Kickstart productivity by focusing on basics

first_img Previous Article Next Article Kickstart productivity by focusing on basicsOn 11 Feb 2003 in Personnel Today Related posts:No related photos. Thesurprise quarter per cent cut in the interest rate last week will not make ahuge difference to British manufacturing. While it was welcomed, confidence in the sector is falling. There areconcerns that imbalances in the economy, between a weak manufacturing sectorand strong consumption, might get worse, along with the prospect of 40,000manufacturing jobs disappearing in the first quarter of 2003.Theoutlook for UK productivity continues to look bleak. But while HR grapples withthe repercussions of all this on the workplace, it is important to remainfocused on the fundamental actions you can take to help your business. Thisweek, we have produced our own White Paper on productivity. It is designed topresent a way forward on what HR can contribute to improvingcompetitiveness.   Inkeeping with White Papers, we’ve set aside a consultation period of two weeksto receive feedback from readers, employer organisations and other interestedparties.Wewant the magazine to be seen as a conduit for ideas, experiences and views, andintend to collate this material and present it to the Government to inform theproductivity debate.Dataprotection made easyThereare some sharp crooks out there. One of them saw the uncertainty among employerssurrounding the implementation of the Data Protection Act, and set up aneffective scam. Itdistributed official-looking letters to thousands of employers demanding a dataprotection registration fee, and warned recipients they would be fined £5,000if they did not pay it promptly. Theswindle is symptomatic of a wider confusion over compliance with dataprotection, and the blame lies fair and square with the Information Commission.PersonnelToday has campaigned hard over the past two years to get the commission’sguidance on data protection simplified. And at last, we appear to have anInformation Commissioner with some sense. Newlyappointed Richard Thomas has made a commitment to clarify all four codes. Thisis very welcome news, but he needs to get on with it and give employers thesupport they urgently need.   ByJane King Comments are closed. last_img read more