Twitter Crowns Kamala Harris Winner Of Dem Debate

first_img 16. “Hey guys, America doesnt want to witness a food fight, they want to know how they are going to put food on the table.”Kamala Harris for the win!!#DemDebate#DemocraticDebate— Jean Dunn (@jeandunn52) June 28, 2019 “America does not want to witness a food fight, they want to know how we’re going to put food on their table,” Sen. Kamala Harris broke through the noise of several other candidates speaking to answer a moderator’s question.— CNBC (@CNBC) June 28, 2019In addition to the brilliant “food fight” line, Harris came across as having a practical approach and view that was sympathetic to the middle class. At one point she said she had been “meeting people who are working two and three jobs” and that she would work to make sure that no one had to work more than one job to put food on their family’s table. 13. Kamala Harris watching Bernie and Gillibrand argue during her time to talk. #DemDebate2— Jay De Amor (@Today4Jay) June 28, 2019 22. Joe Biden after Kamala Harris went after him and ended him #demdebates2— cris (@crisputation13) June 28, 2019 14. My ears are still ringing from Kamala Harris “America doesn’t want to witness a food fight; they want to know how do we put food on the table” sit down people— Eric K. Ham (@EKH2016) June 28, 2019 21. The food fight line was good, Kamala! #DemocraticDebate— Brittany Packnett (@MsPackyetti) June 28, 2019 Kamala, calm voice, pulls everyone back to focus. “America does not want to see a food fight.” Moves on to talking about how Trump is touting the economy though she’s spoken to families working 2-3 jobs. #demdebate2— Emily Bohatch (@emilybohatch) June 28, 2019She also mentioned how it was implausible for the average American to own stocks, something that many people might be able to relate to.Harris also demanded to be heard “on the issue of race” since she was the only Black person on stage.She recounted how most Black men she knew had been victims of “profiling or discrimination” before she called out Biden for his recent comments citing the “civility” of pro-segregation senators. 3. Everyone: FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHTKamala Harris:— Jezebel (@Jezebel) June 28, 2019 1. Moderators, I would like to report a murder : White male, 70’s answers to Uncle Joe …. Suspect still on stage….#DemDebate— Jason Johnson (@DrJasonJohnson) June 28, 2019 US-VOTE-2020-DEMOCRATS-DEBATESource: SAUL LOEB / GettyWhile the overwhelming narrative surrounding the second Democratic debate was that it was Joe Biden‘s to lose, Kamala Harris had some other things in mind. Despite the impressive collective political experience that she was facing on that debate stage in Miami, it was the California senator who came across as the most presidential Thursday night.She was consistently the one with clear answers and sound policy proposals, all while displaying a remarkable sense of calm that seemed to escape many of her nine opponents on stage with her. 20. Every time Kamala Harris speaks in this debate. #demdebates2— Racquel Pinnock (@RacquelPinnock) June 28, 2019 4. Kamala Harris for the win there. #DemDebate2— Cpt. FunkaDunk (@cptfunkadunk) June 28, 2019 Kamala Harris so far tonight #DemDebate2— CarolinaCHERCREW (@jameskwaters) June 28, 2019Harris will be remembered for many things during the debate, perhaps most of all her amazingly timed one-liners that were perfectly delivered and seemed more genuine than politically contrived.The 54-year-old waxed poetic on everything from immigration to taxes to healthcare, and then some. But her biggest moment came when politics were not at play. Instead, the former prosecutor put on her presidential hat and called for order as her debate opponents were all yelling at each other so that no one could hear anything other than loud voices clashing with one another. 5. Savannah Guthrie: Do Dems have to explain how they’ll pay for free college, health care?Kamala Harris: “Where was that question when the Republicans and Donald Trump passed a tax bill that benefits the top 1% and the biggest corporations in this country?” #DemDebate— NBC News (@NBCNews) June 28, 2019 10. Kamala Harris:— Durkin (@colleenmdurkin) June 28, 2019center_img 18. Kamala Harris is killing it #DemocraticDebate2020— Teeebz ♕ (@acupof_Tiba) June 28, 2019 9. 6. Kamala Harris with her food fight comment. #DemDebate2 #DemDebate— Charlie K. Perkins (@PerKerry) June 28, 2019 12. When Kamala Harris shut down the crosstalking with: “America does not want to witness a food fight, they want to know how we’re going to put food on their table.”— Jennifer X. Williams (@JenXperience) June 28, 2019 17. Kamala Harris did not come to play – killing it on immigration question #DemDebate— CMU Students for Warren2020 (@CMU4Warren) June 28, 2019 15. Lester Holt: “Senator Sanders, how do you propose to pay for…” Everyone not named Kamala Harris:— Thomas Fant (@Winston_Wolfe) June 28, 2019 Kamala Harris went for Biden’s jugular, others are coming for him.— Rich Opara (@ripplo) June 28, 2019“I do not believe you are a racist,” Harris said directly to the former vice president. But she called out his “hurtful” words, especially his praise of working with segregationists like the late Mississippi Sen. James O. Eastland and Georgia Sen. Herman Talmadge. In addition, Harris masterfully reminded him how he was opposed to bussing.Scroll down to see a sample of what Twitter was saying about Harris’ debut presidential debate performance. 11. “Hey Guys, you know what, America does not want to witness a food fight, they wanna know how we are going to put food on their table”. -Kamala Harris#DemocraticDebate— Kenyanese (@Kenyanese2) June 28, 2019 19. #DemDebate2020 Kamala Harris to everyone else on stage:— Davey D (@D3_triplethreat) June 28, 2019 8. Kamala Harris while everyone on stage is arguing #DemDebate2— Eli (@365DaysOf_Eli) June 28, 2019 2. This is how Kamala Harris had Joe Biden looking during this debate:#SCALPED #DragHimSis— Devin with an “i” (@devdesnew) June 28, 2019 7. Kamala Harris during this #DemDebate2 #DemDebate like “try me”.— Fearless/Lessfear (@Quotemeorelse) June 28, 2019 23. This is how the Kamala Harris (Educated and well spoken offense) vs the Joe Biden (I have black friends I’m not racist-friendly defense) went in a nutshell. #DemDebate2 #KamalaHarris2020— Fearless/Lessfear (@Quotemeorelse) June 28, 2019last_img

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