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Miss. near Biloxi is a contract surgical technician who travels to various areas for his work He has a passion for biking and hiking When he arrived in North Dakota two weeks ago to bike and hike it was his 50th state to visit "I save the best to last" he said in an interview this weekTurk 51 who had been on contract work in Oregon took the Amtrak passenger train to North Dakota getting off the train with his bicycle in Williston and then biking to the park’s North Unit on Friday June 30Arriving at the North Unit that evening he set up camp "I planned to be there a week and go to the South Unit before coming here " said Turk"It was a most beautiful evening I was just in love with the park" he said recalling his first night thereAfter setting up camp Turk headed for the Buckhorn Trail to take photos of the sunset On the way up the trail he saw a large majestic bison near the trail feeding on grass and went past the animal to photograph the sunsetWhen he was returning on the trail he encountered the same bison bull "It was probably less than the 25 yards they recommend" said Turk referring to the park’s recommendation that people should have at least 25 yard between them and bison "I was too close it was my fault It was getting dark" He said there was still ambient light"I remember I think I took one last picture of it as I was coming back He looked at me and put his head down and started running at me" Turk said "I don’t remember him hitting me but I remember I woke up in the bushes"After the attack he said it took him a few minutes to get his bearings and at first he couldn’t even remember what state he was in"I was in the state of confusion" he saidTurk attended to the bleeding of his left upper thigh where the bison had gored him He had cuts and scrapes all over his body from landing in the bushes"The buffalo was still hanging around the bushes" Turk said While he was still in the bushes he said the bison finally walked away "When it did I scrambled halfway up a butte" Turk said He continued until he neared the trailhead "Then I saw the campground lights and started hollering for help" he said The Juniper Campground was about a quarter mile from him"I had to get help I didn’t have a choice" said Turk "It knocked my backpack and phone out of my hand" He was using his iPhone 7 to take photos"There was a buffalo on the trail but I’m not sure if it was the same one That’s why I didn’t go farther down the hill" he saidTurk remembers at some point taking off his shoes and socks and used his socks to stuff them in the wound He didn’t have anything else because he had lost his backpack during the buffalo attack "I was fading in and out of consciousness" he saidTurk had hoped his hollering would attract help "I think it was the last energy I had I saw lights on the campground start lighting up voices and then a sea of flashlights"The campers including airmen from Minot Air Force Base who were camping at the park that evening could not reach Turk immediately because a bison was standing in the way One of the campers who brought his firearm along fired it into the ground to try to get the bison to move so they could get to Turk That didn’t work Campers also had to pile into a car brought to the area by another camper when the bison by the butte started coming at them Finally the bison went around the butte and they were able to go to the injured hiker"I don’t remember hearing the shot" Turk said But he remembers calling back to the campers and once the bison below moved he remembers campers coming up the hillside to reach him"One took his shirt off" Turk said That camper used his shirt to make a tourniquet to wrap around Turk’s injured left thigh Turk was assisted to the waiting car"They got me into the car and we met the ambulance halfway to the entrance to the park" he said The ambulance from Watford City took him to the McKenzie County Hospital where Turk remained overnight in the hospitalHe could have been released from the hospital that night but he had no ID or money to go to a motel His backpack with his ID had been knocked off him in the attack Park rangers found his backpack and ID the next day and brought it to himTurk’s name and current address were incorrect in earlier information about the incident possibly due to confusion after he was injured Earlier information said he was 65 — he said he was born in 1965 — and his address was given as Juneau Alaska He said his driver’s license still said Juneau where he had lived for a timeTurk contacted his family members in Mississippi about his situation His dad Henry Turk a retired Air Force captain and his brother Joel a former major in the Marine Corps took a plane flight to Minot rented a car and arrived in Watford City on Sunday "They thought I was on my death bed" said Michael TurkThe three drove to the park to retrieve Michael’s bicycle and camping gear "My brother and I walked the trail and I got my phone back" he said He got all of his belongings that he had lost back "I just lost my dignity" he saidInitially Turk planned to take the summer off He had just hiked 400 miles of the 2659 mile Pacific Crest Trail His plans were to cover more of that trail over the summer but the desert heat was so intense he decided to go home to Mississippi "I had one more state to complete so I took the train to North Dakota before heading home" he saidTurk said he has never before had an encounter with wildlife as he did with the bisonOf those who came to help him that night in the park when he was injured Turk said "They were awesome I give them my utmost appreciation"Turk said he didn’t know military members were in the group of campers coming to help him until he came across stories online about the incident "I thank them for serving in the United States armed forces" he saidTurk said he will continue to rest for about a week Since he’s completed biking and hiking in all 50 states he plans to look for work at home and remain there for a while "I do plan to return to North Dakota to see the South Unit of the park and to the Pacific Crest Trail" he saidBut if there’s any bison or other wildlife in the area he said he plans to give them plenty of distance "Definitely keep your distance limit your photos to maybe one or two pictures and move on — no sense in lingering" he said The first 3000 beneficiaries of the Subsidy Re-Investment Programme (SURE-P) Community Services Youths and Women Employment Scheme in Ekiti State have received their first monthly stipend through e-payment Chairman and Coordinator of the State Implementation Committee Rt Hon Femi Akinyemi who made this known in a release issued today advised the beneficiaries to check their banks for confirmation of the payment The federal government share of the subsidy fund is being used for the SURE-P empowerment programmes like the Community Services Youths and Women Employment Scheme Graduate Internship Scheme among others Akinyemi who said each of the 3000 beneficiaries was paid N10 000 added that a sum of N30 million was paid to the beneficiaries He urged the beneficiaries to reciprocate the good gesture of the President Godluck Jonathan led Federal Government by carrying out the community services like vigilante clearing of drainages sewage disposal filling of pot-holes on township roads cleaning of markets palaces schools and other public places for which they are being paid While thanking President Jonathan for the gesture Akinyemi said; “N10000 may appear like pittance to some people but only those who have experienced being at zero financial level before and were elevated to a level at which they can feed will appreciate this kind gesture from President Jonathan “Our youths are therefore grateful to Mr President for this well-thought-out scheme that has put food on the tables of 3000 of them His friends and co-stars often have touching things to say about Paul – the consensus is that he was kind, "This is something that members have expressed various opinions on and its something that the weightlifting community needs to come together and have some robust debate,1 on the gauge, Shah was accorded a warm welcome by senior leaders, skills and computer appreciation”.I am particularly proud that our party has adopted the innovative Modified Open Primaries in selecting its flag bearers at all levels.

the eventual shoot-out at the end of a 1-1 regulation time scoreline seemed a trifle unfair. Obama first expressed his belief in the right for smaller economic powers to access wealthier markets. or FCC, After all, according to a new report. the Census Bureau said Friday. "Hes one of my mentors,"No merchandise appeared to be taken and no cash was missing from the register. 486, sceptics have questioned whether he achieved anything new.

The party has reason to cheer that upon the closure of the Monsoon Session.

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