Mega Man designer turns to Kickstarter to fund Mighty No 9

first_imgMega Man still has a very strong following, so when the original character’s co-designer Keiji Inafune says he’s designing a new character and game, people listen. The fact that character looks very similar to Mega Man and will be the star of a new side-scrolling action game, has translated into a Kickstarter that’s almost funded with 29 days still to go.Inafune and his independent company Comcept launched the Kickstarter campaign on August 31 for Mighty No. 9. There’s no playable game to speak of as yet, but the introductory video, concept sketches, and concept game screenshots show off a game any Mega Man fan would instantly be at home playing. The game places you in control of a robot character called Beck who is tasked to “Run, jump, blast, and transform your way through six stages” using weapons stolen from your enemies.The team is formed from veteran Mega Man developers and will be coming to PC via Steam by April 2015. Other platforms and more stages are planned, but only if stretch goals are reached, which already seems likely.The initial Kickstarter goal is $900,000, but over 14, 000 backers have already pledged nearly $850,000 of that in the first 3 days. That’s mainly because of the association with Mega Man and the weight Inafune’s name carries, but the rewards are pretty good, too.$20 secures you a digital copy of the game, $60 gets you a boxed copy, manual and in-game hero. $99 seems to be the sweet spot, though. You get a T-shirt and beta access, but if you’re willing to pledge more the rewards just keep growing with $250 getting you a signed hardcover art book, for example. At the high end, $10,000 secures you a dinner with Inafune in Tokyo.The thing about Mighty No. 9 is that if it turns out to be a great game, there’s no doubt going to be a whole series of them coming out of Comcept. It’s pretty much assured now the first game is going to happen, so Inafune and his team just needs to focus on delivering something that we all really enjoy playing and will happily fund all over again when the inevitable second game appears.last_img read more