Quarterback deficient Redskins say they discussed Kaepernick; why he didn’t get a tryout

first_imgWashington Redskins head coach Jay Gruden said team personnel discussed giving quarterback Colin Kaepernick a tryout, the Associated Press reported Tuesday.Before you get all fired up, it’s not happening.“Not a lot of time to really get a brand new quarterback and new system installed and taught in a couple of days of practice,” Gruden told the AP. “So he’s been talked about and discussed, but we’ll probably go a different direction.”Hail to the Redskins. Mark Geragos, …last_img

Angels score five in 11th to beat the A’s

first_imgOAKLAND — The Athletics were resilient enough to come back Wednesday, but ultimately not good enough to close the deal.The Los Angeles Angels scored five times in the top of the 11th inning off reliever Lou Trivino (2-1) to beat the Athletics for the second straight day at the Coliseum before a crowd of 21,185.Twice the Athletics came back to tie it in a game that appeared lost. They erased a 5-1 deficit by scratching out two run in the seventh and then knotted the score in the eighth on …last_img

Science Forum to ignite conversations about science and society

first_imgThis week’s inaugural Science Forum South Africa will provide a public science forum for discussions on the role of science in society in South Africa, across the continent, and globally, writes Science And Technology Minister Naledi Pandor.South Africa will host the first “Science Forum South Africa” (SFSA) this week.It is designed as a “public science” event open to all interested stakeholders, to provide a platform for discussion and debate on the role of science in South African, African society as well as globally.The programme is bringing together more than 1 500 participants for discussion and debate in four plenary sessions, 32 (parallel) short seminars and 18 individual lectures – labelled “Science talks.” The Science Forum will also include an exhibition and public outreach activities.The opening plenary session will include remarks by the African Union’s Commissioner for Science and Technology, Japan’s renowned Science and Technology in Society Forum’s Koji Omi, and Prof Salim Abdool Karim, internationally acclaimed for his work in the fight against HIV-AIDS.With the international negotiations on the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Paris enjoying huge public attention, the Science Forum will include a plenary debate on the science, technology and innovation response to climate change.Chaired by the Chairperson of South Africa’s National Advisory Council on Innovation, Prof Cheryl de la Ray, and introduced by renowned South African systems ecologist and contributor to the International Panel on Climate Change, Prof Bob Scholes, the debate will include contributions from experts from Africa, the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania. These will include Dr Tanya Abrahamse, of the South African National Biodiversity Institute and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of the United Nations Secretary-General.The second plenary debate will focus on how to best harness science, technology and innovation for the National Development Plan, drawing on international experience. The debate will be moderated by the CEO of South Africa’s Technology Innovation Agency, Barlow Manilal. Panellists will include experts, such as Dr Ben Ngubane, democratic South Africa’s first Minister of Science and Technology; Prof Tebello Nyokong, a member of the United Nations high-level panel on the “Technology Bank and Science, Technology and Innovation Support Mechanism”, proposed to support the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals; as well as Prof Anil Gupta of India – an internationally celebrated expert on “grassroots innovation”.The closing plenary discussion will see the awarding of the “SFSA Science Diplomacy Awards”. These awards will recognise excellence and achievements in international scientific co-operation. A report highlighting the main messages emanating from the Forum will be compiled and presented by young officials of the Department of Science and Technology, on which international science policy thought leaders will comment, before I and Prof Romain Murenzi, Executive Director of the World Academy of Sciences, close proceedings.Of special note are the “science talks” programme, a series of 18 lectures of 30 minutes each delivered by eminent thought leaders. These lectures will run concurrently with a networking reception and as with the short seminar programme, participants will be able to move freely between lectures and the networking reception according to their areas of interest. The aim is to create a dynamic and lively discussion environment enabling a vibrant exchange of ideas, fostering partnerships and co-operation.The first cycle will notably include a lecture by the Director-General of the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology on “Modern biotechnology and the African challenge.” International partnerships will be on offer in a presentation of “Skoltech – a new English-speaking university in Russia: strategy and international networking.” The scientific response to societal challenges specifically with regard to energy will be presented in a lecture on “A renewable-based South African energy system.”The Science Forum has been actively supported by the Non-Aligned Movement Centre of Science and Technology. Thus, the first cycle of the Science talks will include a lecture by the Centre’s Director-General on “Science, technology and innovation policy-making in developing countries – initiatives in emerging economies.” The last two lectures in the first cycle will focus on large-scale research infrastructures, with a Russian perspective on “Mega science projects” and then “Square Kilometre Array: Big Telescope, Big Science, Big Data.”Find the full programme at www.sfsa.co.zalast_img read more

