AAA says no to SA bed tax

first_imgSpeaking on behalf of the industry, the Accommodation Association of Australia (AAA) said the introduction of new fees on hotels and other accommodation businesses in the state is “disturbing”, particularly given that it is likely “to hurt tourism, not benefit it”. The latest ABS statistics found SA’s hospitality industry is already experiencing a decline in business, with occupancy dropping three percent compared to last year. He said the Association will oppose the bed tax, and has called parties in the next state election “abandon any thoughts of pursuing a bed tax”. Tourism businesses oppose a bedtax on hospitality industry. “Operators of accommodation businesses have in the past and will continue to voluntarily contribute funds towards cooperative marketing efforts, but the industry does not support mandatory payments in the form of a bed tax,” he added. A bed tax will make things tougher in an already struggling industry, according to tourism leaders in South Australia. “A bed tax would make things even tougher for accommodation businesses and with our industry being a major employer in SA, it would result in significant job losses,” AAA chief executive Richard Munro explained.last_img

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