WESA expands once more with Splyce and North joining the ranks

first_imgWESA has added North and Splyce to its ranks as full members as it continues its expansion. The news brings WESA membership up to 13 teams in total.Credit: WESAAlthough WESA faced staunch criticism after initial launch, the continued welcoming of new teams clearly signals that many are becoming more accepting and the organisation is making progress in its aim to “professionalise esports, and solidify its place as the leading global esports association”. North are the esports arm of Nordisk Film and renowned Danish football club F.C. Copenhagen and field a complete roster that hasn’t quite lived up to expectations since launch — having acquired a talented Team Dignitas roster initially. The team is in the midst of roster changes as the next Counter-Strike: Global Offensive shuffle period continues but is still regarded as one of the strongest out there. At the PGL Major Krakow, North lost in the quarter finals to Virtus.pro but still retained legend status that thus provides them with automatic qualification for the next Major. Splyce, on the other hand, is more of an odd move. The team currently only has three players signed to its Counter-Strike roster and has only played in a Major once, finishing 13th-16th back in March 2016 at MLG Colombus. Whether or not the move to join WESA by Splyce indicates that the organisation is looking at getting back into Counter-Strike or WESA’s intention to move out of CS:GO remains to be seen.Whilst players unbanned by ESL and ESIC following last months survey results and amendments to Code of Conduct are now allowed to play in ESL tournaments — they are still limited elsewhere. Within WESA, ESL are members and the WESA rules and regulations govern tournaments such as the ESL Pro League amongst others. Could this suggest that Splyce are considering going in for the former iBuyPower squad that are sure to emerge with a fairly solid roster in North America at some point in the near future? It’s all mere speculation at this point — but there seems little reason for Splyce to join unless one of the aforementioned criteria are satisfied. “We’re delighted that both North and Splyce have elected to join WESA,” said Ken Hershman, Executive Chairman and Commissioner, WESA. “Bringing in two more teams that affiliate with a leading traditional sports franchise increases our ability to both develop and build out our esports offerings, as well as move the industry forward in new and exciting ways. These organisations know the importance of structure and order in an industry, and will aid WESA’s mission to solidify these facets within our own.”“Since the debut of North earlier this year, we have taken steps to grow our organisation’s awareness within the esports industry. We are excited for the opportunity to join WESA and continue leaving our footprint in the esports world,” commented Jacob Toft-Andersen, Chief Gaming Officer, North. “We look forward to working with WESA and its Members to further professionalise the industry as a whole.”“This is an exciting time for team owners, as we are able to work together to continue advancing the infrastructure and sustainability of this industry for our staff, players and shareholders,” asserted Marty Strenczewilk, CEO & Co-Founder, Splyce. “Working with the storied teams that make up WESA was an obvious choice for us at Splyce, as it gives us the opportunity to work on projects that can have a huge impact on the entirety of esports alongside owners who are as passionate and dedicated as we are.”Esports Insider says: Continued expansion from WESA is definitely positive for the organisation. Many eyes will turn and wonder why Splyce are involved but only time will tell. For now, congratulations to all parties.last_img read more

St. Bernard’s, Del Norte to host state championship games

first_img“First of all, what an outstanding opportunity for our players and their families to … Friday night lights on the North Coast will shine longer this year than they ever have before.For the first time in Humboldt-Del Norte League history, a team will host state championship football game.Two, in fact.St. Bernard’s and Del Norte both claimed victories in their respective NorCal region state championship games Friday night, and will both host state title games Saturday night, Dec. 14.last_img

