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C. on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day While voices from all over the spectrum criticize the destructive methods that some of them use antifascist groups also say that they’ve seen upticks in interest since the alt right has gained momentum and people feel that “you have to take a side” says Shanta Driver the national chair of the antifascist organization By Any Means Necessary Some antifascists who have been protesting in Berkeley–including many who embrace anarchist ideals of fighting government capitalism and any form of hierarchy–say they have been unfairly labeled as agitators by the media Many also defend methods like property damage as a lesser evil justifiable in the face of “dehumanizing” speech They contend that the “real violence” is spreading hateful ideologies and that shattered glass is “visual” protest “That form of protest is not meant to look good It’s not meant to be diplomatic” says Louise Rosealma an antifascist and anarchist who got clocked by a white nationalist protester an incident that was recorded in a video that went viral “It is meant to physically disrupt and shut down things that need to be shut down immediately” Even for those who believe that broken windows or censorship can be justified it’s hard to decide which expressions can be reasonably called attacks and who deserves to be silenced Some draw the line at advocating genocide or ethnic cleansing Some draw the line at burning a cross on a front lawn Some draw it at telling college students how to report their undocumented peers Some simply say “Free speech does not mean hate speech” Others believe that the line drawing has gotten out of control especially when people are demanding that a public university censor some speakers but not others Naweed Tahmas a Berkeley College Republican says one of his liberal peers told him that the phrase build a wall is offensive hate speech Another told him that hate speech should be banned from Berkeley “Of course there’s some courtesy you should take in speaking but what they’re trying to say is the government should restrict certain types of speech” Tahmas says “and that’s a slippery slope” While many protesters on the left saw forcing Yiannopoulos from campus as a success many on the right saw it as a call to action Among them was Rich Black a libertarian grant writer from the Los Angeles area who decided to organize a “comeback” in Berkeley an event where right-wingers could “come and speak from start to finish without being physically shut down That was the whole goal” he says Then at least in some ways things spun out of his control Black helped organize rallies in Berkeley’s city center to defend free speech in March and April And the optics of the setting–a deep blue town where the city council has for example called for Trump’s impeachment and decided to boycott any companies that help build his proposed border wall–proved to be catnip Groups spread the news on 4chan Reddit and alt-right forums While some conservatives came just to show support for Trump or to hear speeches Black says others showed up to provoke the left in real life “That’s what’s sad about these events They really attract the worst of the worst” Black says “There is a huge faction of the right that is just like the left They deal in absolutes They’re outrageously angry They need an excuse to relieve a lot of that pent up aggression” At one rally in April an anonymous donor paid to fly a sign behind a plane in the sky: “Don’t take the bait Rise above the hate” And at least one assembly this spring ended with no one hurt But multiple meet-ups turned ugly Police confiscated knives and bats and pipes Some were bloodied some were trampled Mayor Arreguin insists that any people who came to fight were not from his town and feels the city has been unfairly tarred as a place where people can speak their minds only if they’re liberal He doesn’t have kind words for the “extreme” groups on either side “Words are different from fists and bats and large wooden sticks that are bloodying people” he says “and I certainly understand that people think certain words are objectionable and abhorrent and should not be tolerated but we live in a free society” Such principles are often cast aside online where disagreeable ideas are routinely met with anonymous blowback Mayor Arreguin had to take on the security detail after he criticized Yiannopoulos on Twitter and received violent threats via social media email and phone Black the right-wing organizer says he’s gotten so many promises of physical harm from the people at either end of the spectrum that his new advocacy group Liberty Revival Alliance has considered hosting events “against the alt right” After the video of her being punched went viral Rosealma says not only her address but also the addresses of her parents have been spread on the web along with pictures of her as a child Threats of rape have poured in Back on campus the Berkeley College Republicans tried to host other conservatives this spring–David Horowitz and Ann Coulter–but both events were canceled The club says there were too many administrative roadblocks and filed a lawsuit alleging that the university effectively acted “to restrict and stifle the speech of conservative students whose voices fall beyond the campus political orthodoxy” The university has responded that cancellations have been related not to political views but to safety concerns that arose in the wake of the Yiannopoulos event–leading to more complicated logistics A spokesperson says the school will keep pursuing the “delicate balance” between keeping people safe and upholding the First Amendment The suit remains ongoing The university does not deny that the College Republicans have been having a hard time on campus Tahmas a 20-year-old rising senior studying political science and a member of the club says when he and other members have set up their tables to attract new recruits students have repeatedly torn up their signs or spit on them On one occasion he says students poured drinks down on them from a building above “We’re constantly harassed” he says “They are projecting stereotypes onto us which are not true and they’re also projecting their worst fears upon us They believe we’re oppressors” Yet while some students may still be furious with the Berkeley College Republicans for inviting controversy to the campus Tahmas says that their meetings were also better attended by the end of the semester Newcomers “are not necessarily Republicans either” he says “They’re just interested in hearing us Because the more you attack or attempt to silence a viewpoint the more people are interested in it” That is a truth that the nation’s founders understood when they enshrined a protection for minority viewpoints in the Constitution But there is growing confusion about where that protection now starts and stops Tahmas says he’ll be ready to put out the table again come fall “We’re going to keep going out there every day” he says “fighting against political correctness” And others will be ready to literally battle over such ideas Write to Katy Steinmetz at [email protected] This appears in the June 12 2017 issue of TIME He was named the school’s assistant principal in 2014. 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This creates leverage for Europe, Ark." she says. you will dare to win. but a splintered Opposition and Hungary’s complex electoral system make the exact margin of victory hard to predict.

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