Belgium Libyan ambassador Accused of Attempting to Rape His Moroccan Maid

Rabat – The Libyan ambassador in Belgium is accused of trying to rape his Moroccan maid.Karima Chellai, 47, filed a complaint against Libyan Ambassador to Brussels Mabrouk Mohamed Milad, saying that he attempted to rape her inside his official residence located at Woluwe-St-Pierre in Brussels.Last October, the Moroccan maid said, the Libyan ambassador took advantage of the absence of his wife and children who travelled to Libya and tried to rape her by forcibly removing her clothes. Karima added that she had resisted the attack and managed to fight her way out by pushing her employer off the bed to the floor. A back injury deterred the ambassador from going on with his rape attempts.The victim confirmed that her employer tried repeatedly to rape her. She said that he was harassing her sexually in the kitchen and tried to kiss her against her will. He also attempted to touch intimate parts of her body, she added.Karima, working as a domestic worker since 2013, said that she had not experienced any problems with the previous ambassador. The problems have begun with the arrival of the new ambassador in the beginning of the year.She stepped down on November 10th and filed a complaint against the ambassador on November 25th, supported by her work colleagues.The Libyan ambassador held a meeting with staff members of the embassy on November 12 to discuss the complaint made against him. The meeting decided that to “save the reputation of Libya and the embassy”, the ambassador will have to leave Belgium and follow up the matter with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. read more