Considerations for wide-row wheat

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Growers may be interested in wide-row wheat production due to reductions in equipment inventory (lack of grain drill) and to allow intercropping of soybean into wheat. With funding from the Ohio Small Grains Marketing Program and the Michigan Wheat Program, we’ve conducted several wide-row wheat trials.How much is wheat yield reduced when planting in wide rows compared to narrow rows? In most instances, wheat yield is greater when grown in narrow row width (7.5-inch) compared to wide row width (15-inch). Yield reductions associated with wide row wheat production ranges from 0% to 15%. In wide-row wheat, we tend to see more head-bearing tillers per foot of row compared to narrow-row wheat. This suggests that under some conditions, increased tillering in wide-row wheat may compensate for lower initial plant population per unit area. The level of yield reduction associated with wide row wheat production varies among wheat varieties. Therefore, variety selection is important when growing wheat in wide rows. Annually, a wide row wheat variety test is performed at two locations in Ohio. Variety information for the Ohio Wheat Performance Test Wide Row Evaluation can be found at:http://www.oardc.ohio-state.edu/wheattrials/        What is the ideal seeding rate for wide-row wheat?An on-farm trial was conducted at three locations in Fulton County during the 2013-2014 growing season and one location during the 2014-2015 growing season. The “standard practice” of wheat grown in narrow rows at 2.0 million seeds/acre was compared to wheat grown in wide rows at 1.0 and 1.5 million seeds/acre. Averaged across site-years, wheat grain yield was 81.7 bu/acre when grown in the standard practice of 7.5-inch row width at 2.0 million seeds/acre.  Compared to the standard practice, average yield across seeding rates was reduced by 15% when grown in 15-inch row width. When wheat was grown in 15-inch row width, there was no difference in yield between the 1.0 and 1.5 million seeds/acre seeding rates. This indicates that greater than 1.0 million seeds/acre may not be necessary to maximize yield of wheat grown in 15-inch row width.With fewer plants per acre in wide-row wheat production, can nitrogen application rate be reduced? No. Although fewer plants are recommended in wide-row wheat production (approximately 1.0 million seeds/acre) compared to narrow row wheat production, do not change nitrogen application rates.  Agronomic optimum nitrogen rates are the same regardless of row width.Wide Wheat Row Management Tips:Choose a variety that is high-yielding and resistant to major diseases such as powdery mildew, Septoria and Stagonospora blotches, and head scab.  See http://www.oardc.ohio-state.edu/wheattrials/ for the Ohio Wheat Performance Test Wide Row Evaluation.Plant wheat as soon as possible after the Hessian fly-free date.A seeding rate of approximately 1.0 million seeds/acre is recommended.Do not change nitrogen application rates.Weed control is very important in wide-row wheat production.Changing row spacing will change the microclimate within the wheat canopy, and this could affect disease development. Scout fields for foliar diseases and use the scab forecasting system (http://www.wheatscab.psu.edu) to determine whether disease risk is high enough to warrant a fungicide application.last_img read more