Porting Apps to Amazon Web Services

first_imgRelated Posts alex williams 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Market Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting BitNami Cloud Hosting is a service that provides the capability to port apps to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud. That’s a good business to be in these days, especially in a world where the market is trying to figure out how to become more cloud-centric.BitNami, a service of BitRock, is also a good example of how business apps can be moved off-premise with some relative ease.The service allows customers to deploy and manage open-source apps on AWS. It’s a good study to show how apps can be ported to a cloud environment and in the process move the burden off on-premise management to a virtual environment.SugarCRM is the latest app that can be ported to AWS EC2 with BitNami.Other apps that can be ported include Joomla, Drupal, Alfresco Software and WordPress. Tags:#cloud#news A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… The process is relatively straight forward. You sign in to access the BitNami platform. Once signed in you access the dashboard to see what servers are running, the latest backups and the cost per hour and month for running the servers. The first thing you do is add a server. You can run applications with different runtime applications such as a Ruby app and Drupal.You can add the server simply with one click or you may configure to your own specifications. You have options to use a dynamic or static IP address. There are 32 and 64-bit versions in Ubuntu. Other Linux distributions and Windows will be available soon.Different machine sizes are available in 64-bit. A slide rule allows you to change the size of the server. Pricing is based upon the size of the server.With the server set up, you can access the applications that have been set up on the server.Managing the server can be done by using the slider to adjust the server locations.You can create daily backups for the whole server and not just the database. Servers can be scheduled, too. For instance, an internal business app can be scheduled to only be running during business hours.BitNami is a service that gives a degree of flexibility. It has some competition including companies such as Jumpbox. There are other companies out there that have similar services but the capabilities to deploy servers and be flexible in the configurations is a service that is hard to beat.last_img read more

