Pre-applications for eligibility for up to $25,000 in free home rehabilitation is due Friday

first_imgby Tracy McCue, Sumner Newscow — People who live within the target area in the graphic above from A Street to G Street and from H Street to 15th Street, could be eligible up to $25,000 in grant money to rehabilitate their house. But the Sumner County Economic Development Commission needs your help – rather quickly. This applies to homeowners and landlords alike.People within the target area need to fill out a pre-application for such a grant by this Friday and have it returned to the SCECD office at 123 N. Jefferson in Wellington. See application here.Wellington is vying for a $385,000 Community Development Block Grant which is a federal program that provides money for housing assistance. If Wellington is successful it will receive money that will go specifically to a target area specifically for home rehabilitation.“People within this area will qualify for home repairs whether it be new roofs, windows or other constructional needs,” said Stacy Davis, Sumner County Economic Development Commission Director. “If we are successful procuring this grant then it will be a five year program in which other areas of the community would become eligible.”But first things first. Wellington needs to obtain the grant first. And it needs is a certain number of pre-applications to demonstrate to the grant committee that it is eligible.The grant is due on August 31. The grant writer, at no cost to the taxpayers, wishes to submit the Wellington application on Monday.A CDBG committee was formed earlier this year when it was determined that Wellington was indeed in need of housing rehabilitation. The City of Wellington has determined that if awarded the grant, they are planning to allocate funds to landlords who rent to low-to-moderate income families.Of this award money, each home may be able to receive a maximum of $25,000 per rehabilitation. In addition to this the Landlord must commit 25 percent of the final cost of rehabilitation. For example, if a home is need of $30,000 worth of repairs, the landlord could be required to commit 25 percent of that final price ($7,500) and the grand would assume 75 percent of the rehabilitation costs of $22,500.This pre-application is asking for a commitment from the landlord that he or she would be willing to commit a number of houses in need of rehabilitation and can and will commit 25 percent of the repair cost. This pre-application is not a binding contract.Actual applications will be solicited from interested landlords when a grant is awarded. This is only to judge commitment and willingness to participate, Davis said.So far the response has been slow, Davis said. Postcards have been delivered to each home through the City of Wellington office.If you have any questions, contact Davis at (620)326-8779.Follow us on Facebook.Follow us on Twitter.last_img

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