A Soft Eco-Landing

first_imgAt the end of the day, we long to hang out in our favorite chair or sofa relaxing with a good book or movie. Usually that much-loved furniture is a piece of upholstered seating filled with all kinds of “stuff”—padding, springs, wood, webbing—covered with textile.A quality piece of upholstery breaks down into four construction components; frames, springs, cushions, and pads. The first three components are wrapped in fabric or leather.Here are sustainable alternatives to these components.Frames. For a long life, any structure (be it a home or a piece of furniture) needs the framing to be rock-solid. Look for formaldehyde-free, third-party—certified hardwood frames, preferably FSC-certified wood harvested sustainably from well-managed forests that responsibly protect endangered species and old-growth trees. The hardwood provides tight graining that reinforces firm anchoring of screws, tacks, and pegs. A sturdy, rigid frame with proper blocking or dowelled joints will give your sofa a long life to your sofa.Adhesives. Consider this a subcomponent of the frames. Ensure that adhesives are 100% solvent-free, water-based glues emitting no volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which will have a much smaller affect on indoor air quality for all–the upholsterer and the owner.Springs. Here’s where the comfort piece starts to develop; creating the support for seating. Typically there are two types of spring support systems; eight-way, hand-tied springs or standard sinuous or drop-in springs. The most eco-friendly route is the traditional eight-way hand-tied springs, which allow a wide range of movement (side to side, up and down) and a customized fit that provides the most comfort, quality and durability. Plus, steel coils made of high recycled content and tied with jute cord is now available.This higher-quality process boosts the cost a bit more because of the hand-tied process, but it’s worth it in the long run for both durability and environmental stewardship! For a lower-priced alternative consider the standard methods – both are fitted and secured to the frame which creates a firm seat (called a seat deck).Cushions and pads. The next-to-last step in achieving acomfort is the cushioning. The seat cushions sit on top of the seat deck, which is held up by the spring system; the back cushions rest within the back and arms of the piece and on top of the seat.Environmentally friendly cushions are made from natural latex foam (sustainably harvested from rubber tree sap, which is then manufactured into natural foam cushions), and organic cotton and wool batting wrapped in a natural wool barrier cloth, which is inherently flame resistant. Down and feathers are available from organic farms that are sustainably managed. Ensure that the washing process is also chemical free. Natural foam cushions resist dust mites, mold, mildew, and bacteria and are durable, biodegradable, and renewable.Some adventurous manufacturers are using eco alternatives such as soy-based foams, kapok, natural buckwheat hulls, and milkweed–plant/fiber based products that are allergen free.Fabrics and leathers. Refer to an earlier post on natural fibers.Reduce, reuse,recycle: a vast frontier. Another direction is working with your existing pieces or going vintage. Neither approach requires all new materials or resources – using the principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle. Be sure to use safe and nontoxic cleaners when picking up a second-hand treasure. More than likely, these pieces won’t have the “cool,” eco-friendly materials, but they will have off-gassed. With environmentally friendly cleaning methods and/or reupholstering with natural fiber fabrics, they’ll be as good as new.Long life care. One final note: Take good care of your upholstered seating by vacuuming weekly to keep the dust and allergens at bay. Launder and/or spot clean with nontoxic cleaners. It’s a good idea to flip and rotate the loose cushions for even wear and tear, plus you’ll never know what riches you find under those cushions.Nettie’s FavesHere are a few of my favorite healthy, earth0friendly upholstery resources. Take a peek and let me know if I missed any of yours!Cisco Brothers crafts furniture to be 100% FSC Pure by using sustainable or reclaimed woods that preserve the Earth’s forests; natural upholstery options, such as flax, hemp, jute, or yak blend; construction with biodegradable, nontoxic materials; and complete, sustainable, socially responsible production “from seed to shelf.”el:Environmental Language. Jill Salisbury, founder and chief designer, constantly applies nature’s wisdom o the design of her furniture. Her innovative approach balances high style with eco-friendly solutions that meet with the most stringent environmental and performance standards available. The integrity of el is assured through its promise of heirloom quality craftsmanship. The result is an eco-chic interpretation that celebrates the materials as well as the design.The essence of el is commitment to constantly improving upon its sustainable solution in furniture design and to seek out the most eco-friendly materials and finishes available.Furnature pieces are safe for your home without chemicals, dyes, polymers, or toxins/ They are designed specifically for people who have multiple chemical sensitivities, a bonus for people who have chosen to create an environmentally friendly home.Greener Lifestyles designs and manufactures upholstered furniture using eco-friendly and sustainable materials, such as FSC-certified wood, natural latex foam, amd organic hemp, cotton, and wool.Natural Lee is constructed with third-party certified wood panels, 80% recycled-content metal springs, soy-based foam core cushions wrapped in corn-based Ingeo fiber blended with down and feather, and recycled fibers for back cushions.Pure by Ami McKay follows the principles of sustainability, health, and awareness. The materials used in the furniture affect our ecosystem and the ecosystems where the materials are produced, so the company usses only the finest and purest sustainable materialsQ Collection strives to be at the forefront of sustainable design. The primary goal is to eliminate toxic chemicals, carcinogens and the leading components of poor indoor air quality.P.S. Another great eco-plus for designers, architects, and homeowners looking to create healthier, sustainable spaces: Many of these eco furniture manufacturers craft pieces that count toward the collection of LEED points, with finishes, fabrics, and materials that are biodegradable, sustainable, and non-emitting.last_img read more

