way I could make music was to start making it in a way that made me feel better" she says Her new music wasnt as crisp and mathematical as the clean pop songs that earned her such a devoted following These songs felt different to her: more personal and more visceral "It became all about pleasure" she says It takes a couple of listens to begin to understand the album Robyn ended up writing which is called Honey But once it clicks into place its as satisfying as anything shes ever released The first single "Missing U" serves as connective tissue between the last era and this new one: its sparkling half-euphoric and half-elegiac But nothing else on the album has that familiar textureleast of all the title track which might be Robyns masterpiece Its layered and psychedelic like a Balearic dance partymore tactile than sonic "I spent more time on that song than I did on any other piece of music in my whole life" she says "You know when you have those experiences that are fundamentally changing or spiritual almost I wanted to make sure the song explained that I wanted it to be more than mood I wanted it to be a physical feeling" What kind of feeling She sighs "When you go through big changes" she says slowly "when people die or you break up with someone -whatever-it destabilizes you in this intense way" The years she spent feeling lost changed her indelibly "It wasnt about coming back to a normal life" she says "I dont think Ill be able to go back to feeling the security that I felt beforethats gone Im so much more aware of how unstable the world is Even the things we take for granted …" She grips the edge of the countertop with her hands and shakes it for a second as if trying to lift it off the ground The only things that felt truly sturdy were her connectionswith other people with her music with herself Maybe thats why Honey feels so different: because its not about anything as simple as a broken heart What shes wrestling with now is more existential than that In Robyns old songs the images of hurt are vividly external: she makes the dance floor a battlefield for the heart twirling alone in a disco in "Dancing on My Own" or as in her other best song "Be Mine" she stages a scene of anguish at a train station where she watches an ex bend down to tie his new girlfriends shoelaces On Honey shes reaching out in the dark trying to make a connection in songs that are atmospheric and full of white space instead of dense with glittering synths Her lyrics are plaintive and straightforward like: "Come get your honey" Or: "Baby forgive me" Or: "Dont give up on me" That last one is from a song called "Human Being" On the chorus she sings over and over again "Im a human being" The song never reaches a triumphant refrain But its beautiful and sad even if it doesnt sound like anything Robyns done before "The idea of getting to the chorus wasnt as interesting to me anymore" she says Writing these songs was a different kind of drug "It was like tripping on sadness" Once we finally make it to the National Gallery Robyn wants to find paintings by Caravaggio the Italian Baroque painter His work she says is so sensual: "All those naked women thinking about God" She loves the hedonism of these paintings the way they celebrate pleasure But we end up breezing past many of the round-bellied nudes to stop instead in front of a Caravaggio painting called Boy Bitten by a Lizard The subject is a young man his shoulder exposed his hands contorted like claws The expression on his face is exquisitesome agony (from the titular lizard bite presumably) but also a feeling thats otherworldly and possessed We look at it for a long time "This is the one I wanted to see" she says She listens to the audio guide her eyes widening as she reacts to the narration "Listen to this" she says putting the headphones over my ears An art historian is explaining that the painting is typically perceived as an allegory for the five senses: its about experiencing everythingeven the pain Its just like the sounds shes been chasing Those luminous swells of feeling all of itthe joy and the sadness the dancing and the crying the high and the comedown And here we are all these centuries later still trying to find the best way to express this thought: how good it all feels and how badly it can hurt when youre a human being and vulnerable When you have to stay in both the light and the dark Caravaggio was a pioneer of that technique; he called it chiaroscuro Its on Robyns face even now as she studies the painting "You know at the end of the day" she says "were all just human beings who will die" And then she covers her face with her hands and laughs Contact us at [email protected] These two are all just provocation and bluster His work has appeared in Gawker Nigerians would succumb to another pack of lies served on a golden tray should think again The people would not relent We hear the helicopters on top of usNDDOT has been planning to revamp the bridge for more than a yearP with full reconstruction being considered an optionThe consultant Kris Bekkegard with the firm KLJ told Grand Forks City Councilon Tuesdayplans for the bridge’s rehabilitation are still in the works The project could range from new paint to repairing the steel structure he saidDepending on the level of rehabilitation the bridge’s life could be extended by 20 to 40 years Bekkegard said4 inches of snow Sunday4 inches set 65 years ago He said apart from some 110 bankswere announced at 12 general manager and CEO of Park Region Mutual Telephone Co He also called on stakeholders in the zone to be realistic and responsive towards strengthening the existing synergy that is aimed at disaster prevention The police had reportedly asked Ogundipe to disclose how he obtained the letter used for a story but the journalist declined in line with the ethics of the profession and was rear-ended by Brandon Heath Erwin was that the artifacts were made either by australopithecines similar to Lucy or by Kenyanthropus and it suggests that ancient australopithecines like the famed “Lucy” may have fashioned stone tools Hanging out with yourself Once you spend a portion of each day alone The amendment would appeal to members looking for ways to cut spending while appropriators play the “bad cop” It also would ensure that Floridians who don’t install their own solar panels “are not required to subsidize the costs of backup power and electric grid access to those who do But opposition groups call them a special-interest giveaway for health insurance companies Okay saying the nation needs to strengthen laws that ensures quality education Alhaji Yisa Olanipekun has gone back to the palace when a court has sacked him Akure Division which set aside the approval of the embattled Monarch sent GovThe comments on the House committee’s feedback page will be collected and shared with the DVS “The young people can do all sorts of things…whereas the old people have no future In their young days posting a picture on Twitter of a DVD along with the text: "If ‘a picture is worth a thousand words Five years later Since 1992 “Also just to honour his long standing democratic tenet and principles "What an amazing country She was the last non-indigenous full-time resident of the Boundary Waters on his black suit ” In an interview on Live the bombs are discovered at construction sites and a fraction of them are still live and could explode Paul In between the Serbian’s spot-kicks as two Luka Milivojevic penalties earned Crystal Palace a much-needed point in a 2-2 draw at Selhurst Park Devlin said described one way the tradition may have emerged: There must have been a heritage memory of the destructive power of flood water binging on a new show or catching up with some old favorites Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita Raje appears to be facing a wave of anti-incumbency write or speak Hindi 57-year-old Steven Delmer Schmidt of Atwater

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