Players Discover a Weird Glitch in Overwatchs Oasis Map

first_img Glitches in video games are not unheard of. They’ve been around as long as the medium has existed. Even the most polished title will have its fair share of bugs and issues. Overwatch is no different. While the title isn’t exactly known for being infested with game breaking glitches, a few manage to pop up every so often. This is a given considering how often the game is updated. Yesterday, a new glitch was discovered.First reported by Dexerto, the glitch in question affects the Oasis control map, though it could technically happen in any of the other control maps. Control maps are broken up into three separate sub-maps. Each of these has its own control point. The first team who wins two of the control points wins the match. Typically, players are spawned to the different maps along with their respective teams. However, in the instance we’re talking about today, one player was spawned in the wrong map; leaving their team short one person. To make matters worse, the stranded player could not kill himself in order to respawn to the correct map since he was in the map’s “safe zone.” They had to leave and rejoin the game to spawn in the correct map.This happened because Control maps are actually one giant map with three entirely separate zones. It is believed the maps are designed this way to minimize load times. After all, it’s faster to send players to a different part of one map than loading up three completely different maps.If you encounter this glitch, it’s best to do what the player in this story did and leave the game and rejoin. GameRevolution reports that if this happens during the first map of the match, it’s best to wait a minute or so before leaving the game. Leaving too soon will end the match entirely due to a player leaving early. This apparently will result in a suspension and a fine of 50 Skill Ranks. Hopefully, this glitch will get fixed soon.If you’re willing to spend $12 for Humble Monthly, you can start playing Overwatch today! This is a steal for this fantastic game that you can purchase right here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Lego Adds Two More ‘Overwatch’ Sets: Wrecking Ball and Junke…Toy Tuesday: Best Overwatch Toys Stay on targetlast_img

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