Console camera overload This is what your TV will look like in

first_imgThe next generation of gaming consoles aren’t just fighting for your time, they are also fighting for the space around, under, and on top of your television.There have been a lot of questions regarding the next generation of gaming consoles. Nintendo’s Wii U has come and gone, but Sony and Microsoft are going to be battling back-and-forth for your attention until these consoles are finally available on shelves. The big questions right now deal with the rumored always-on requirements. An always-on internet connection isn’t possible for everyone, which has caused a lot of friction recently. On top of this, rumors have surface claiming that both Sony and Microsoft will require cameras be connected at all times. If that’s true, which gaming accessory will claim the precious real estate at the top of the television?If you take a look at the three pieces of technology that are battling for the top spot, you see pretty clearly that they can’t all go on top. Nintendo’s sensor bar requires a fixed location, so it can be calibrated with the WiiMotes. This can be either on top of bottom of the television, but it has to be in the center. Microsoft’s Kinect claims that it works well on the top or bottom of the television set, but good luck finding someone who enjoys video chatting with you while your camera is looking up from under your television. Additionally, Microsoft’s cam moves to better locate the users in the active play space, so you can’t set anything on top of it unless that piece is somehow adhered to the top.If all you had to worry about were these two, you could just put one up top and one on the bottom. Sony’s upcoming PlayStation 4 Eye demands attention however, and it looks like you won’t have a choice but to give it some.Sony’s blocky new PS4 camera looks as though it too can either be on top or underneath the television, with the last block in the line acting as the pivot point for the camera to look up or down. Sony’s plans for the Eye include recording you as you share content on the new PSN, as well as a better system for augmented reality and in game motion detection.Even if this camera isn’t a requirement, it’s unlikely that most people will look for a way to remove it from the television when it is not in use. In other words, if you plan on owning all three consoles at some point, it’s time to start thinking about which accessory is going to get that precious top spot (or to start shopping for a second television).last_img

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