How to Choose and Implement the Right Cloud-Hosted Desktop

first_imgRelated Posts Follow the Puck Tags:#BYOD#cloud#cloud services#DaaS#Device Security#IoT Robin Hau is the founder and CEO of SimplyClouds, a provider of powerful, affordable cloud services that utilizes a self-service marketplace. Hau also serves as CEO of SimplyClouds’ parent company, USWired. The modern workplace is increasingly characterized by remote and contingent workers, BYOD policies, and the need for 24/7 access to data. My position as the CEO of USWired has given me a firsthand look at both the positive impact the cloud can have on businesses and the barriers to its adoption. We’ve seen a growing demand for cloud-hosted desktop as a service, but many people don’t know what factors to consider when adopting DaaS.Under the Hood of a Hosted DesktopDaaS allows users to access critical applications and files at any time — no matter where in the world they are — from any smart device, regardless of its operating system.In other words, cloud-hosted desktops mean enhanced workflow across devices.You can start a working session on your Windows laptop, and if it runs out of battery life, you can pick up right where you left off on your iPad. Ultimately, this increased accessibility translates to increased productivity.Housing data and files remotely also provide additional security. DaaS solutions typically come with enterprise-grade firewalls, intrusion detection, and malware protection, and they secure your data through encryption, regular backups, and multifactor authentication. These security features mean that it’s harder for attackers to breach your network, and the fact that your business data is stored remotely makes a complete recovery from an on-premise disaster far more likely.In short, DaaS makes your business more resilient.There are also benefits from a financial standpoint. Because the cost of hosting your desktop in the cloud is dependent on your needs, you only pay for what you use. It enables you to avoid the expenses that come with upgrading hardware or installing new platforms, as the only requirement for accessing a hosted desktop is a connected device.Finding the Best Cloud Provider for Your NeedsNot all virtual desktop providers are created equal, and choosing one that fails to deliver what you’re looking for can be a significant drain on resources.One of the common mistakes business leaders make: choosing the wrong provider, so start your process by doing plenty of research.Jot down the names of providers that are well-reviewed or mentioned in publications. Ask for recommendations from your professional network. Once you have a list, visit the providers’ websites to see whether they offer the services that you need and the prices that fit your budget.After you’ve narrowed your list to three or four options, call them to discuss your hosted desktop needs. Ask for references, and make sure they are authorized by the respective vendors (Microsoft, Citrix, etc.). Vet providers by asking the following questions:Is uptime guaranteed? DaaS providers should be able to offer close to a 100% uptime, or system reliability. Good providers will guarantee near-perfect reliability. Inquire about support resources available for when issues do inevitably arise. Most providers should offer extended support hours and services.Will my privacy be protected? DaaS providers typically have access to data that belongs to all clients. Ask for details about how a provider ensures confidentiality. Ask about technical security features, and make sure that your provider is located in a geographically secure area — damage to its facilities could affect your business.Can the provider comply with industry regulations? If you work in a highly regulated industry such as finance or healthcare, for instance, you’ll face unique legal requirements. Make sure a provider has experience working in your environment.What is the lag time? Data stored in the cloud has to travel between servers and devices so that users could experience lag time during particular transactions. Specific high-performance, graphics-intensive applications, such as computer-aided design and drafting, may need a dedicated graphics processing unit as part of their hosted desktop configuration to achieve an acceptable level of performance. Depending on the underlying technology a vendor uses for the hosted desktop and your Internet connection, lag time may or may not be an issue. Citrix’s Virtual Desktop (formerly called XenDesktop) claims near-native performance, for example. Regardless, you should discuss your specific performance requirements with any potential provider.Implementing Hosted Desktops With Minimum DisruptionWhen you’ve secured a partnership with a provider you trust, work with those experts to create a nimble, specialized DaaS platform that meets your company’s needs.Your company’s DaaS platform will not look like any other company’s platform, and that’s a good thing. Walk through the following steps with your selected provider to determine the best program for your needs:1. Decide how much control you’ll allow users.A hosted desktop can either be shared among all users or dedicated to each user. Work with your cloud provider to determine which approach makes the most sense for your company’s workflow and regulations.Shared desktops allow higher-ups greater control over what users can do. When users log in, they can customize their desktop and have private folders to store documents. However, they can’t install applications themselves. A shared hosted desktop is ideal for businesses that need to limit application or data use.Dedicated desktops provide maximum flexibility for users but limited control for the business owner. In addition to customizing desktops, users can install any application. A dedicated, hosted desktop is ideal for businesses that want maximum flexibility for their users.2. Decide which applications and data should remain on-premise.Even with DaaS, many businesses choose to maintain some applications or data storage in-house. This is an important discussion to have with your provider. For example, would it make more sense for your company to run the email system through the cloud but payroll through on-premise servers? Does your industry have regulations about keeping sensitive data on-site? Be sure also to consider the requirements of vendors whose applications you are considering moving to the cloud.If you have decided to have applications running on-premise as well as in the cloud, you need a hosted desktop capable of running a hybrid cloud. The provider typically will set up a virtual private network, or VPN, to your on-premise network so that your hosted desktop can access your on-premise applications as if you were using a locally networked office desktop.3. Obtain a second internet line.The cloud provides security in case of a disaster or other interruptions that would otherwise bring operations to a halt. However, access is key. Invest in a second internet line to protect your data, applications, and transactions in case the primary line goes down. You should not use the same internet provider for your second line as for your primary line, in case one has a blackout. Ask your cloud provider for a recommendation.4. Account for the transition.It shouldn’t take long for a provider to configure your virtual desktop. Depending on the DaaS provider, it can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 24 hours to provision a hosted desktop. The reason for this wide range is that some DaaS providers completely automate the provisioning (requiring no human intervention); others have to manually provision the desktop (which requires a human being to receive the work order and then schedule an engineer to configure and spin up the desktop).What will take the longest is employees becoming comfortable with the new system, so you’ll likely need to provide training and encourage plenty of patience. Ask your provider for training, resources, and support.A virtual desktop can be a game-changer for your business, but choosing the wrong provider can turn DaaS into an obstacle rather than a solution. Find a provider who is willing to spend time learning about your objectives and your unique needs and who understands your industry. The best providers will give you useful input and recommendations that steer you toward the right solution. AI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storage How Data Analytics Can Save Lives Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces Robin HauCEO of SimplyCloudslast_img read more

