CYi software upgraded to include DMS classification cyclones

first_imgMultotec’s CY-i suite of cyclone sizing and selection software has been upgraded to include the sizing of DMS and classification cyclones and incorporates several other program enhancements. Launched in 2010, this innovative software suite has been developed to equip Multotec customers with a scientific and structured approach to making the initial selection of a DMS or classification cyclone solution, by using variables within their own plant configuration to determine cyclone configuration.Ian du Plessis, Product Manager (Classification Cyclones) at Multotec, says: “The latest enhancements have laid an excellent foundation for the development of an even more sophisticated version of CY-i which will provide engineering companies with a greater depth of information with which to make fully informed decisions. The next version will be set up to give access to a component selection section that allows engineers to define more variables.“There is a real need for this kind of software in the industry, to make absolutely sure that the most appropriate cyclone is selected for a particular application. There are so many different cyclones available and in some instances, we are not privy to all the information around the customer’s decision-making process. By applying the CY-i software in-house, customers reduce the uncertainly about the right choice and this makes for a win-win situation. Our customers are able to reduce risk associated with success of their project, while we can proceed confidently with the manufacture of the cyclone product, knowing that the right cyclone has been selected for the particular process.”The CY-i software allows for a spectrum of data to be selected and then calculates a mass and water balance. After using the initial selection software, customers have the option of automatically generating an e-mail communicating this data to Multotec’s cyclone specialists.  These engineers refine the data, using a greater selection of variables to provide the best solution for specific applications together with a technical and commercial proposal.The software also provides access to detailed product information on the Multotec range of cyclones, which further enables an informed decision.The new DMS software is similar to that of the classification selection software, but goes even further to provide guided inputs for the selected industry. Du Plessis says this eliminates a lot of guesswork and makes the process much simpler.  “CY-i is the product of more than a year’s intensive research and aligns with world technology trends. We are one of few companies making this kind of program available as freeware, as a value-added service to our customers,” he adds.last_img read more