Protect yourself during heat alerts

As Brock’s only refrigeration mechanic, Rob Glass has been one of the busiest men on campus this week. Air conditioning for about 80 per cent of the campus is controlled by two large chillers in Facilities Management’s Central Utilities Building. Combined, the chillers are the equivalent of about 2,000 air conditioning units.The following is information from Niagara Region Public Health on how to protect yourself during excessive heat alerts: Schedule outdoor activities carefully. If you must be outside, plan your activities either before noon or in the evening. Rest frequently in shady areas. Drinking plenty of fluids, unless fluid is restricted by one’s physician. Infants, children, the elderly, people with high blood pressure, people with heart and/or respiratory problems and those who work or exercise outdoors are at possible risk of developing heat-related illness. Heat-related illness occurs in three stages: heat cramps, heat exhaustion and heat stroke. A person with heat stroke may feel confusion, dizziness, nausea, muscle swelling, heart disturbances and/or a headache. Other symptoms include seizure, unconsciousness and/or coma. Seek immediate medical attention for heat stroke.The public is encouraged to call or visit friends and neighbours whose health is at risk due to the hot weather. read more

US reversal of nuclear transparency policy puts UK in awkward position say

The decision by the US Department of Defence not to disclose the current number of nuclear weapons at its disposal has been interpreted as a retrograde step by arms control experts. It puts the US and UK “further apart” given the emerging practice of greater transparency over nuclear weapons stockpiles. America has refused to reveal its nuclear capability in a policy reversal which experts warn leaves the UK in an “awkward position” and could even encourage Russia to step up its program. “The UK is a responsible… Lord Hannay, a member of the House of Lords International Relations Committee, told the Telegraph: “Greater transparency helps reinforce the established taboo on using nuclear weapons.

MKB Veszprem too strong for Constanta

← Previous Story Kadetten Schaffhausen has lost third match in a row! Next Story → Italian title for the top team Facebook followers goes to….Lazio! HCM ConstantaMKB VeszpremVelux EHF Champions League In the opening match of the VELUX EHF CL Round 2, MKB Veszprem showed a strength in Romania against HCM Constanta 37:27 (19:12). That was the second win for Hungarian champion with 10 goal difference, after they beat Celje PL 32:22 in the Round 1.CONSTANTA: Stanescu – Toma, Humet 4, Adzic, Val 1, SIMICU 7, Buricea 3, Popescu, CUTURA 6, Csepreghi, Sadovec, Sabou 3 (3), Angelovszki, Criciotoiu 2, Dragicevic 1 VESZPRÉM: ALILOVIC – Iváncsik T. 2, NAGY L. 4, CHEMA RODRÍGUEZ 2, Sulic 4, TERZIC 6, Ugalde 4.  Fazekas, Schuch, CSÁSZÁR 8 (6), Iváncsik G. 2, Laluska, Dzsamali 2, ONETO 1, Gulyás P., Pérez 2 read more