Deciding What You Want

first_imgNote: This was originally my Sunday newsletter. Occasionally, I post them here when people email me in large numbers. This was one of those newsletters that generated a big response.I want to offer you an exercise. It’s one that I have done a number of times, always right before a breakthrough. It’s one I am keen to repeat with a greater frequency than I have in the past.Most of us don’t spend enough time deciding what we really want. We are too busy living to spend time deciding what living means, or how to do so in way that is in line with our definition of success, happiness, a good life, and a life well lived.You cannot decide what you want by looking at your task list. The things that you have told yourself you must do have very little to do with what you want. In fact, just looking at all things that sit undone can cause you to believe that these are the things that you should be doing. If you can die happily with a task left undone and unaddressed, you can live happily with it undone and unaddressed.You also can’t decide what you want by looking at your projects, your short term goals, or the many roles you play. Unless the project is “my life,” it’s just a collection of tasks. Short term goals are important, but they’re likely just milestones on the way to something bigger. But what is that “something bigger?”To answer the question, “What do I want,” you have to move up to the highest vantage point available to you, a place where you can see further, a view with the greatest perspective. From that higher place, you can answer the question, “What do I want?”To live a life of purpose and meaning, you have to supply that purpose and meaning. You have to decide why you are here and what you are going to do with your time. Your life belongs to you alone. This fact is easy to forget when you don’t spend the necessary time to decide what you want, and when you end up living a life that is at odds with the life you see in your mind—and what you feel in your heart.If the idea of “what you want” seems nebulous to you, that is my intention. I have no idea what you really want. No one else does either. This is something you have to decide for yourself, even if it is one of the most difficult questions you have to answer.If you want to know what you really want, go some place quiet, where you can be alone. Make that quiet place outdoors, if you can. Write down the answer to the question, “What do I want?” Just write without having to be right. Explore what you surface and decide what it means for you. What you come up with probably fall into the categories of being more, doing more, having more, and contributing more.Once you know what you want, you can start to build the plans to achieve it. Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Nowlast_img read more

10 months agoBurnley goalkeeper Nick Pope: Great to be back

first_imgBurnley goalkeeper Nick Pope: Great to be backby Chris Beattie10 months agoSend to a friendShare the loveBurnley goalkeeper Nick Pope is back in action after recovering from shoulder surgery.Pope played in his first match since dislocating his shoulder in July after turning out for the club’s under-23s on Monday.The 26-year-old played the full 90 minutes of an away clash against Sheffield United, which the Clarets won 3-1.Pope made his England debut in early June and was part of the Three Lions squad for the World Cup in Russia.He said: “It was great to be back, it’s been a long injury spell for myself but to get back and play a real game and 90 minutes was great.“I try to help out where I can, I remember playing those sorts of games when I was their age.“So, it was good to be one of the experienced ones there today, I think that’s part of the experience and part of my job to step down and help the younger lads out.” About the authorChris BeattieShare the loveHave your saylast_img read more

Video: Braxton Miller Hauls In A Football One-Handed While Holding 5 Other Footballs

first_imgBraxton Miller making an amazing one-handed catch.Braxton Miller One-HandedUpdate: Miller posted a video on his own account from a different angle. Earlier: Any concerns over Braxton Miller’s hands following his move to wide receiver could likely be alleviated by watching this video from the Ohio State football Instagram account. In the clip, Miller fields a ball launched from a JUGS machine while holding five other footballs. Ohio State deleted the post for some reason, but For The Win put it on YouTube. Yea, looks like he’s going to adjust just fine. [ For The Win ]last_img

New South Wales shines at Australian Tourism Awards

first_imgNew South Wales shines at Australian Tourism AwardsNSW has once again shown it is home to some of the country’s best tourism products and experiences after it was awarded in 12 categories at the Australian Tourism Awards held on Friday evening.Minister for Trade, Tourism and Major Events Stuart Ayres welcomed the accolades and said that this achievement would shine a light on NSW destinations and provide visitors with another compelling reason to discover what’s on offer.“I am delighted NSW received four Gold Awards and three Silver Awards, an achievement to be celebrated,” Mr Ayres said.“In the year ended September 2015, the tourism industry contributed more than $24.0 billion in international and domestic overnight visitor expenditure to the NSW economy, up 7.8 per cent compared to a year ago.“Through our tourism and major events agency Destination NSW, the NSW Government is committed to growing tourism across Regional NSW and these phenomenal figures demonstrate the significance of recognising the thousands of individuals who have worked tirelessly to ensure that NSW remains the number one tourism and events State.”Destination NSW Chief Executive Officer, Sandra Chipchase said the results showed the range and quality of experiences on offer for visitors in NSW.“Our State has so much to offer visitors of all ages, from spectacular scenery to world class dining and accommodation. I congratulate all our NSW finalists and Award winners, and encourage everyone to get out and experience everything NSW has to offer.” Australian Tourism AwardsSource = Destination NSWlast_img read more

