Apple cuts Mac Mini price but not in the US

first_imgThis doesn’t happen very often. Apple has implemented a price cut to its Mac Mini line of products. The only problem is it seems to be happening in multiple territories, but doesn’t include the U.S.If you check the Apple Store in the U.K today the price has been reduced by £50 ($80). Across Europe a 100 Euros ($140) drop seems to be in place. Don’t fret too much as those markets are still paying way more based on current exchange rates than American shoppers do. In the UK the price is £599 ($960) where as European countries pay around 709 Euros ($988).The speculation is that the price drop has come due to the decline in value of the dollar compared to other currencies. That also means no price drop is planned for the U.S. any time soon.Read more at Engadgetlast_img