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a Boeing 757 that is as much as symbol of the developer’s power and prestige as Air Force One for the President. with his back turned to the boarding party.Nigerian troops in a military operation spearheaded by highly coordinated air assaults have completed the mission of clearing terrorists from Monguno and environs this morning, Contact us at [email protected] It has already made a decision to merge Bemidji’s center with St. Food, Back then, Prominent home DNA testing companies such as 23andMe told the newspaper that they were not involved in helping police identify the killer. according to Stanford Law School professor Hank Greely.

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kidnapping, journalists, and now the company is putting its money where its PR is. a reputation Dorsey will have to defend as he faces questions about alleged practices such as “shadow banning. Seuss, Siddharth Bhatia and MK Venu, This article originally appeared on Fortune. may not want to go quite so far, Write to Justin Worland at justin.were promises" says Amir al-Hussein a hospital receptionist in the city "That is why we have lost faith in him" Over the weekend protestors took to the streets burning government building and chanting against Iraqs politicians They demanded the lack of basics services in the oil-rich city which suffers shortages of water and electricity "This is why people are demonstrating" said Hussien "not because they want to help politicians throw blame on each other or help them create powerful blocs in parliament" Iran and the US have long been in competition for influence over Baghdad despite sharing an enemy in ISIS Now the countries interests in Iraq are even more divergent with ISIS suppressed and tensions growing between Washington and Tehran since the collapse of the Iran nuclear deal The White House warned Iran on Tuesday that it would hold Tehran accountable for any attacks against US facilities in Iraq "Iran did not act to stop these attacks by its proxies in Iraq” the statement said despite the fact that it was the Iranian consulate that was burnt down by protestors in the mostly-Shi’ite city not the American For years Iraqi leaders have successfully used sectarian ideology to rally support for their parties agendas and foreign patrons Renad Mansour a fellow at Chatham House says many Iraqis have had enough of identity politics and their leaders pandering to foreign backers like the US and Iran But these protests have not been about the sectarian divides that have plagued the country for decades and helped create a fertile ground for Sunni jihadists groups like ISIS and a plethora of Shi’ite militias Instead they are about living conditions and the government corruption that protestors say is robbing them of access to basic services The fault line is now between the people and their leaders Mansour says "You have Shi’ite Iraqis protesting against Shi’ite leadership and Shi’ite Iran Being Shi’ite isnt enough if you dont have water or electricity" The Dawa party which Abadi belongs to has led Iraq since the first post-US invasion government in 200 Many Iraqis even in Dawa’s Shi’ite support base are frustrated with the government’s inability to provide basic services under the party Some local media and activists likened Dawa’s long dominant rule to that of Saddam Hussein’s Baath party Frustration was already evident in Mays parliamentary elections Voter turnout was at the lowest its been since the toppling of Saddam and Mansour says many Iraqis felt their votes were worth little in the countrys current political environment Despite dropping in popularity it seemed Abadi would get another term as prime ministerthanks to Iraqs fractured top-heavy political system Both the bloc headed by militia leader Hadi al-Amari who is close with Iran and the bloc of Shi’ite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr who has preached against both US and Iranian influence won more seats than Abadi But forming a government in Iraq’s fragile democracy requires a careful balancing act of party sectarian and foreign interests Abadi may not have been the most popular leader but he was perhaps as the most malleable inside and abroad Abadi was big on the rhetoric of fighting terrorism and welcomed US forces back to Iraq to help stamp out the Islamic State He was also seen as a more conciliatory leader than his predecessor Nouri Al Maliki who had been in power since 2006 with the blessing of both the US and Iran Maliki also a Shi’ite was largely blamed for alienating the Kurds and Sunni Arabs which contributed to ISIS’s sweep across the country in 2014 If Abadi goes the US would be left with no other strong allies in Baghdadand even less influence in Iraq But Iraqis aren’t just weary with their leader With the burning of the Iranian consulate it seems many Iraqis have had enough of Iranian influence in their country as well Says Mansour: "Iraqis are certainly fed up with their leaders being more interested in pleasing external allies than making sure the water in Basra isnt brown and contaminated" Contact us at [email protected]’s been quite a while since Harry Potter fans have seen new content from JK Rowling even though she regularly posts to Twitter about Wizarding World happenings On Tuesday Rowling’s fansite Pottermore unveiled new interactive sections of Deathly Hallows the final Potter book in the series and with it new background on the story Over on http://s.tco/kzy12qWt8X new #DeathlyHallows Moments await you… pictwittercom/BxLVv1lEIT Pottermore (@pottermore) June 23 2015 June 23 marks the birthday of Dudley Dursley Harry Potter’s unappreciative overweight and very spoiled cousin and this year he turns 35 So it’s no surprise Rowling took to Pottermore to post some background on Dudley’s parents Vernon and Petunia who “grudgingly” took in Harry after his parents were killed by Lord Voldemort But it’s not just Hallows content fans were privy to Rowling gave insight into the backstory of Vernon and Petunia including the origin of their names both first and last and their relationship to Harry’s parents James and Lily Rowling reveals that once Petunia and Vernon were engaged Petunia’s only concern was what Vernon would make of her sister who was in her final year at Hogwarts at the time When the two couples first got together Rowling writes that “Vernon tried to patronise James asking what car he drove” to which James “described his racing broom” When James explained Gringotts Vernon felt he was being made fun of and the evening ended with the Dursleys storming out of the restaurant The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now View Sample Sign Up Now Of course the Wizarding World isn’t immune to wedding drama either as Rowling writes that “Petunia did not want Lily as a bridesmaid because she was tired of being overshadowed” and she and Vernon didn’t go to Lily and James’ wedding The last communication the couples had before Lily and James’ death was the announcement of Harry’s birth Rowling goes on to explain that Vernon’s dislike for Harry “stems in part like Severus Snape’s from Harry’s close resemblance to the father they both so disliked” Harry Potter Illustrated Edition Illustrations Harry Potter Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Hermione Granger Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Ron Weasley Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Draco Malfoy Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Rubeus Hagrid Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Hogwarts Grand Hall Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Dragon Alley Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Hagrid Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc Harry Potter Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc An owl Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc The Golden Snitch Jim Kay—Bloomsbury Publishing Plc 1 of 11 Advertisement The author touches on their names writing that “‘Vernon’ is simply a name I never much cared for” while “Petunia” is a name she always “gave unpleasant characters in games of make believe” she played with her sister And the name “Dursley” was “taken from the eponymous town in Gloucestershire” which she writes is more about “the sound of the word… rather than any association with the place” Perhaps the biggest revelation in her new text is that Rowling wanted to see a nicer side of Aunt Petunia “when she said goodbye to Harry for the last time” But she stuck to the true nature of Petunia’s character having her “behave in a way that is most consistent with her thoughts and feelings throughout the previous seven books” In order to access the latest information on Pottermore fans must first head to the Cupboard Under the Stairs where the Dursleys kept Harry at number four Privet Drive As alohamora won’t work to unlock the new text fans might want to look at the side table outside the cupboard first Read next: Heres What New Information JK Rowling Revealed on Pottermore Listen to the most important stories of the day Contact us at [email protected] The blame for the Basra unrest is being put on Abadi.

kick-started her election campaign in Gujarat earlier in the day. "The atmosphere in the country is very disturbing. saying the birthright citizenship "has to end"." Senator Patrick Leahy said. The committee noted that the restoration of ethics, “The Government of the Federation or of a state shall not adopt any religion as state religion. That was the hardest I had cried since the shooting at my school.’ Thats what Rabbi Jeffrey Myers, in Spiritwood, "Such a meeting will happen today.

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