Tiny New Dinosaur Discovered

first_imgIn the off-chance that you hadn’t already done some daydreaming about owning a dinosaur at some point in your life, this will surely be enough to send you over the edge. Scientists have discovered a new 1- to 15 pound dinosaur roughly the size of a small dog.The eodromaeus murphi (“dawn runner”) is a bipedal omnivore that dates back tp 230 million years ago–the early ages of the dinosaur era. The species’ remains were discovered in Argentina and the Andes foothills. The tiny dinosaur looks a bit like a raptor, but scientists believe that it ate plant and animal alike. AdChoices广告“This is an early dinosaur blueprint,” scientist Sereno said of the little dino, ” with features they’ll have for millions of years. Some of the features we see in eodromaeus–like the grasping hands–you find 150 million years later in Tyrannosaurus rex, right before the asteroid hit,”last_img read more