A Fan Made Bobs BurgersArcher Crossover Got its Creator a Job

first_img What Kind of Sorcery is This? Expert Archer Shoots ‘Turning Arrows’Netflix’s ‘Pacific Heat’ is an Aussie ‘Archer’ with Less Subversion Stay on target Woah, wait, what, really? Bob’s is my favourite animated show, that’s quite literally a dream of mine!— Simon Chong (@chongster62) July 21, 2017Nothing’s been made official yet, but that looks pretty promising. The project Chong had been working on for fun, for seven months, got him an offer for his dream job. So , you know that thing you keep saying you’ll make one day? Maybe it’s time to actually make the thing.center_img If you need a little encouragement to finish that side project you’ve been working on forever, here’s a story that should do the trick. Welsh animator Simon Chong shared a project he’d been working on for months on Friday morning. It was a fan-made short featuring character from Archer and Bob’s Burgers. Inspired by the brief crossover in Archer’s season four premiere, Chong took things a step further. He brought (almost) the entire main cast of Archer into Bob’s restaurant.Watching it knowing it’s the work of just one guy, it’s an amazing accomplishment. Chong drew and animated the entire thing himself, including illustrating the Archer characters in the Bob’s Burgers style. He even edited together voice samples from both shows into a coherent (well, as coherent as either series gets) story. Knowing that, the dialog flows much smoother than you’d ever expect it to. Just looking at this animation, you’d never know it was fan-made. The Bob’s Burgers characters are perfectly on-model, and the Archer ones fit in so well, you’d swear this crossover was actually Fox-produced.We’re not the only ones who were impressed. Chong shared the video on Twitter on Monday. By Saturday night, he had a job offer from Bob’s Burgers. According to io9, the video first caught the cast’s attention, and they passed it along to the show’s creator, Loren Bouchard. Before long, Bouchard offered him a job over Twitter.last_img

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