The gold shares opened down a hair at the open of

first_img The gold shares opened down a hair at the open of the New York equity markets yesterday morning…but they didn’t stay there long…and by shortly after 10:00 a.m. they were in positive territory…and remained there for the rest of the day.  The small rally that gold had in early electronic trading lit a bit of a fire under its associated stocks…and the HUI rallied right into the close…finishing almost on its high, up 2.94%. Despite silver’s rather sluggish price performance yesterday, the silver shares did pretty well for themselves, as Nick Laird’s Intraday Silver Sentiment Index closed up a respectable 2.87%. I note that gold has now broken above its 50-day moving average Gold traded flat until about lunchtime Hong Kong time on their Tuesday morning…and from there developed a negative bias that lasted until shortly after 12:00 o’clock noon in London.  From there it rallied back to unchanged by the close of Comex trading in New York. But in the electronic market that followed, the gold price added another ten bucks or so going into the 5:15 p.m. EDT electronic close.  But after Monday’s big run-up in price, it was a surprisingly uneventful day. Gold closed the New York trading session at $1,347.70 spot…up $12.50 from Monday.  Volume, net of roll-overs out of the August delivery month, were pretty light…around 103,000 contracts. Both platinum and palladium ran into selling pressure in late Far East and early London trading yesterday…but both rallied back as the Tuesday trading session wore on.  Platinum finished up a few bucks…and palladium finished down a few bucks. (Click on image to enlarge) Yesterday was the cut-off for Friday’s Commitment of Traders Report…and I’ll be more than interested in what the numbers show when the CFTC posts them on its website at 3:30 p.m. EDT on that day. In overnight trading, most of the gains that gold and silver chalked up in the Tuesday afternoon electronic trading session in New York, were quickly dispatched during Far East trading on their Wednesday…and nothing much has happened since.  Volumes are nothing special…and the dollar index isn’t doing much, either. I have no idea what to expect during the New York trading session today.  Will prices continue to rally, or will JPMorgan et al engineer a ‘failure’ at the 50-day moving average?  Or will it be another quiet day?  Who knows.  Not me, that’s for sure.  JPMorgan may have an idea, but whatever they have planned, they certainly won’t be letting anyone know in advance. See you here tomorrow. Bron says that “This, is backwardation!!! (Click on image to enlarge) With the July delivery month winding down, there shouldn’t be too much in the way of surprises between now and next Monday.  But, for whatever reason, the CME didn’t update their Daily Delivery Report with yesterday’s activity, so there is no Issuers and Stoppers Report for Tuesday. I must admit that I was surprised to see that there was another withdrawal from GLD yesterday.  This time it was 48,307 troy ounces…and as of 9:26 p.m. EDT, there were no reported changes in SLV. There was no sales report from the U.S. Mint. There was more big moment in silver inventories over at the Comex-approved depositories on Monday.  They reported receiving 605,399 troy ounces…almost all of it into JPMorgan’s warehouse…and they shipped out 1,144,722 troy ounces.  The link to that action is here. In gold, these same depositories reported receiving a smallish 9,920 troy ounces…and all of it was received by Scotia Mocatta.  The link to that activity is here. Bron Suchecki from ‘down under’ at The Perth Mint, lays the backwardation issue to rest with these two charts that Nick Laird…also from ‘down under’…provided. Bron posted the current gold chart that everyone says shows backwardation in gold…and as Nick Laird said in this column last night…”That’s not backwardation.”last_img read more