Why Success Rewards Persistence and Punishes Quitting

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now Success is an auditor. It measures the precursors to success to determine who gets to obtain it—and for how long. It is quite often that people misunderstand what success is measuring, mistaking luck and circumstances, things outside of their control with the things that are within their control.Talent: Some believe that talent is what is necessary for success. While ability is helpful, it doesn’t seem to weigh very heavily in success’s ultimate analysis. Countless people waste their talents, and in doing so, never achieve what their ability might make possible.Hard Work: Others believe hard work is the key to success. Success values hard work and rejects anything less. Hard work carries a lot of weight, but success finds it necessary but not sufficient. By itself, hard work is not enough.Resourcefulness: Of all the human attributes, this is the linchpin. It is creativity in action. It allows one to solve problems and adjust their strategies and tactics. When plan A fails, resourcefulness gets you through the rest of the alphabet. Sadly, ingenuity is not always enough by itself, even though success demands it of you.Pluck: The word indicates a sort of determined courage. It’s an indication of one’s spirit, that indescribable attribute that you recognize when you see it. If you want to get success’s attention, your big, bold goals and the courage to pursue them might be enough to draw its eye. Your courage matters, but you need something more.Luck: The very nature of luck prevents you from being able to command good luck somehow. Being born with talent is mostly luck. Being born with resources is also luck. If there were a way to will good luck, taking a lot of shots would rank among the best strategies, but success may smile on you for a minute, but luck isn’t sustainable.Success Values Persistence MostSuccess seems to value persistence with a weight more significant than most other factors. It seems to favor those who are willing to keep going when others quit. It also seems to require your persistence to be deployed as the natural response to missteps, mistakes, and setbacks. It’s a test to see whether you are prepared to pay the price in full and in advance for what you say you want.Persistence is used to sort out all the dabblers, dreamers, and do-nothings, those who talk a big game but play a small one. It is used to challenge those with the talent to reach their full potential, judging their persistence by their willingness to excel when they could easily coast.So you worked hard for weeks. Congratulations. The ability to persistently and doggedly work hard over an extended period is evidence of your willingness to grind it out and persist. Believing you have paid the price and deserve your success is evidence that you haven’t paid the price.You’ve been resourceful. You have been willing to figure things out, and you are moving closer to your goal. Success will see this as evidence that you are ready to give up what you wished worked for something better and reward you, but not the first time you adjust your approach. Success is not that easily impressed.You’re plucky. When you have crashed into adversity, you were not dissuaded. Your courage will be rewarded. Eventually, anyway.Luck isn’t quickly or often rewarded by itself. It is fleeting, and as far as success is concerned, it will carry some weight, but not if you aren’t ticking all the other boxes above. Success is happy to crown a few one-hit wonders, but luck doesn’t provide for much more than that.If you want success, whatever that means to you, you are going to have to persist, longer than you want, and longer than seems reasonable. You are going to have to keep going when you want to give up, and when others tell you it’s time to quit, something they would have already done, were they you. Your persistence separates you from those who want something without being willing to pay the price in full and advance.The secret is that there are no secrets. Just keep going.last_img read more

10 months agoKante: What Chelsea players think of Pulisic

first_imgTagsTransfersAbout the authorPaul VegasShare the loveHave your say Kante: What Chelsea players think of Pulisicby Paul Vegas10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveChelsea midfielder N’Golo Kante has welcomed their swoop for Borussia Dortmund winger Christian Pulisic.On Wednesday morning it was announced that the 20-year-old will be moving to west London this summer in a £58million move from Borussia Dortmund.Having watched Pulisic’s impact from afar, Kante can’t wait to see it close up next season.”We know he’s a good player,” he told the Daily Mail following Chelsea’s 0-0 draw with Southampton in the Premier League on Wednesday night.”He’s doing well for Dortmund and we are glad to welcome him to Chelsea.” last_img

a month ago​Newcastle boss Bruce: I understand Benitez tactics

first_img​Newcastle boss Bruce: I understand Benitez tacticsby Ansser Sadiqa month agoSend to a friendShare the loveNewcastle United boss Steve Bruce is beginning to understand why Rafa Benitez played a specific way at the club.Bruce took on a difficult job at Newcastle this summer, taking over from the very popular Benitez after the Spaniard could not agree a new contract.The Magpies drew 0-0 against Brighton, and were booed by their own fans at half time and full time in the clash.”Listen, whoever we are playing in the Premier League, we’ve got no divine right to beat Watford or Brighton so we all know they are going to be difficult games and that’s what the Premier League is but certainly if we are going to win games, we are going to have to play better and be better with the ball and without it,” Bruce told reporters after the game.”Today, in the first half in particular, we weren’t good enough either and left ourselves open and it’s pretty evident to me after being here eight weeks of why we can’t open up. “If we do that, we’re going to find it a struggle like we did in the first half. It wasn’t until we closed shop a little bit, even at home, that maybe got us a point.” About the authorAnsser SadiqShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Video: Braxton Miller Hauls In A Football One-Handed While Holding 5 Other Footballs

first_imgBraxton Miller making an amazing one-handed catch.Braxton Miller One-HandedUpdate: Miller posted a video on his own account from a different angle. Earlier: Any concerns over Braxton Miller’s hands following his move to wide receiver could likely be alleviated by watching this video from the Ohio State football Instagram account. In the clip, Miller fields a ball launched from a JUGS machine while holding five other footballs. Ohio State deleted the post for some reason, but For The Win put it on YouTube. Yea, looks like he’s going to adjust just fine. [ For The Win ]last_img

