Forlan hails Simeones work at Atletico Madrid

first_imgThe Uruguay international praised Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid, he hopes they can get that unique chance of Champions League glory this season.Back in the day when Diego Forlan played for Atletico Madrid, we enjoyed one of the world’s greatest strikers who easily could’ve featured in Diego Simeone’s side today.The Colchoneros have a very unique opportunity to reach a Champions League final and play it in their own stadium which is something that the Uruguay international would’ve loved, he is one of the players who began making Atletico Madrid the great club they are today.However, the former striker recognizes that there is a before and an after Diego Simeone as the Atletico Madrid manager.“Atletico Madrid, since Simeone started coaching it, has always been competitive enough to have options to win the Champions League every season,” said Forlan for Diario AS.“Having the chance to play the final at home won’t change that, this is one of the biggest hopes the supporters have this season but the squad’s real objective is winning as many games as possible and going step by step.”“Playing a final that everybody yearns for and winning it would be spectacular, but the fact that it will be at the Metropolitano is not something that should force them to win it,” he added.Forlan was part of a public ceremony for La Liga’s ambassadors in Madrid, where he confirmed that he is still active but doesn’t have a club right now after he finished his contract with a club from Hong Kong where he was still playing a few months ago.Diego wishes that Antoine Griezmann can win the Ballon d’Or and he does it while still being relevant for Atletico Madrid.“Griezmann has been a champion this year, he also had a great role to play in the most important or decisive matches with his club and country, but success sometimes doesn’t come even when you deserve it,” said Forlan at the event.“With his achievements from this year alone, I think he deserves to win the trophy, but there are so many players in the contest like Modric, Cristiano, Messi…”“Griezmann could be the chosen one but the other three I mentioned also had a fantastic year. There is only place for one winner.”David Villa, SpainQuiz: How much do you know about David Villa? Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Time to test your knowledge about Spanish legendary forward David Villa.💬 “Ahí tendría que entrar no sólo otro jugador sino el equipo en sí”💬 “Hoy el Atleti tiene equipo y plantel para pelear por todas las competiciones”— AS (@diarioas) October 16, 2018During the red carpet for the ceremony, Diego Forlan analyzed Atletico Madrid’s chances of actually winning La Liga this season and also spoke about the problems that Real Madrid and Barcelona are going through.The Uruguay international also mentioned how surprised he is for the other clubs that are hanging at the top, he still thinks that many of them will falter sooner or later and only the top three squads will remain in the end.“In today’s football, Atletico Madrid buys players at the same level of the greatest clubs in the world, this gives them the opportunity to have a great squad that I love watching compete and I hope they can fight for all the trophies this season.”“Real Madrid and Barcelona have fought head to head for many years, Atletico has been closer lately and that must be very annoying for the other two clubs. But in general, I think that things being evened out is good for football.”“Cristiano Ronaldo will be an important absence for Real Madrid but they have many great players and we must give them time. Barcelona is going through a difficult moment right now because they have so many defensive injured players, but I expect their top players to show their vast experience in the most complicated moments.”“La Liga is barely getting started, we have to see how much longer can the other clubs endure in a few weeks time. Every club has a lot of great players with great experience, and when their physical condition is not enough, their experience is what should help them out,” concluded the Atletico Madrid legend.El GOLAZO de Forlán que nos clasificaba para la final de la Europa League 2010.— Vines Atleti (@VinesATM) October 15, 2018Do you agree with Diego Forlan, or Atletico Madrid has no chance of winning trophies this season? Please share your opinion in the comment section down below.last_img

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