Football Tuesday Take A look at the top 2017 position battles

OSU sophomore offensive lineman Isaiah Prince (59) walks off the field following the Buckeyes 31-0 loss to Clemson in the Fiesta Bowl on Dec. 31. Credit: Alexa Mavrogianis | Photo EditorThe 2016 Fiesta Bowl highlighted major needs for Ohio State’s coaching staff. OSU coach Urban Meyer made those changes. But because of Meyer, the Buckeyes will have to make more difficult alterations to its starting roster.When a program has a coach with the national prowess Meyer possesses, that program is blessed with four- and five-star recruits continually flooding into its facilities. In the same breath, those recruits can develop more rapidly than others and leave the program early, creating a hole to be filled before next fall. Meyer had this problem in 2016 and has it once again in 2017. But, per usual, he has the class to replace standouts.Either generated from early departures or under development, here are three positions to keep an eye on heading into spring practice on March 7.CornerbackEach year at OSU, Meyer has had to replace at least one starter at cornerback. This year, he will have to replace both starters. However, the way he and the defensive coaches treated the cornerback position last year and on the recruiting trail has set the Buckeyes up for success.One-year starter Marshon Lattimore and two-year starter Gareon Conley were menacing throughout the season defending opposing wide receivers — there’s no denying that. But what many casual observers of the Buckeyes might forget from 2016 is that the rotation at cornerback included now-junior cornerback Denzel Ward. Ward played in several crucial moments for the Buckeyes, including overtime against Michigan and Wisconsin.He had 23 tackles and nine pass break-ups.Aside from Ward, the 2017 cornerback class will make an impact, likely having at least one starter. Former junior college and Alabama transfer Kendall Sheffield is expected to be the leader of the pack, having experience already at a Division I school. The top-two cornerback recruits in the country, freshmen Jeffrey Okudah and Shaun Wade, also will be in major contention for the starting gig opposite Ward.Right tackle2016 was perhaps the most underwhelming season the offensive line has had with Meyer as head coach. There was plenty of finger-pointing to go around, and much of that went to junior Isaiah Prince at right tackle.The OSU offensive line struggled in games that trotted out NFL talent on the defensive front. Against Penn State, Michigan and Clemson, the OSU offensive line allowed a combined average of more than 5.5 sacks and more than 11.5 tackles for loss per game. Prince had difficulties in all those games and opponents noticed.Prince and freshman right guard Michael Jordan won their respective jobs on the offensive line not because of excellent performance, but out of necessity because of a lack of development.In 2017, Meyer has more depth on the offensive line with the arrivals of prestigious offensive line recruits Josh Myers, Wyatt Davis and Thayer Munford.Davis and Myers are the more likely of the three freshman to play immediately, but junior college redshirt junior lineman Malcolm Pridgeon will certainly be in front of those two, given he might have started at right tackle before suffering a knee injury in fall camp.Pridgeon, Davis and Myers are three among others who are in contention for the opening at right tackle (and right guard), however don’t count out Prince as the incumbent despite his lackluster performances. Even the harshest of Buckeye critics would likely agree that camaraderie on the offensive line is more valuable than any other position.Wide receiverOSU wanted to be better in the passing game in 2016 even without now-New Orleans Saints wideout Michael Thomas. The passing offense was likely the complete opposite of what the coaching staff envisioned at the beginning of the season. Now it’s the vision of a new offensive staff that will have to adjust without Curtis Samuel and Noah Brown, the team’s top two receivers.Redshirt sophomore K.J. Hill and sophomore Binjimen Victor are likely the lead candidates to start on the outside and receive the majority of passes from redshirt senior quarterback J.T. Barrett with sophomore Demario McCall, who will likely replace Samuel at H-back. But after that, the competition is fierce, intensified by top freshman wideouts Trevon Grimes and Jaylen Harris, who are listed at 6-foot-4 and 6-foot-5, respectively.New offensive coordinator Kevin Wilson has proved at his other positions that he likes to throw the football downfield — something OSU hasn’t done much the last two seasons. In 2017, wide receivers will prove their worth on receptions 40-plus yards from the line of scrimmage.Redshirt junior Terry McLaurin, redshirt senior James Clark, sophomore Austin Mack and redshirt junior Parris Campbell also will be in the mix for a by-committee approach at receiver for the Buckeyes. read more